Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hay! Don't Tell!

I love watching our hay field blowing in the breeze. The ripples remind me of ocean waves.  I love to walk along the edge of the hay with my fingers extended and touch all the tops as I walk by.  It is a beautiful sight.
One of my most favorite views at Yesteryear Acres 
When the wind blows through the field, it is a moving picture of Nature's Beauty.
The only thing is that you must admire it from afar.  You should never walk in the hay field......... 
Ummmm Doodle Doggies!!!!  I don't think Mr. Yesteryear Acres wants you to play hide and seek in the hay! 
You better come back before he sees you! 
Hurry Blue! 
Hurry Olive!
"Hay! Don't Tell!  That was sooooooo much fun!"

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Biscuit Eating Devotion

Everyone knows we have nothing but Tail Wagging Devotion here at Yesteryear Acres but did you know we also have Biscuit Eating Devotion?  Oh yes. Not regular biscuits mind you - but Dog Biscuits. This week Amelia has been busy grooming our Doodle Doggies.  Our Doodle Doggies just LOVE Amelia because whenever the Doggies are done with their grooming, they get a delicious doggie biscuit.  Well Mr. Yesteryear Acres came home with a new box of Doggie Biscuits.  All natural and made with molasses.  You would think that Mr. Yesteryear Acres would just test the "deliciousness" of the new dog biscuit on one of the Doodle Doggies.........
Mr. Yesteryear Acres - are you actually eating the Doodle Doggie Biscuit? 
Why yes.  Yes he is. 
Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm.  
Definitely good enough to give to my sweet Doodle Doggies.
Wait - are you sure?  What does the Bunny Doodle Doggie Biscuit taste like? 
Well it has a nice crunch 
And great texture 
Pretty good!  Back to the Grooming with new treats!
Come on Doodle Doggies!!!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

But We Don't Want To

Our Double Doodle Puppies thought that it would be really fun to make Puppy Picture Day last and last and last. Why should the cute doodle puppies look at the camera all together?  That is no fun!!!!!
Peaches Double Doodle girls say, "We will look at the camera!!" 
"But not if you put ALL the girls in the picture!" 
Peaches Double Doodle boys say, "The second you let go of us, we will do our own thing" 
From Left To Right...."I'm being good, I'm eating my brother's ear, I'm taking a nap, I'm telling a secret and I'm gonna pounce!"

Truffles Chocolate Double Doodle puppies were pretty cooperative 
While Truffles Caramel Boys said, "But we don't want to!" 
Truffles Caramel Girls were happy to nap through it all 

Grits Double Doodle Girls say, "WE ARE SUPERSTAR MODELS!" 
"Take our picture!"
While the boys said,"I will not look at the camera, I will not look at the camera" 
And, "We are outta here - PLAY TIME!"

Finally - Sweet Pea's Goldendoodle Puppies all happily crawled into one big snuggle pile and said, "Take all the pictures you want"
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Rain? What Rain?

We haven't had too much luck with dry days here at Yesteryear Acres but thankfully the rain showers are not a problem for the Doodle puppies.  They say, "Rain?  What Rain?  Looks like it is TIME TO PLAY!"
Hmm, Looks like another rainy afternoon 
We can't let the rain stop our fun 
Come on! Let's Go! 
I think we have explored all we can on the bricks 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres, can we go out in the grass? 
We can?! 
Hurray!  Let's Go! 
Now we can get really soaking wet! 
I think Mr. Yesteryear Acres loves wet puppies the most! 
Right Mr. Yesteryear Acres? 
He said yes! 
Now he is all wet too! 
That was fun!  Let's do it again tomorrow!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Brown is So Much Better than Green

It seems as if Barkley felt a little jealous over yesterday's "Green Doggie" post. Barkley does not feel that green doggies should get the spotlight.  Noooooooo. The best doggies are brown doggies. Brown is SO much better than green!!!!!!!
"I went for a walk with Mr. Yesteryear Acres and found allllllllll the mud puddles!" 
"See how adorable I am with my new brown shoes?! I am such a good boy!" 
"Hey Mr. Yesteryear Acres, we can still snuggle in bed together right?" 
Well Barkley - Let's find Amelia first.  Not only is she the most reliable dishwasher in America.....she is the best dog washer too!  
"Oh Amelia..."

Saturday, May 20, 2017

It's Not Easy Being Green

I wonder who might have found the pile of fresh cut grass clippings........
Why I didn't know we owned a green doggie! 

Did you want to share just how it is you became our favorite green doggie?
Well first, you have to run really fast through the grass..... 
Then you find your favorite toy 
And bury it and then find it again and then roll around in the grass with it 
Then bring the toy back and proudly display your new green hair!!!!!
See?  It's not easy being green!
I worked hard to become this beautiful color!!!!!!