Thursday, September 6, 2012

Guess Where I Am?

Guess where I am? I know. I know. You are thinking it is Thursday, she must be cleaning the house. Well you would be partially right. It is Thursday and I WAS cleaning the house. I just finished cleaning the entire second floor and was starting on cleaning the downstairs bathroom when my phone rang. It was my son.
"Mom, I need you to take me to Urgent Care."
Now normal people might start to panic. Normal people might start to fret and  become consumed with worry. We are not normal people. In fact we have a frequent flyer card at the Urgent Care. We are like the NORM of Cheers when we walk in.  Everybody knows my name.  So of course when I answered my son I calmly said, "okay" in a nice relaxed tone, got my purse, grabbed my iPad, and walked out the door. I almost have the Urgent Care routine down pat. I could do it in my sleep. So where am I? At Urgent Care of course.  My son and I are sitting here waiting on the X-ray results. I am currently taking bets.  I say broken thumb. And for those keeping track - this is the same exact thumb he broke about 4 years ago.  I am thinking that they should give us the 2nd broken thumb discount!

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