Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Hot Dog

 Whew! It has been BAKING hot lately.  
Doodle Doggies say.... Those cool drinks and sprinkler fun make these hot days SO much better!!!!
Mazie says, Thanks for my cold drink!!!!
Willa says Ahhhhhhhhhhh refreshing!
Zeke says, It's the shade for me
Feller says, This AC is allllllllright!
Cody says, Hot Dog It Is SPRINKLER Time!!!!!!
How are your Doodle Doggies beating the heat???
Share your favorite cool doodle pics!

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Blue's Kona

 Kona is a Doodle Puppy from Blue's litter of 2020.  
We received a lovely update with the most adorable pictures of Kona. 
Her family says she is the best dog ever!
Loving that adventure life
Ready for movie night
A lovely day to be out on the deck
Chilling with her family
PAWsome hiking buddy
Waiting for her best friend to come home
Happy Tuesday from Kona!

Monday, June 17, 2024

Good Boy Kirby

 I received the cutest PUPdate from Kirby! Kirby is a Ruby puppy that spent some time at Camp Always Amelia. I was so happy to hear that Kirby has kept all his good boy manners he learned with me AND is learning SO much with his FURever family!
Kirby is walking on his leash, sitting when asked and is even learning to “Stay” 
He loves exploring the neighborhood 
  Playing and squeaking his favorite toys
And continues to be a goofball and brings light and laughter wherever he goes… Which is often right behind his PAWrents as a second shadow 
Most of all, Kirby loves his humans and wants to spend every waking (and sleeping) moment with them.
Thank you for the wonderful Kirby PUPdate!
Happy Puppy Picture Monday :)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Studio Sunday Progress

 It is a daunting task to take the memories of a loved on and turn it into a quilt- and one I do not take lightly. Today I finally finished cutting out the last pieces from the pile of beloved clothing. 
I evaluated every single shirt 
And pair of pants to optimize the amount of fabric blocks I could get per item
As well as ensure all the meaningful parts and pieces were preserved
It is a slow process, but oh so worth it
One pile of love, ready for assembly
And the bits and bobs to weave in to the end result
I can't wait to put this memory quilt together.
For the endless warm hugs to come,
Happy in Progress Studio Sunday.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Meowy Good Caturday

 Happy Caturday from Yesteryear Acres Devon Rex
Is that my favorite tiny human?
It is!!!!
Play time with Hazel!
Wait for me!
Here kitten kitten
We hope you have a MEOWY good Caturday!

Friday, June 14, 2024

Farm Market Outing

 We ran out to the local farm market to pick up some fresh picked blueberries. We LOVE blueberries and we always freeze some summer berries to stock up for the winter.
We are just going to run and pick up our quarts of berries right?
Oh LOOK!  It's a Swiss Mountain Dog
Oh hi Doggie!
We can't pick up berries when there is a cute doggie 
How you know you are dog people!!!!
Did someone say blueberries????
Aren't we supposed to get some today?
Wait a minute...
There is a HUGE clock on the courthouse
William LOVES clocks
Ummmm I think my blueberry bag is still empty
Oh Look!!! Sourdough Everything Bagels!!!
In the end, we managed to pick up our blueberries, a few bagels and everyone had fun! 
Happy FriYAY!

Thursday, June 13, 2024

6 Miles of Fun!

 My Mother's Day gift from my son and his wife was a hiking adventure followed by a super delicious dinner.  
We finally found a day to have our adventure!!!
The weather could not have been better!
And the scenery was beautiful too!!!
Perfect day for hiking!!!!
Cool cave
Colton loved the waterfalls
There is a good chance I was always bringing up the rear
But it gave me time to take some cool pictures
Colton was a big fan of the suspension bridge
He is an excellent hiker!!!!
Colton said, "Don't worry Grandma, we will bring up the rear together!"
The rock formations were awesome
I can't wait to come back again!
6 miles of fun!!!!!
Thanks for the hike!!!