Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday Break

It appears as though there was a scheduled break at Yesteryear Acres today. I didn't know we had Saturday quiet time on our calendar but when I walked outside, this was what I saw.......
Evidently the kittens were aware of Saturday Siesta time
and took full advantage! 
And the kittens weren't the only ones that got the memo! 
Hey!  Don't bother us!
Come back later!
It's Saturday Break Time!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Mr. Yesteryear Acres decided that we needed to take a field trip.  Where were we going?  To the pumpkin patch!
Mr. Yesteryear Acres took us to a glass blowing class to make pumpkins!
Here were our glass color choices
Choosing which colors we loved the most was the hardest part!
Super excited to make our pumpkins! 
After removing the hot glass from the furnace, you have to blow the glass into a mold to form the ridges of the pumpkin. 
Then it is time to blow the glass 
Slow and Steady 
watching the pumpkin take shape! 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres pumpkin shape was perfect (of course) 
Ready for the stem 
The hot glass for the stem first gets put into a mold and then into the colored glass pieces and then finally gets attached to the pumpkin 
Yesteryear Acres Field Trip Success! 
Amelia's Pumpkin
Mr. Yesteryear Acres Pumpkin 
My pumpkin 

Love them!
Yesteryear Acres Pumpkin Patch!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Summer Harvest

I think Mr. Yesteryear Acres might just get a reward for the longest garden season ever!  We have never had such a productive garden this late in the season.
Our zucchini plant feeds us daily! 
And from the looks of it.....we will have enough cabbage and then some! 
Green Beans anyone?  We have so many green beans, it is easy to pick over 5 gallons of beans in about 15 minutes! 
Did somebody want fresh baked tomatoes?? 
Wish Granted!
Look Mom - I picked all these tomatoes just for you!
Just kidding!  These are all mine!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Leaf Hunters

Nutmeg's puppies are continuing to love this summer weather.
Lovely Day for outside playtime! 
Have I seen my sister?  What sister? 
Here I am! 
The official Leaf Hunters 
Got it!
We did too! 
Take that leaf! 
Leaf hunting is hard work!  
Break time 
That's better 
Look what I found in the cool grass.... 
Another delicious leaf! 
I saved this leaf just for you!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Doodle Tail Wag ....Attack! Doodle Tail Wag....Attack!

We sure know how to keep ourselves amused here at Yesteryear Acres. Kitties, Doodle Doggies, Humans.....all entertained...all day long!
First, we must play with all the animals .... for hours 
The day is full of lots of Doodle Kisses  
and then the entertainment begins
Doodle Tail Wag.....  
Doodle Tail Wag
The movie we took is so funny that we crack up every time we watch it.  
Yes.  We have all the best entertainment here!!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Ring Around the Tree Fun

We are having a blast of summer weather here at Yesteryear Acres as temperatures have been quite warm this week.  Nutmeg's Double Doodle puppies have been soaking up the sun and have really enjoyed their daily romps outside.
Alright Puppies! Time to Play! 
What game shall we play today? 
I know! 
Ring Around the Tree! 
How do you play that game? 
Tell us!
It goes like this 
Run, Run, Run, Run 
Around and around the tree 
then play tag! 
This is a fun game! 
I like the pouncing part the best! 
She gets me every time!
I like to wait until just the right time and then