Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Scout Puppy Pile

Scout’s F1B Goldendoodle puppies had a great time venturing outside to play!
I mean what is better than running around in the fresh air?! 
Oh I know! 
Playing with all your favorite friends!! 
Amelia can you hold all of us?!
Wait! Wait! I want to be in your lap toooo! 
Do you know what else you need besides a puppy pile full of love?!
Puppy kisses of course!!! Smoooooooch! 
You are all such good boys!! 
Excuse me, but may I bother you for some more snuggles?! 
Yessss I got extra snuggles!
We are so loveable 
And huggable 
And in case you need some snuggles of your own- it’s not too late! We still have one boy looking for his furever home! 
Looking for his best friend! 
Alright little puppies - time to head back in!
Run run run as fast as we can! 
Amelia is so fun to chase!
What a wonderful outdoor adventure! 
We hope your day was as amazing as ours! 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Comet Puppy Cuddles

Comet’s Goldendoodle puppies are so excited for family visit day! They are having the best time playing outside and strutting their stuff before meeting their furever families at the end of this week!!
*sniiiiiiiiiff* Oh man nothing smells better than the great outdoors...
...because that means play time!!!!!!
Wait, is that....?!
Yes it is!!!! Yay it’s Amelia!!!!! Time for Comet puppy cuddles!!! 
This is the best day ever!! 
I’m gonna getcha! 
Guess what secret Amelia just told me?! 
We get to meet our furever families soon!! 
Amelia! Amelia! Is it TRUE?!?!?
Yes it is puppies! 
Oh my gosh it really is the best day ever!!!!
Wooohooo! I can’t wait to have a family of my very own! 
Hey what do you think my new name will be?!
I heard we will get a bag of new toys when we go home with them! 
We can’t waiiiiiit! 
I am going to give them lots of puppy cuddles too! 
We can’t wait to meet you furever families! See you soon! 
Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Tip to Tail

Nothing is better than watching our dogs enjoy their days.  Dogs smile with their whole bodies.  They exude happiness from tip to tail!
Our Doggies love their daily outdoor recess time
Nothing is better than a game of fetch! 
Especially when played again.... 
and again! 
Lily says pink is her favorite! 
Clementine is super fast! 
She will try to get that ball before it ever has a chance to bounce 
Got it! 
She will happily play all day long  
Here's your ball! 
If you throw it......
I will come!
Happy Sunday!
  From Tip to Tail!