Tuesday, January 21, 2020

National Hug Day

I didn't even know there was a holiday called "National Hug Day" but evidently it is today! It started in 1986 as hugging your loved ones just makes the day a better day so why not make it a National Holiday?
We don't need a holiday to remind us to hug our furry best buddies because every day at Yesteryear Acres is hug your best friend day!
Ernie, did you know it is National Hug Day? 
SLURP! Is it National Kiss day too?
I like hugs!!!!

Hug your best buddy! 
All day long!

Monday, January 20, 2020

I Think I Need A Hat

Maple's Double Doodle Puppies were quite surprised with the sudden change in temperatures.  They didn't know it could be that cold outside!
Um excuse me...... 
What is this white stuff? 
You still want us to play? 
But first.... I think I need a hat 
OH! This one fits perfectly! 
Hey look - you have a little white flake on your head
Mmmm That is delicious! 
Now this is how you keep your paws warm!
Time to explore 
This snow stuff is fun 
And tasty!!!
I am glad we got to come outside to play 
I hope we get to do it again tomorrow 
Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Never too cold for walking

This afternoon I tried to use the "it is too cold to go outside for a walk" excuse.  My son quickly let me know that it is never too cold to go outside.  He also reminded me I didn't have my steps in for the day.  I then tried to say that Hickory would be too cold to go out.  Guess I was wrong.
I am appropriately attired for the winter hike 
Sharing a stick is even more fun in my snazzy new jacket! 
Come on buddy.  Let's lead the way 
Guess my son was right 
But maybe I was right too!!!!
Thank goodness for warm radiators and soft beds!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Doodle Doggies Love Mail

Package delivery is a normal daily occurrence here. The Doodle Doggies are very good at letting us know when we get a delivery.  I think their excellence in notifying us may be due to the fact that 90% of the time - the packages are for them!  Delivery???? YES PLEASE! 
Today's delivery.....Dehydrated Chicken Breast
Oh boy! And a treat dispenser!!!! 
I can taste the deliciousness from here 
Fill them up please  
One for me and one for you 
Or are they both for me!?!! 
Gosh - I love the mail!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Lumber Fish

Mr. Yesteryear Acres really wanted to go fishing today. He has been wanting to go fishing for weeks but our schedule has been very busy and there is just no time to play.  Today's schedule had "chop wood" at the top of the list. We will all freeze without the wood so out to the woodpile Mr. Yesteryear Acres went.....
Well look at that.....
Mr. Yesteryear Acres caught a big one!!!! 
Lumber Fish!!!!! 
Now that's a whopper! 
Austin only caught a guppy 
Better luck next time Austin!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Attack the hill!

One of the nice things about verbalizing my step goals for the year is that my son will never ever ever ever ever let me miss a day. 
Can't get less than the equivalent of 30 flights of stairs!  
"Catch up Mom!" 
Hickory is good for checking back with me 
Picture taking is always a must! 
The doggies love the new step goal routine 
My view doesn't change much - back of the pack!
I am coming! I am coming! 
Hill climbing for extra calorie burn 
There is a good chance I get looped several times! 
Attack the hill!
Just in time to see the sun setting over the rise 
Consider this hill attacked!