Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bagel Surprise!

This morning I was up early walking a puppy who was heading home to the Big Apple. I wanted to be sure the puppy had a nice long walk before his big drive home. The puppy's family arrived bright and early to pick up their new furry best friend.  It was definitely love at first sight........for both of us!  They fell in love with their new adorable puppy and I fell in love with
BAGELS!  From New York City!
What a wonderful Bagel Surprise!
They also brought an awesome I love NY doggie bandana and other goodies.  I can definitely say I LOVE NYC!
My breakfast was heavenly
I felt like this after I was done.
One full happy belly!
And ready for "Puppy Going Home" day!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

No Power Day

The sky was blue, the breeze was light, the temperature was perfect....... and absolutely no explanation why we spent the day without electricity.  Our power went out late this morning and stayed out all day.  My daughter's house was without electricity as well along with a significant number of other houses. What to do? What to do?  Play outside with the pups and be grateful for the beautiful day!  The puppies didn't care at all and we were so lucky to have such nice weather.  Just about the time we started wondering just how and what we would make for dinner - voila! The power came back on!  Time to start cooking!  Puppies.....It is DINNER TIME!  Let the tail wagging begin!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Call him Professor Maverick

I adopted my Maverick Doodle last November when a family who got him from Blossom's litter decided they couldn't keep him any more. He has been my constant companion and has grown by leaps and bounds since I have had him. Retraining a 2 year old dog can be quite a challenge, but I think we were both lucky to have found each other. This morning Maverick told Peaches' puppy Scarlet to just call him 'Professor Maverick' as he showed her everything I wanted her to learn.
Scarlet was having a hard time focusing on eating breakfast... I wonder why?

So Maverick poked his nose at her food and water and then went back to his own dish to show her how it is done

Maverick is also a great demonstrator of the command sit

Blossom was also excellent help today! She taught Scarlet how to wait patiently while I washed the puppy dishes

Scarlet had a big day! She was happy to go back to my house so that she could get some extra cuddle time in 

Ahhhh! What a great day of learning! Thanks Professor Maverick!



Thursday, June 22, 2017

Silly Time

We spend a lot of time here working with our Yesteryear Acres Doodle puppies teaching them manners, and limits, and boundaries. We spend an equal amount of time just loving the puppies and letting them have tons and tons of fun.  Every day is full of "Silly Time!"
Oh boy! It is Silly Time! 
First let's run to Mrs. Yesteryear Acres and say HI!!!!!
Then run away! 
And then run back to say HI AGAIN!
Mrs. Yesteryear Acres, can you catch us??? 
Look! We are back! 
This game is so much fun 
We love playing!
Thanks for letting us get our Puppy Zoomies out 
Time for the cool down!
Puppy Silly Time is the best!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sweet Scarlet

This week I have been training and boarding Peaches' Ladybug Girl- now known as Scarlet. She has been quite the helper!!! Today she got some extra bonus training on how to be a farm dog. Since my Mom and I got our 'squiggly' tomatoes planted, I thought that Scarlet might like a field trip back to the garden.

Oh this is new! Where are we going Amelia?

Hmmmm I am not sure I can lift this watering can by myself...

What do you mean I can't eat the tomatoes yet!?

All done sweet Scarlet!

You are a real farm dog now!

Look who's driving us home!

Here is to more farming adventures!



Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Milk and.....where are the cookies?

Sweet Pea's puppies have been doing a great job with going outside for potty breaks.  They are super good listeners!!!!
Well what are we going to do now Mr. Yesteryear Acres? 
Let's go exploring! 
Here I come! 
Running down the hill is so much fun!
Amelia!  We are coming! 
Oh my gosh! Do you see what I see?
Wait a minute.......... 
MOMMY Sweet Pea is here!!!!!
Time for a milk break! 
Snack time is the best time! 
Everyone should have an afternoon milk and cookies break!
Excuse me.....can I have a snack too? 
Did you say cookie? 
Where are the cookies?
Don't worry Sweet Pea! I have a Sweet Potato Cookie treat for you!
Everyone loves milk and cookies!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Therapy Doodle Puppies

Mr. Yesteryear Acres is finding ways to be mobile even on crutches.  He has missed playing with all the puppies. You can't keep Mr. Yesteryear Acres down!
Oh I missed you sweet pup! 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres is back!!! 
"Amelia! Look who is out walking!" 
Let's go walk with him! 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres, Just walk like this! 
You got it! 
We are Therapy Doodle Puppies now! 
We know how to help with crutches and everything! 
Come on Mr. Yesteryear Acres 
You better go back in and rest
Amelia, Can we go with him?
Sure you can! 
We are tired! 
Therapy Doodle Puppies work hard! 
Hey? Doesn't everyone sleep like this?
Happy Monday!