Thursday, June 21, 2018

So Good at My Job

We have a memo board on our refrigerator where every morning we write down all the chores and jobs that must be done that day.  As the day continues, one by one we erase each task and of course the person who actually completes the task is the one who gets the honor of erasing it from the board. There are some jobs that are harder than others. Today, my job was the hardest of all.
This job takes HOURS
Okay!  I am watering the garden!
Guess I can erase that one off the list!!!
I watered the pond too!  Gosh I am so good at my job! 
I also watered the dogs!
Happy Rain Day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rushing Against Mother Nature

Mother Nature has been doing her best to interfere with getting our hay crop in and getting the garden finished but Mr. Yesteryear Acres refuses to let her win.
Cutting the hay field BEFORE the rain!  
Good job Mr. Yesteryear Acres!
Night time?  No problem.  Perfect for plowing the garden.
When I say Mr. Yesteryear Acres works late 
I really mean it! 
Severe Thunderstorm warning - no problem
Who needs breakfast anyway?!!!
We can eat in July when the first picking is ready! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Put your Ears Up

Mr. Black Pawprints Collar Boy is heading to his FURever home this afternoon so he and "Rosie" had one last play date together.
What shall we do before it is time for you to leave? 
I know!!!! 
Let's play airplane!!!! 
Put your ears up!!!! 
And ready for take off!
I can fly! 
Me too! 
This is the best game! 
Let's go in for a landing 
We made it!  
Airplane kisses! 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Happy To Meet You

We have one adorable Double Doodle puppy looking for his FURever home.  He is ready for his new home now. Meet Mr. Black Pawprints Collar Boy....
Hi! I am happy to meet you! 
Grits is my mommy 
And Waffles is my Daddy 
They are great PAWrents!
I am very good at coming when I am called 
I know "Sit"  
And Fetch 
But my favorite thing is
Snuggle Time!
Wanna cuddle?

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day Mr. Yesteryear Acres

Happy Father's Day to the hardest working dad around!!!!
He works tirelessly every day to keep Yesteryear Acres in tip top shape
His devotion to our doodles is endless
as is their tail wagging devotion to him!
He is ALWAYS there to support us in all we do
From a hard day's work
to gourmet feasts
to life's lessons
no matter the weather
no job is too big
or too small!
Mr. Yesteryear Acres is the best dad of all!
Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pie Contest

Today we are celebrating Mr. Yesteryear Acres Dad's 85th birthday.  It is going to be a big party with all the fixings and trimmings and family happiness. Almost as important as the big EIGHT-FIVE, is that today is the annual pie competition!!!!! All the family members bring a pie to enter in the pie contest and of course we must sample each pie and then place our votes for the best pie of the year.  Amelia took the coveted crown home last year.  I had this year's pie contest in the bag when......the strawberry fields were empty!  No strawberries at all!  How in the world can I win a pie contest with my famous fresh strawberry pie without strawberries????  SADNESS!  Amelia decided to be extra sneaky this year and is entering a winning apple pie because everyone knows that Mr. Yesteryear Acres Dad's favorite thing in the entire world is APPLE PIE.  Amelia has a very good chance of keeping this year's crown.
She has a secret ingredient in her homemade crust 
Her pies are legendary
Even against such heavy competition, I am not folding in the towel!
Coffee Toffee Mud Pie
Let the competition begin!

Friday, June 15, 2018

One Last Check of the Hay

We had a super busy day and it is now 11:15pm at night and I am just sitting down for the first time today. We have puppies going home this weekend and we have garden work to get done and it is almost time to get the hay in - summer time is the busy time!
Still in the midst of all the work....
We take the time to appreciate the stillness and beauty of nature
One last walk as the sun sets 
And one last check of the hay 
(and I am sure the other shadow would NOT be a doggie playing in the hay that is ready to be cut) 
Thank you for this beautiful day