Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Snow Showers and Spring Flowers

 Today has been an interesting mix of snowflakes and flower petals. At first glance, the Doodle Doggies were not quite sure what was falling from the sky- you know since it is the end of April and all.

"Uh Mom? Is this snow??"
It sure is!!!
Look! Flowers as white as snow, covered by snow!
Smells just as sweet, just a little chilly
It is so interesting to see so much green under all this snow!
Merlin was even confused... "Some of this is wet and cold, and some of this is soft and petal-y"
Poor chilly tulips! I hope you warm up soon!
"Hmmm, this snow smells extra good"
Maverick, you must be smelling the lilacs that were just starting to bloom! See?
Or maybe our lovely magnolia bushes!

It has been a blustery day of snow showers and spring flowers! 

Happy Winter Spring Wednesday!



Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Before the Snow

We are under a freeze warning tonight and the forecast calls for snow tomorrow! We quickly ran outside to enjoy a beautiful reminder of the nice days of April. Dear Spring....
We love you so much
We appreciate every fragrant blossom
We are sorry that it is going to be so cold tonight!
The fishies said they hope the snow goes away quickly!
One last look before the snow
We love you Spring!


Monday, April 19, 2021

Mondays Feel Like Awwwwww

 Happy Monday Everyone! We hope you are enjoying the beautiful start to the week.  Here are a few smiles to make your Monday even better!
Sleepy Puppies are so cute!
Who doesn't love a smooshy puppy face?
Look at this little cutie!
Cute little puppies make our day!
Happy Monday!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Watch Me Grow

 We received the cutest picture update from one of our puppies during her first vet appointment.  I just love the sign the vet uses!  This is such a cute idea!  I think it would be fun to get a chalkboard and do weekly puppy photo updates. A very own "Watch Me Grow" picture book!
We might have to make one of these for puppy pick up day! 
So cute!
So glad you had a great vet visit Millie!

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Emergency Surgery- Rainbow Fluff Edition

 It was wayyyyy past our bedtime here at the Always Amelia Cottage when Maverick alerted me that poor Mr. Rainbow Fluff, his beloved squeaky toy, had a gigantic gaping wound in his side. White fluff could be seen extruding from the wound and Maverick's sad little doodle eyes told me that immediate emergency surgery was needed. There would be NO going to sleep without Rainbow Fluff tonight. So being the clearly AMAZING dog mom that I am, I grabbed my thread, needle, thread snips, and headed into surgery...
Quickly our night turned into one of those "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" books
"Well if you are going to fix Rainbow Fluff..."
"Can you fix my Hedgehogs too?"
Our Patient Waiting Room
With the finest Operating Room table
"How much longer... are they going to make it??"
Patients seem to be holding and the procedures are going well.  
Prognosis is good Maverick! 
Time to go to the recovery center
Recovery Room 1
Recovery Room 2
And two very happy doodles!!
Happy Y Acres Studio Saturday from the late night Always Amelia Surgery Center!



Friday, April 16, 2021

Mini Me

Big Sister and Big Brother Doodles are the best! They are able to show their new furry siblings all the rules of the house and they have a new best friend!
Life is more fun with company!
I love my Mini Me!!!!!!
Share your favorite Doodle Mini Me photos!

Thursday, April 15, 2021


 Spring brings with it blossoms and flowers and green grass and babies and little seedlings with the promise of a bountiful gardening season.
We are eagerly awaiting the return of our ducks that come back every Spring to have their ducklings at the pond.  We haven't seen them yet so until then....
We will just have to hang out with Quackers!
Hope to see you soon! Quack!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Happy Family Time Together

 We have really been enjoying spending time with the newest member of our family.  I think it is safe to say we are all head over heels in love!!!!!
William James we are so glad you are here!!!!
Your Grandma and Grandpa love you sooooooooo much!
William loves his time with his Aunt Amelia
and his Uncle Austin!
William got to meet his Great Grandma
And his Great Grandpa!!!
Hi Great Grandma!
Meeting his Great Grandparents was such a special moment!!!!
He is surrounded by so much love!
William James - You make us smile every day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Happy Veggiversary!!

One year ago today I decided I REALLY liked eating vegetables more than I liked eating animals that could be my friends. Today is my "One Year Veggiversary"!!! I have been completely meat free for one whole year!! When I first started my vegetarian journey, I just didn't want to eat meat anymore, but what I didn't expect was how good it makes me feel! Being powered by plants not only makes me happy, it makes me feel the best I have ever felt! One year later and I am still as happy as I was when I started :) To be honest, I thought some days would be hard because my family is so food motivated and we are all wonderful chefs, but my desire to feel good for myself is so much stronger than any tantalizing aroma in the Yesteryear Acres Kitchen.  I am also so grateful for such a supportive family that never tries to pressure me to eat meat or sneak it into my food. Everyone is so thoughtful at reading labels before they offer anything to me. I have the BEST family ever!! Oh and don't forget my one very veggie enthusiastic doodle that is the cherry on top of my very veggie happy life!! Here's to more vegetarian years to come! 
From growing cauliflower in the garden for "steaks"
To quality assurance testing
Ernie McDoodle is always there to help me stay plant based
One year later and this is my very favorite time that I have worn my Team Herbivore Dinosaur T-shirt :) William definitely approves!
Happy Veggiversary to me!!

Monday, April 12, 2021

Starting the Work Week

We thought sharing a few puppy snuggles might help with the start of the work week. Getting back into work mode sometimes requires extra support!
Awwww Sweet Puppy Snuggles
Doesn't that make today feel a little better?
Let's hear it for puppy hugs and cuddles!
We hope you have a wonderful day!!!!
Happy Monday!