Wednesday, December 4, 2019

You Know You're in Trouble When... An Ernie and Maverick Tail of Woe

You know you are in trouble when your Mom is so mad she can't even take your picture. You know you made a huge gigantic horrible mistake when your Mom looks at you and your brother and doesn't even laugh. She doesn't crack a smile or even hide a small soft chuckle. You know you are in trouble when your Mom doesn't find your new game of Super Duper Doodle Trooper Muddy Wrestling Mania at all amusing. Instead you hear "ERNIE AND MAVERICK YOU BETTER GET YOUR MUDDY BUTTS UP TO THE HOUSE RIGHT THIS MINUTE OR ELSE!" But you can only kind of hear her muffled yelling because your ears are so full of mud and ripped up grass that you and your brother keep wrestling in and out of the creek and extra sloppy wet ground. Then all of a sudden you are being pulled up towards and then into the car, driven home, ran into the house, and then shoved into the shower. This is how We, Ernie McDoodle and Professor Maverick (new PhD in Mudology) learned that we got in BIG BIG BIG BIG trouble. There is a chance that we ripped up some of Mr. Yesteryear Acres yard (or a lot of the back yard) and we got really super stinky dirty. Not only were we in trouble, but Mom got into trouble for letting us destroy the backyard. We thought it was pretty cool to try and be undercover dirt doodle dwellers for the day, but Mom said, "Absolutely not" and that "We knew better"...Whatever that means. She never even did the "Oh my goodness that is so funny! Let me take a picture for the blog!" and that's ALWAYS how we get out of trouble!! It MIGHT have taken her 2 hours to scrub us both clean...
HI MOM! Look how cute we are!
We are really sorry for making a mess and causing a lot of trouble...
Do you forgive us?
OH MY GOSH! You DO?!?! Can we pleeeeeaaase cuddle now??
Ahhhh much better!
We promise to stay out of the mud and not destroy the yard! Well at least until tomorrow!


Ernie McDoodle and Professor Maverick

p.s. From now on, We are going to say that Merlin told us to do it! Now we will never be in trouble again!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


We had to say goodbye to our sweet Scooter last night.  Scooter was 
15 1/2 years old and our constant companion.  He weighed less than five pounds soaking wet but could keep all our big Doodle Doggies in line.  He took care of puppies, kitties, humans - Scooter was there for us all. Saying goodbye to our bestest little buddy was heartbreakingly sad.  
If only doggies could stay around forever....
Scooter weighed just over one pound when we brought him home 
He was everybody's little buddy 
In fact his nickname was "Scooter Buddy" 
Scooter's favorite activity was "Ice Cream O'Clock" each evening with Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  Vanilla ice cream was his favorite.
All of our activities involved Scooter ... from lifting weights 
to going on adventures
Scooter was always there
He has welcomed new family members with a cuddle 
and loved being cuddled right back 
Scooter was a dog's best friend 
and a cat's best friend
but most of all - he was our best friend
Our bed will sure feel empty tonight
Rest in Peace Scooter Buddy

Monday, December 2, 2019

Post Thanksgiving Collapse

We had a whirlwind busy Thanksgiving weekend here at Yesteryear Acres.  We had three Marines here and we went through a ton of food.  We consumed 5 dozen eggs JUST in breakfast alone!!!! We played with dogs, worked outdoors, cut firewood, baked, practiced target shooting, walked in the woods, grilled, did art work, baked and cooked some more, played games, visited with family, quilted a quilt and ate delicious food all holiday weekend long. Today we started going through our regular Yesteryear Acres "To-do" list and for some reason we felt like this.....
So tired! 
Post Thanksgiving collapse is real!
Hope everyone gets extra recovery rest because .....Christmas is Coming!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Quilting with Love

My mom's birthday was Thanksgiving Day so we celebrated yesterday by having a Yesteryear Acres Quilting and Embroidery Day!
Getting the studio ready for a full day of fun! 
We did a little collage art and then....
The big present....a quilt made by all of us! 
Everyone had a turn on the longarm 
We had a wide variety of quilting designs just for the birthday girl 
Everyone had fun learning to quilt!
From bees, birds, waves, cactus, and pinecones to 
Happy Birthday Mom written in thread
We all brought our own flair 
including Gotham City and Batman  
Happy Birthday!
We hope you enjoy your quilt of many colors!