Sunday, February 25, 2018

The "Morel" of the Story

This past Christmas, Mr. Yesteryear Acres had planned on taking some morels out of the freezer that he had saved and having them with our Christmas dinner. Well Christmas came and went and Mr. Yesteryear Acres forgot about his treasured morels until a few weeks ago.  He has been waiting for just the right occasion to eat the last of our morels. Last night Mr. Yesteryear Acres decided it was time.
The very last of the delicious bounty! 
We prepared a little caramelized sweet onion 
Homemade pie dough 
The Mouthwatering Filling 
Fresh Cream and Eggs 
And Voila!  Quiche a la Morel!
Mr. Yesteryear Acres decided it was the perfect pie for two!
The "Morel" of the story.....
Wait until all the kids are gone for the weekend before eating the last of the morels! Mmmm Mmmmm GONE!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Good with the Bad

We have really been getting our fair share of wet soggy rainy weather lately.  It is hard to believe it is February. It has been just one dreary muddy month.  Our cream and apricot Doodle Doggies are only cream and apricot on top....the bottom halves are "chocolate" colored within minutes of going outside. Who knew we would have half & half colored Doodles!!!  With all this rain and all this least there is good news! The water in our pond was at an extremely low level all summer long.  We have been worried about our fishies and our pond and whether the pond was going to make it.  It has been a sad pond for months and months!
Our summer water level was down over 3 feet
2 months ago 
You can see how much of the drainage pipe is still above the water line
1 Month ago - the pond was down about 19" 
Yesterday - 14.5 inches to go 
We are making progress!!!! 
This afternoon....a mere 12 inches to go and our pond will be full!!!!

Even soggy months filled with rain bring happiness!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Oatmeal for Breakfast

I am not a huge fan of breakfast.  In fact, I don't think I even ate breakfast for the first 45 years of my life and then I went to a nutrition lecture about the importance of breakfast and started incorporating the dreaded first meal into my day.  I was really good about it for about 3 straight years and then slowly but surely, I started skipping breakfast here and there and have been dropping it from my routine more often than I should.  I am just not a morning person and having to eat something right when I wake up is not on my list of things I enjoy.  I just want my cup of coffee and slowly accept the fact that bedtime is over.  Today however, I had breakfast.  I had a delicious breakfast.  I had a wonderful breakfast.  I proudly told my daughter that I ate breakfast and she immediately proceeded to tell me that I did NOT have breakfast.  What?  How could she belittle my breakfast choice?  I had oatmeal!  Oatmeal is a wonderful breakfast. Oatmeal has fiber, it has potassium, it has protein, it even is a good source of selenium, magnesium and iron.  Dare I say - it just might be the perfect breakfast food!!!  My daughter insisted that this oatmeal did not count:
Hey! Just because I picked up my oatmeal and ate it in a cookie form does not deter from the fact, I still had oatmeal for breakfast.  My daughter proceeded to inform Mr. Yesteryear Acres that I had cookies for breakfast.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres said, that isn't a good breakfast at all.  He had a great breakfast! 
What did you have Mr. Yesteryear Acres???

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Paper Delivery

I'll be the first to admit it.....I miss the beautiful snow-filled landscape.  All this rain has made everything soooooooo muddy.  I much prefer a white backyard to my brown muddy swamp! Thankfully we have many helpers to assist us in our muddy chore list!
Raggedy says, "Allow me to get the newspaper for you" 
It is far too muddy out there to pick up your own newspaper
Who says Poodles can't be retrievers???
I have to bring this to Mr. Yesteryear Acres 
Oh Mr. Yesteryear Acres........ 
Paper Delivery Sir! 
Why Thank You Raggedy! 
You are so sweet
Heh Heh....Don't tell Mr. Yesteryear Acres but I wiped my paws on his jeans!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Summer February!

Evidently Mother Nature forgot to check the calendar date when preparing our weather this week.  The calendar says February but the weather says June! With such a warm "summer" day, Blue's puppies enjoyed a little outside recess time.
We are going on an adventure outside 
I wonder what we will do 
It looks pretty interesting 
Just look at all that green space 
I think we should see what it feels like 
Okay! I am ready to try it out! 
Hey this is pretty fun! 
I like the way it tickles my feet 
Recess just might be my favorite time of day 
I like the way the warm sunshine feels 
I like the way Mr. Yesteryear Acres belly rubs feel! 
Don't forget our back scratches too! 
Summer in February....I could get used to this!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Delicious Fuzzy Bits!

Marmalade's Double Doodle Puppies seemed to be very cooperative during their puppy picture photo shoot however.....
Does this picture look adorable? 
Shhhhh.  Don't say anything but I am eating the blanket while she takes the pictures 
Just act casual.  No one will notice 
Mmmmm.  You are right!  This blanket is delicious 
I think it is the fuzzy bits that are so scrumptious 
 the shaggy threads aren't bad either!
Who me?  I wasn't licking the blanket!
I think she may be catching on 
What do you think gave us away? 
I have no idea!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Mondays and Doodle Puppy Pictures - The perfect way to start the week!

Happy Monday! Here are puppy snuggles and puppy cuddles and a happy way to start the week! Blue's Double Doodle Puppies are the stars of the day!
Time for Puppy Picture Monday!!!!!
Let's give them our best pose 
That was a good one! 
Do I look better when I sit up tall like this or
Snuggly cute like this?  
I prefer blanket pictures the most!
Me too! 
Happy Monday!