Saturday, August 13, 2022

Happy Caturday from the Kittens!!!!

 Elsa's little Devon Rex kittens are a complete bundle of joy. 
They are so adorable!!!!!
We have 2 little girls
and 2 little boys
So snuggly
I love their blue eyes
This little boy is going to have such adorable big ears!
So much sweetness
Kitten cuddles are the best
A lap full of purring love
Happy Caturday!!!

Friday, August 12, 2022

Feel Good FriYAY

 Today's weather is simply glorious!!!!  The oppressive humidity has finally lifted and the air feels so wonderful. The Doodle Doggies agree - today is one awesome Feel Good FriYAY!
Tails were happily wagging on this walk!!!
The Doodle Doggies love their walk to the pond
Especially on a beautiful day like this!
The fishies were happy to see us
I think they want me to swim with them!
Hanging out enjoying the cool afternoon breeze
Time for a little game of chase
Catch me if you can!
No one can catch Ernie!
Thank you Friyay!
We have enjoyed every minute!

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Garden Inspired

 The Yesteryear Acres Garden is continuing to fill my tummy! We have broccoli and cauliflower ready for picking as well as our tiny eggplant! 
Just look at these beauties!
Biggest broccoli bouquet goes to… Mr. Y Acres! 
Just a few more days and this cauliflower will be IN my belly 
And then it will be time for cabbage steaks!
I hope to make a breaded eggplant marinara out of these tiny tasty eggplant
These cherry tomatoes won’t last much beyond this picture- GLUP
Last nights dinner- Kale and Zucchini
Fried Rice! 
And a spicy Asian Cucumber Salad
All Garden Inspired! 
Being a vegetarian has never been tastier!




Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Growing Tails of Ruby Lou: Everybody’s Buddy

 Miss Ruby Lou is being such a good girl! She is minding her manners, doing well with potty training, and is excelling in the craft of cuddling. Now that Ruby can go up and downstairs, she’s my little constant shadow! Most of all, Ruby Lou is everybody’s buddy!
She and Gracie became fast friends!
“Isn’t walking together fun?!”
Ruby has never met a toy she doesn’t like… “A gorilla for me?! I love him!!”
“Ohh and a bone!! Thank you!!”
She hasn’t met a  person she doesn’t like either! 
I want to be just like Ernie when I grow up!
Big, red, and friend to all!
At 3 months old and 30lbs and the sweetest puppy around, I’d say you are almost already there Miss Ruby Lou!!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Totally Tummy Tuesday

Agnes’ tummy is totally growing! So it’s time for a Tummy Tuesday bumpdate!  
Exercise for expectant Mommies is always important
Agnes says, I never miss a walk!
We are her support system!
Baby Walk!!!
Mmmmm. Yummy snack time!
Proper nutrition is essential!
Don't forget your veggies!
Don't mind if I do
My babies say thank you ever so much
Might I have a saltine?
I read they are a pregnancy must have!
They were right!
Happy Tummy Tuesday!

Monday, August 8, 2022

Monday PUPdates!

 Time to open our Monday mailbox and see all the Tail Wagging Devotion  waiting inside!!!
I love my new furry sibling so much, I shared my favorite blanket!
Good morning!
Here's a face full of love to start your day!!!!
Can you toss in my rubber ducky please?!
What do you mean you need to exercise on this?
I thought it was my new doggie bed!!!!
Keep those PUPdates coming!
We love them so much!
Happy Monday!