Sunday, February 5, 2023

Y Acres Studio Small Projects

 This month the Y Acres Studio will be focusing on finishing some of the smaller projects we have waiting for us. We love working on projects that we can start and finish in one day.  It always feels great to put a big checkmark on our "Done" column!!!!
First up - a large zipper pouch
Layout finished
Quilting time
Ready to cut out pouch pieces
I think the red zipper is too boring......
That's more like it!!!
A nice large size to hold all the essentials and more!
Happy Small Project Day from Y Acres Studio!

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Hearts are Full Caturday

 Our baby Devon Rex kittens are here!!!!!! We are so excited for our new arrivals!!!!!
Jasmine has 2 tiny adorable babies!!!
It looks like we have one seal point and one seal point mink
The little seal point
And the seal point mink!
Our Elsa has 4 new kittens to love!!!!
Our hearts are so full!!!!!
It looks like we will have 3 mink bicolor points
and one mink point
Mink kittens are born with a darker beige color while pointed kittens are born all white
This one is going to look like Elsa!
We are so in love!!!!!
Happy Hearts are Full Caturday!

Friday, February 3, 2023

Air Fryer Fri-Yay

 I don't know about you, but I am SUPER guilty of getting in a routine of making the same things for dinner week after week after week. So when my parents got an air fryer for Christmas, I took it upon myself to break out of my comfort zone and make some new things! Or at least put a crispy spin on some beloved classics...
For my first experiment, homemade French Onion Soup
Complete with air fried cheese toasties
This meal had me TRANSPORTED back to a bistro where I studied abroad. 
With my air fryer confidence boosted, I tried vegetarian dumplings next!
They were crispy and made my tummy VERY happy! 
Why mess with a good soup and sandwich theme when you can make air fryer grilled cheese and tomato soup!?
Or a sauerkraut impossible sausage sandwich...
And side salad!
Eggplant "fries" parmesan pasta! - Side note, there are no more pictures than this as we ate it so fast! I almost cried when we ran out of food!
And my bravest air fryer meal to date: Beyond burgers and sweet potato fries!!
As you can see, I have mostly thought of sandwich ideas, so if you have a tried and true air fryer recipe you love, send it our way and I will test it out!
Happy "I can Air Fry that!" Fri-Yay!

Thursday, February 2, 2023

A Little Bunny

Some bunny is on the way sooooon! And by that we mean Always Amelia’s little bundle of joy! 
The baby is growing so big and strong every day
And ALREADY loves cuddling with all the animals 
We can hardly stand the wait!!!!!
Guess there is only one thing we can do in the meantime…
It’s time to celebrate with a Baby Shower!! 
Amelia has been the very best Mommy already and we can’t wait to shower her and her little bunny on the way with lots of love! 
If you would like to be part of our virtual video celebration please let us know and we will get you the rest of the details! Feel free to email or message us.  We would love to have our Doodle Family join in the celebration!
Amelia's Baby Registration can be found here:
Dear little baby girl we cannot wait to meet youuuu!! Family, friends, and fur family too!!! 
We love you so much already! 
Some Bunny is On the Way!

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Growing Tails of Ruby Lou: William is My Hero

It is no secret that Ruby Lou LOVES her toys. She is the happiest most playful puppy there ever was! So when squeaky blue puppy went missing a few weeks ago, we did a big search of the house and we STILL couldn't find her beloved toy. 
William is the hero that we need!!!!
Sometimes all you need is a toddler's eye view of the world!
Ruby Lou missed you squeaky blue puppy!
"How could we be apart for so long!?"
"I simply do not know how you could have been lost!"
"It wasn't me who could have possibly misplaced you!"
"I always keep you right where I can squeak you"
"Look Mom! It is my Blue PUPPY!"
"I Just missed him soooo much!"
"He makes the best squeaks ever!"
William is my HERO!
"I will never lose you again to the depths of the radiator" 
"I shall keep you at my side forever!"
Thank you William for being Ruby Lou's Hero!

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Hey Look! Winter is Back!

 Just when I thought I was going to lose my ever loving mind cleaning up muddy paw print after muddy paw print - (HONESTLY just throw my whole house and car away at this point as it would be faster than trying to clean up all this mud) GUESS who decided to show up again.... It's WINTER!!!
That means no more mud slides!
And no more Ernie longingly staring out the windows
It means long winter walks
VERY LONGGGGG winter walks- PLEASE get your zoomies out of your bodies
And VERY happy doodles
On sweet frozen ground!
"We are so happy Winter is back!"
Ready.... Go LONG
Ahhhh the serenity I feel
And for added exercise...
Thank you Winter for coming back to me!
Now I have very happy tired doodles and a floor that isn't caked in mud!!
Life is Good