Sunday, January 20, 2019


The weatherman was not wrong about this cold front coming in! BRRRR! We have even more snow sticking to the ground along with the colder temperatures. The Yesteryear Acres crew has been busy working outside to keep all the paths paved and to keep everyone nice and toasty warm! 

Uhhh stairs?? What stairs?!

Looks like Jack Frost has been busy this January!

The snow is getting deeper and deeper!  

Goodbye shovel!

Goodbye boots!

The winterscape was especially beautiful today with the sun poking through the trees

After a long day of work it was time to head inside. 

Oooh a warm Hickory blanket! Just what I was looking for! Thanks Hickory!

We hope everyone is staying warm and having fun in the snow! 



Saturday, January 19, 2019

Practice Makes Perfect

With my birthday less than 10 days away, there was only one thing to do! Brush up on my cake making skills of course!! I decided to try something new, and discovered an old fashioned vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting that was begging for me to bake it. 
Two golden cakes ready for icing

You can even see the vanilla bean specks in the cake! Yummm

My first attempt ever at decorating a cake!

Happy early birthday to me!

Better do a taste test to ensure quality!

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too ;) 



Friday, January 18, 2019

The Snuggle is Real

As you may have guessed, all of this winter playtime comes with lots of warm snuggles! I think these Doodles are on to something!

Maverick says first you have to find the perfect toy

And then you are ready to snuggle!

Are you coming? I found a blanket! 

Oooh this spot is nice and warm...I'll lay down for juuuuust a bit

Next thing you know you are taking a power nap before the next round of Winter Fetch

Hold my paw human! I want to snuggle with you!

I brought my best friend! Time to cuddle! 

What better way to end a fun and snow filled day than curling up with your furry friends!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Weather Inspired Snacks

With all of the snow coming down, there was only one thing to do... BAKE! Today's beautiful snowflakes inspired me to make snowflake shortbread cookies. Mmmm who doesn't love fresh cookies on a wintery day?! 

With all of my ingredients together and the special shortbread snowflake pan, it was time to get baking

Ready for the oven!

Perfect snowflakes for a perfect snowy day 

And what goes better with vanilla than chocolate?! 

Abigail made deliciously inspired hot chocolate marshmallow cookies! 
Mmm chocolate

Ready for the oven!

Now for the best part..

Toasted marshmallow topping!!!

I hope the winter weather inspires your own themed snacks! 



Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A Never Ending 'Tail' of Growth

Watch Me Grow Wednesday is here!! I think Ernie McDoodle is taking this blog post a little too seriously! He had a MAJOR growth spurt this week and is weighing in today at 48lbs! 
"I weigh HOW MUCH Mom!?" 

I had to put Ernie on the scale TWICE today, as I couldn't believe that was correct. I even made him go outside to go poop and then weighed him again. He is definitely 48lbs! 

With my big growing boy, I have been making sure Ernie is getting all his puppy zoomies out with plenty of exercise. This week, Maverick and Ernie went on a really long walk in the snow. Olive and Hickory were sure to lead the way. 

Ernie just LOVES the snow

He firmly believes that each snowflake tastes as unique as they look...

Therefore he must lick them all

And with lots of playtime, comes lots of nap time
The puppy face of "I'm-not-tired-you're-tired"

Followed by more playtime... and of course

Lots and lots of cuddle time!

I can't believe how fast you are growing 'little' Ernie McDoodle!! 



Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Winter Fetch Fun

As promised, we wanted to share our Winter Fetch fun with you! The Doodle Doggies had an absolute blast outside playing with toys and snowballs alike!

Just look at all the snow

You were right about Winter, it is so amazing

Hey Bear and Ernie, do you know what is reallllyyy fun in the snow?

Winter Fetch!!!

Bear says, "Hey Ernie you are supposed to wait until she throws it!" 

See?! This is how you play Winter Fetch!

Oh wow Bear you found the biggest stick around!

I sure did!!

Ernie says the snow not only looks good, but tastes good too!

Oh how we love Winter Fun! Let's go play some more!!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Doodle Pictures Galore

We are excited to say we received more puppy pictures from happy doodle families and can't wait to share them with you today! Thank you for keeping Puppy Picture Monday full of cute doodle faces!

Are you ready to come cuddle Doodle

What is for dinner Doodle

Leash training star Doodle

Sleepy Doodle

I love my dog bed Doodle

Modeling Doodle

Furry best friend Doodle

Stylish Doodle

Listening to commands Doodle

Do you like my cute moose Doodle

I love playing outside Doodle

This is my favorite pillow Doodle

I love following you around Doodle

Could this face be any cuter Doodle

Please send more adorable pictures of your furry doodle friends! We love seeing our happy puppies in their FURever homes!