Sunday, February 5, 2017

Wanna Go For A Walk?

This morning our very last Blue Double Doodle puppy went to his new home.  While we were waiting for his new family to arrive, we decided to take a nice walk in the beautiful sunshine. I thought it would just be a walk for two.....
I was wrong
"Hey Mittens!  Wanna go for a walk?" 
"First I'll follow you" 
"Then you can follow me!" 
"And then we can walk together!" 
"What do you mean you want to rest?" 
"Come on! Stretch! You can do it!"
"You did it!  Now let's go!!!!!" 
"Let's go on an adventure!" 
And we walked 
and we walked 
And we walked some more....and Mittens went along for the entire walk 
All the way back home 
And then Mittens said, "I am dog tired!"
"I need a cat nap!"

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