Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Marmalade's Models

Marmalade's delightful double doodles are starting to grow into their paws and are developing their own unique personalities. They were quite the models this week. I think they really wanted to show off just how adorable they are becoming!
The boys were ready to demonstrate how handsome they are

Aren't we just adorable?!

Pssst... Hey! Do you see those things over there?

Umm, excuse me... I was over there getting my picture taken and I just wanted to come over and say hi... And also what are you?

OH MY GOSH! Is that a spot!? I have one too! Did we just become best friends? I think we just became best friends!! Kittens and puppies do that right?

I heard it was tongue out Tuesday.... How am I doing?

Let's take a picture together! And POSE!

Don't you just want to cuddle with us?

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Monday, July 24, 2017

Oh My Darling Clementine!

Happy Puppy Picture Monday!! Clementine's darling little doodles are getting ready for their big adventure home this weekend. Who doesn't love puppy pick up day?! I cannot wait to see all the happy families as they pick up their furry babies, as well as the happy fluffy faces of the doodles as they meet their furever homes! It has been quite rainy here at Yesteryear Acres, so when we FINALLY got a break in the storms, it was time for a bit puppy romp outside!
YAY! The ground is finally dry enough to play! RUUUUN!!!!!!

Wait! Did you hear something?? 

It sounds like my best friend Mittens! Let's go find him!

Um excuse me.... Are you sure it's dry enough for me to come down? I positively hate to get my paws wet

Oh yes! We promise! It's PURRRfect for playing! Hehehe see what I did there

Oh shall we play tag?!

Okay, but first I need a Belly rub...

Uh Amelia!? Are you done rubbing my belly?

Oh man... all this recess is making me sleepy! Let's take a nap instead!

Happy Puppy Picture Monday! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Boop! Hi I am Beckett

I was so sad to say goodbye to Coda Bear yesterday! He was an excellent farm puppy in training all week! I was incredibly grateful that my feelings of needing another puppy to train did not have to last long. Everyone say hi to Beckett! He will be training and staying with me all week. He is one of Sweet Pea's cuties who has come back for a little puppy bootcamp. He is one lovable energetic ball of fluff!!
Hello! I am Beckett! Don't you want to boop my nose?

Dear Family, Amelia's house is pretty cool so far... she has Cheerios so I think this week will be just A-OK with me. I miss you all, but I am already learning a lot! 

Today I even got to walk back to the pond for the first time with my new pal Olive. She's pretty great! I can't wait to see what we will do the rest of the week! See you next Sunday :)

Here is to a week full of puppy training and puppy smiles! Happy Sunday everyone!



Saturday, July 22, 2017

Special Flower Visitors

Last night Mr. Yesteryear Acres called me outside to look at some cool hummingbirds. We watched them dance around our hanging flower plants. Gazing at them flitter so quickly around the flowers I thought... Hmmm it is weird that hummingbirds are out this late at night... Upon closer examination we saw that our fast hummingbird friends were in fact moths!!! I have never in my life heard of a hummingbird moth! But here we were outside looking at the coolest insect I have ever seen. They flew around so quickly that they almost left a blurry streak in their wake. Here is our best picture of our special flower visitors...

Yep. That there folks is proof of our very own Yesteryear Acres Hummingbird Moth Doodles.

Don't believe me?

Look again...


Welcome to Yesteryear Acres hummingbird moths! We hope you come back soon to visit!



Friday, July 21, 2017

Can You Hear Me Now? - NOPE!

It has been another stormy day here at Yesteryear Acres. A round of heavy lightning strikes rolled in early this morning and knocked out our local cell phone tower. We have not been able to call or text all day. At first it seemed like a disaster! NO CELL PHONES!? NO TEXTING? NO CALLING?? But slowly as the day has gone by, I have found a lot of peace without our phones. No dings, beeps, rings, or buzzes. No "hold on I'm on the phone, Shhhh's, or ringtones. Just quiet happy family and doodle time. Just us in the quiet bubble of no cell phone land. I think the doodles are liking the extra quiet time. So if you are calling us at Yesteryear Acres, we are home, we are all fine, and we just cannot hear you. Hopefully we will be back up and running with our phones in no time, but until then.... can you hear me now? NOPE! Time for more doodle snuggles!
Ahhh... peace and quiet for a little doodle nap!



Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Adventures of Coda Bear

This week I had the privilege of spending some time training, cuddling, and playing with Coda Bear puppy!! He is such a well-behaved puppy and picked up on training very quickly! Coda Bear already knows how to sit, lay down, come, and wait for the food dish politely. He is such a fur ball full of fun and had a great time on the Yesteryear Acres Farm with his new big dog friends!
I can drink out of the water bucket like a big dog!

Oh wow! Mr.Yesteryear Acres...how did you make the fish do that?!

I think I live up to my Coda BEAR name quite well!

I even made big dog friends here!

 Humans make great cuddle buddies and pillows too
Ahhh nap time after a long day of hard work on the farm

Gator ride!! I am a BONE-fied farm dog now!!!!
Thanks for spending time with me Coda Bear! I had fun on our adventures and you are such a great farm dog!



Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Do You Need Cuddles?

Our White Golden Retriever Puppies are doing great with their puppy training! We are so excited for these puppies to continue doing what they do best.......
"I am going to be a therapy doggie when I grow up!" 
"I will be a good listener" 
"I will be a constant companion" 
"I will be a leader" 
"and never leave your side" 
"I am ready to be a snuggle puppy!" 
You are all such good little puppies!!!!!! 
So proud of every single one of you 
Puppy Love!!!! 
Do you need cuddles? 
One of these boys is still available 
and ready to be a companion
Please let us know if we can help!!!!
This is our last litter of the summer 
We will be taking a break until the fall 
We have Five Beautiful Double Doodle Girls to love 
and Four Beautiful Double Doodle Boys
Ready for new homes at the end of August
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Marmalade Tuesday

Marmalade's Double Doodle puppies are just adorable!  Look how much they have grown!
Marmalade's Boys 1-4 
Marmalade's Boys 5-8 
We can't forget the 2 girls!
Why hello there cuties!!!!! 
We have super silky coats 
All together now! 
Say Cheese!!!! 
Good Puppies! 
Happy Marmalade Tuesday!