Saturday, August 2, 2014

Delightful or Dreadful

I have taken a variety of exercise classes this week.  Some have been super fun!  I love Zumba and could do that back to back all day long.  It doesn't even feel like exercising when I am in that class. My face is like this.....HAPPY SMILEY HAPPY.  My daughter has been taking the same classes with me.  She also thinks some have been super fun.  We took Zumba together and her face was like this.....FROWN GRUMPY FROWN.  She hated it.  As in she thought it was the most dreadful horrid torture imaginable.  Immediately after Zumba we took Cardio Circuit which is a class where you run on a treadmill for 3-4 minutes and then run to the weight room and lift weights for 3-4 minutes and then run back to the treadmill for more joyful running.  My face in that class was like this....FROWN GRUMPY FROWN and I looked over at my daughter's face which was completely HAPPY SMILEY HAPPY....LOVE!  Oh my gosh! She loves that class.  She thinks it is sooo delightful where I of course found it akin to dreadful horrid torture.  We were in agreement with some classes - Glide and Burn where you stand on little slippery disks and torture yourself with 1,000 lunges and squats and burpees - not so much.  It was down on the bottom of our list.  Combat Cardio however was super fun for both of us.  Even though we looked a bit like we were saying, "Aw shucks" with our upper cut jabs, we still enjoyed it a lot.  Our instructor was a black belt master boxer something or other and was soooooo skilled.  I just liked to pretend that he was me and I was that awesome instead of looking like I was waving away gnats. All in all we pretty much tried everything and loved most of the classes.  6 hours of cardio, strength training and flexibility classes a day really gives you a good perspective on the types of exercises you love the most.  I will be bringing my exercising enthusiasm home with me.....but just not the gliding disks!

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