Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Doodle Doggie Laundry

Every single day we do Doodle Doggie Laundry. Every. Single Day.  We always have wash to do.  Puppy blankets, puppy bedding, dog bed covers, doggie towels, etc.  Doodle Doggies and Doodle Puppies are the best dirty laundry makers ever.  This morning, I finally had time to put my very own laundry in the wash and 20 minutes later, the washing machine started beeping.  "WARNING".  We got some dreaded F02 WARNING on the machine which basically means, "Dear Humans, I do not feel like working any more.  Goodbye".  Did the washing machine break when it was full of puppy towels?  Of course not.  It broke when I had my favorite clothes in it!  Despair hit me immediately.  Within minutes, Mr. Yesteryear Acres was on the case. I started the chores and came back to check the progress.
The machine was in parts.  This did not look like a happy moment to me.
This looked like an even unhappier moment.  These are my favorite clothes. In a trash bag.  Soapy and oily and in one big pile of yuck. I felt the weight of the laundromat calling me for the next week or two.  I felt the stress of how to get all the wash done.  I felt the anxiety over having to schedule laundry runs into my already over-scheduled week.  I felt....... 
EXTREME HAPPINESS!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres went to an electrical supply store, bought various bearings and pump replacement parts, and then assembled a new water pump for the washer and installed it!  And voila!  The washing machine said, "Hello Friend! Let's get that Doggie Laundry Clean!" 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres, as always - my hero!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Time Out

When Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I finished our afternoon farm chores we decided to take a time out.  The weather was beautiful, the birds were singing and we came to the conclusion that we could spare 10 minutes out of our day to enjoy the sunshine. We walked back to the pond and sat on the swing and appreciated the quiet peacefulness of the moment.  I think we were not alone in our gratitude.
Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing at all.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Maple Monday Smiles

Oh my how Maple's Beautiful Double Doodle puppies have grown.  They are plump butterballs of pure love and joy!  We are so lucky to have these cuties to snuggle with every day.
Maple's Snuggle Bunch

The puppies have silky soft coats

and just the cutest little faces


Here are the girls

and here are the boys

Naptime is the best time

Especially when you get to be snuggled from both sides!

Sweet Puppy Dreams

Happy Monday

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Blues

Today marks the end of my son's Spring Break.  Where did the time go????  We had a big list of things we wanted to do and I am afraid the list still stands.  We never did get to do some of the fun things we were hoping to do together.  It was a week full of work, work, work and now, the week is over. I am sad we didn't have the time for fun activities but as usual, my son never complained and was happy to help get some much needed work done.  We have one last Sunday Dinner to enjoy together and then my son and his friend will head back to campus.  Sigh.  I wish we had another week!
Olive Doodle Doggie says, "I will keep the all sticks safe until you come back.  Then we can play fetch, and chop wood, and go hiking and I will be your furry shadow once again!"
Miss you already!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Devoted Fans

It goes without saying that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I are very happy to have our son and his friend home for Spring Break.  They have been doing a lot of work around here and have been really helping us out.  I want to say that my husband and I are the happiest that my son is home but I don't think that assessment is quite accurate. I believe he has much more devoted fans.......
What's for lunch Austin?????? 
He always makes the most delicious lunches 
Austin? Austin?  Don't forget us! We are "Cat Doodles"!!!!!!! 
Good ole Austin.  We hope he never goes back to college!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Checking the forecast

To say our weather has been inconsistent would be a major understatement. I feel like I am slowly turning into Mr. Yesteryear Acres with his incessant need to check the weather forecast every 15 minutes.  Maybe Mr. Yesteryear Acres was right all along.  Maybe checking the forecast 1,876 times a day is actually a necessity!  How else will we know what to expect?
5 days ago, our ducks returned to the pond.  
Spring has surely arrived
3 days ago the Canada Geese were back 
2 days ago they all flew away
Perhaps this should have been a sign 
This morning the pond was frozen.  All ice.  No waterfowl will be visiting this day.
And now it looks like this outside.  The snow keeps falling.
I feel like I only have one recourse.....
Individual Caramelized Banana Delights
Now that will beat the weather forecast every time!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mud Pies Are Delicious!

Today my son and his friend spent most of the afternoon splitting wood.  I didn't get all the way to the back of the woods where they were working so I asked my son if he got any pictures. Not surprisingly.....they were all doggie pictures!  Not a single picture of all they accomplished today. I will have to take some pictures of their beautiful wood pile tomorrow.  For today - wood chopping and stacking from Trixie's perspective.....
You missed a small piece of wood right here 
Don't worry, I dug up all the earth to make sure I got it
Let me dig a little more.  I want to make doubly sure we didn't miss anything
My muddy nose proves how hard I have been helping you
That's because.......Mud Pies Are Delicious!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Break Fun

"Come to Yesteryear Acres for Spring Break!"  
It will be fun he said.........
My son brought home his friend who lives in Maui to spend Spring Break at Yesteryear Acres. Not only did he get to wake up to a balmy 11* this morning but just look how much fun he had.........
Let's chop firewood!!!!!

Nothing says Spring Break like chopping wood all day

This pretty much makes a day spent at the beach look awful

Why carry suitcases when you can carry tree trunks?! 
Keep on stacking! 
Making progress 
Having fun yet?! 
This went on all afternoon 
I am thinking they may just be tired tonight
Better than a day at the beach in Maui??? 
For sure!!!! 
Don't worry boys.....I have these waiting for you for when you finally come in. I mean someone has to work hard around here while you guys have all your Spring Break fun!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy PI Day!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres loves pies.  Apple, Peach, Pecan, Raspberry, Banofee, Raisin, Banana Cream.... I don't think there is a pie he doesn't love.  When I asked him how he would like to celebrate PI day, it only took him seconds to decide that he wanted to celebrate it with Pumpkin Pie.  Why Pumpkin???? Well because the Doodle Doggies can celebrate too!!!!!

Blossom did you want some pumpkin? 
You do?! 
Somebody loves PI day!!! 
Can I have 3.14 spoonfuls?
Sharing PI is even better 
Thanks Mr. Yesteryear Acres  
Here's your pie
Happy PI day!