Saturday, January 21, 2017


Here at Yesteryear Acres you will hardly ever find yourself without company. Usually there is a doodle or two nearby. Once in awhile we have to create a doodle free zone -which means no doggie doodles, cat doodles, or doodles of any kind- in the room. Well today this rare occasion had to occur where we needed a doodle free zone while we prepared dinner. My Mom's cats are particularly leopard like when it comes to meat or butter. We don't know why they love butter so much, but they really do. In this instance we had just pulled out both butter and chicken out of the freezer to thaw and therefore we really required a doodle free zone. Now the kittens in particular really did not like this separation... In fact they did their darnedest to end the doodle free zone

Ummm Hello?? Did you know we are out here?

This thing is in the way... I can still smell the chicken and butter though

If I could only get it to slide just a little bit...

I might be able to squeeeeeeze through

Ummm HELLO!?!? Please let me in!

Silly kitty doodles that is our dinner! Thankfully doors are still the best way to create a doodle free zone and dinner was able to be cooked to perfection! 

Bon Appetit! 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Rainy Doodle Day

It's been a rainy day here at Yesteryear Acres. It has been sprinkling on and off for a majority of the day. However we don't let the rain cast a gloomy shadow over puppy pick up day!!! Lily's sweet golden doodle babies are going to their forever homes today. I will admit that these days are a little bittersweet for us, but the look of pure happiness on all the families faces as well as their new furry family members makes it all worth the while. Safe travels furry friends! We love you all :)

I'm waiting for my family...


Following Mr. Yesteryear Acres on a walk before my car ride home!

Getting in once last pounce before I go! 

Have fun in your new homes!!! 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

National Popcorn Day Celebration

It is no secret that here at Yesteryear Acres we love food. Today is no exception as it is National Popcorn Day! My Mom makes the best popcorn in the whole wide world. She uses various spices and seasonings to make popcorn batches of perfection. I believe this heavenly tasting snack is the outcome of a collaboration project my Mom and my Aunt had a few years ago... All I can say is BEST PROJECT EVER!! In honor of National Popcorn Day... We took a second to celebrate the only way we knew how, with friends!

Hey Amelia... Whatcha got there?

AHHH!!! Is that Popcorn???

Do you think we could, I dunno.... Have a piece maybe?

I mean we wouldn't ask, but it looks like you have so many pieces in there... surely you would like some help eating all of them

I mean it IS National Popcorn Day, and look how cute we are!


I hope everyone is having a doggone good National Popcorn Day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ummm Where Did All the Ice Go?!?

Every day we like to walk around the pond. It is like our mini oasis that brings us peace and fun even if we only have a moment to spare. In the winter I especially love to see how much the pond changes with the rising and falling temperatures. With the warm up we had over the past few days our pond was completely devoid of ice. We even had 7 geese doodles happily swimming in the pond! All signs pointed to a very cold but melted pond. However my doodle Maverick did NOT get the memo. He saw the geese and thought he could just run across the pond and chase them. Maverick learned quite quickly he was a little over his head... Luckily he takes after his human momma and is a great swimmer! The expression on Mav's face was priceless! My Dad and I laughed so hard we could barely breathe. Maverick spent the rest of the pond walk jumping in and out of the pond and swimming after the geese, until at last they flew away. My goofy little doodle was so proud of himself. I think he had the best afternoon ever :) and I was even able to take a few pictures! 

Maverick seeing the geese near the back of the pond

OH MY GOSH GEESE!!! Let's get them!

AHHHHH! UMMM Where did all the ice go?!

I am pretty sure Olive doodle laughed at Maverick too!

Was that a bit chilly buddy?

NOPE! Mav back in the water and on point  

 Off they go!

See you later Geese! Thanks for playing!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Case of the Beautiful Blues

Blue's beautiful babies are four weeks old! They have just started eating solid foods and are  getting quite good at licking the plate clean. They are the sweetest happiest puppies. 

Did someone say cheese?

Wait a minute... We don't see any cheese!

No Guys! "Cheese" means look at the camera like this

And strike a cute pose like this!

Silly boys, check out us girls! We will show you how it is done

See? Aren't we just adorable?!?

Pssst... Hey! I think I saw Mr. Yesteryear Acres getting our dinner ready

Ohh you are right! I see him too! YAY time for dinner!
Happy Blue Tuesday! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Mystery of the Missing Toy

Lily's sweet babies are almost ready to go home! They love to go outside and play more and more every day. They are full of spunk and love to play fetch as much as their adorable momma!

Red Lava Collar stretching and getting ready for fun activities

Did we just hear a squeaker toy??

I think we did!!! But where is it coming from?

Black Pawprints Collar and Orange Bones Collar are on the case!

Hey.... Did you hear it over here? I found some leaves in a pile. I sent Blue Pawprints Collar to investigate...

Blue Pawprints Collar? Nope! No squeaker in here!

Hmmmm... maybe Pink Argyle Collar is sitting on it

HEY! OOPS! Have you seen our squeaker toy!?!

I think I heard it over here! LET'S GO!!!

AHA!!! Bri has our favorite squeaker toy!!


Yes! I got it!

Awww come on Camo Collar! I looked for it the longest! 

Hrmmpf.  Sharing is caring you know...

YAY! My squeaker toy! I HAVE IT!!

Butterfly Collar slowly sneaks up on the unsuspecting toy... waiting for the pounce

And she gets it! 

AND the crowd goes wild!

AHHH!!! I'm ready for my turn!! Detective Orange Bones Collar reporting, case closed!