Friday, May 25, 2018

Afternoon Walks

Every afternoon before dinner, we take a nice stroll with our doggies.  There is nothing like having a delicious homecooked meal surrounded by.....tired sleeping doggies! Our dinner time is relaxing and peaceful and the doggies are filled with happiness.
Time for our afternoon walk!
Official Corn Inspector 
Looking good today! 
The pond looks great too!

Love the forest flowers ...
So does Bear!
Or maybe just maybe he is in love with his ball! 
Come on Bear! Lots more walking to do! 
Afternoon walks are the best  
Mr. Yesteryear Acres keeps our walking paths beautiful  
The Doggies appreciate all his hard work
It is important to stop and smell the flowers 
and what is even more important..... 
We smell dinner!!!!

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