Friday, October 19, 2018

Meet Glacier

Our White Golden Retriever McGyver is the proud daddy of our sweet Golden Retriever Glacier.  Glacier is McGyver's "mini-me".  He is a beautiful white, mellow, easy going, love of a doggie just like his dad.
Glacier loves to snuggle 
and hang out with us by the pond 
He always has a smile on his face 
and love in his heart 
He is an excellent retriever 
and will happily play ball any time! 
He loves romping through the field 
and is a champ at fetch 
He is a best buddy doggie 
who loves his family 
and playing with his best friends 
Glacier you are an awesome doggie! 
We are so excited for your Glacier Goldendoodle Puppies!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Pumpkin Paws

Scout's little Camo Collar boy is ready for his new home this weekend and he is looking for his FURever home. 
Hey! What's this? 
I found a pumpkin! 
Mmmmm. Pumpkins are delicious! 
Call me Pumpkin Paws! 
Who wants to join me in the pumpkin patch? 
I know! 
Look Bear! Look at my pumpkin! 
Is this how you carve it? 
It isn't? 
At least I am a good finder! 
I hope my new family will love playing with me 
and cuddling! 
Won't you be mine?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

You Just Can't BEET That!

After the last big harvest from the garden, it was time to save all those yummy vegetables for winter! First on the to-do list was the huge pile of beets. 
All done boiling the first batch

Which makes it nice and easy to pop them out of the skin

Much better- all ready to start packaging

This one BEETs for you <3 p="">

Let the vacuum packing begin!

Box one ready for the freezer!

Since the beets are already cooked, there is only one thing to do for dinner. Time to make a garden fresh salad! You just can't BEET that! 

Here's to a delicious vegetable filled winter up ahead!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What "Time to Make Dinner" looks like

Every single night we have a goal to eat dinner before 8pm.  We even have alarms set to remind us to stop working and go make dinner. We think, "wouldn't it be nice if we had dinner at 6:30pm" and the next thing you know it is after 8pm and we still have not had dinner.  How does this happen? Well.......
Hey little buddy...we need to start making dinner 
Okay okay...we can hug first 
I know, let's get Amelia to join us 
Who wants to cook when we can.... 
Yay! Let's add more friends! 
Bear hug! 
Let's stay right here - humans don't need to eat! 
I know! Mr. Yesteryear Acres can make dinner!

Monday, October 15, 2018

BEET the Freeze!

After having what seemed to be the endless summer, freeze warnings have been issued.  This can only mean one thing - FINISH THE GARDEN! We need to "BEET" the Freeze!
We had to work all afternoon to get the rest of the garden harvested 
Definitely needed reinforcements! 
Best Gardeners Ever 
Getting everything in as the sun sets 
Thank you Garden! It was an awesome summer! 
and of course we would never forget that it is Puppy Picture Monday!!!! 
Everyone needs puppy smiles!
Caramel Puppy Smiles
Chocolate Puppy Smiles
Sister Puppy Smiles!
Happy Monday