Thursday, February 29, 2024

Leap Year Puppies!!!!!

 Guess what happened on this 29th day of February????
Cupcake's Goldendoodle Puppies were born!!!!!!!
These beautiful healthy babies wanted to make their grand entrance on Leap Year!!!!
Looks like their very first birthday won't be until
February 29th 2028
Guess they will be FURever pups!
Please let us know if you would like your very own leap year Goldendoodle
Happy Birthday Puppies!
Happy Leap Year!

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Yesteryear Acres PUPdates

 We love getting updates on our Yesteryear Acres Doodle Doggies!
Nothing brightens our day more than PUPdates!
Loving that sunshine Doodle!
No place like home Doodle
Birthday dance Doodle
How can I be of Service Doodle
Brothers from another mother Doodles
Keep those PUPdates Coming!!!!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Training to Fly

Two Yesteryear Acres Double Doodle Puppies arrived for their scheduled training with Always Amelia.  These two puppies will be traveling with their human dad all the way to Saudi Arabia. While he gets their new home ready for their arrival, "Chaos" and "Mayhem" will be doing some extra training here before they are flying off to their new adventure.
Chaos and Mayhem are anything but!  
They are the sweetest most well behaved boys!!!  
The are doing excellent with leash training
And always sit whenever we stop walking
We are good little puppies!!!!!
We love our daily walks
I think I saw a fish splash!!!!
We can make it up the hill!!!
Whew!  Ready for a nap!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 26, 2024

Ruby Lou is a Mommy!

 Our sweet Double Doodle Ruby Lou has new adorable puppies to love!!!!
Ruby has 8 beautiful healthy babies!  We have SEVEN boys and one girl.
We have curly coats and...
wavy coats
Dark Apricots, Apricots and Caramels
They are sooooo cute!!!!
Happy Monday from Ruby's 7 boys
and their little sister!

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Y Acres Studio Quilted Tablet Sleeve

 I was inspired to make a case for a small laptop/tablet after watching a high speed instagram sewing post from Center Street Quilts. Immediately after seeing the video, I wanted to try to see if I could figure out how to make one too!  I love figuring out patterns!
Let's do it!
Time to quilt
Lining side
Ready to turn this into a tablet sleeve!
Binding and zipper done
Just need to turn this inside out, sew up the seams and then ...
Fits my laptop perfectly
I love it
This will be great for keeping my laptop scratch free
Only one thing left to do - make a mini size one from the scraps!!!!
The mini zip pouch!
Travel duo set
Happy Sunday from the Y Acres Studio

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Caturdays Make Us Smile

 We love playing with our Devon Rex kittens every day.  Caturday is our favorite day because we get to share all that cuteness with you!!!
The wire cardboard "bug" is officially the best toy
No matter where it flies......
They will find it!
Shhhhhhhhhh we are getting ready to
Happy Caturday!

Friday, February 23, 2024

Huckleberry Can't Wait!

 Huckleberry's human mom is SO excited because Ruby Lou is having puppies!!!  Huckleberry and Ruby have the same mommy dog. Our sweet Marmalade.  And now Marmalade's little girl Ruby is going to have sweet babies of her very own.  Marmalade's line is just the best and we are so excited to watch Ruby's little babies grow!!!!
I can't wait to see Ruby's puppies!!!
They will be little mini-me pups!!!!!
Huckleberry is already in love!!!!!
Happy FriYAY!

Thursday, February 22, 2024

White Chocolate Bread Memories

 Once when I was in middle school, we took a family vacation to the Bahamas. At our resort they had the most glorious buffet of food, but the crown jewel to myself and my brother was the white chocolate bread they served at breakfast. I’ve dreamed of that bread ever since! It was by sheer luck (fate????) that a copy cat recipe showed up on my Pinterest home feed the other day. I told my brother I found THE BREAD recipe for us to try. His response… “When ARE YOU MAKING BREAD!?”
Thankfully I had a little helper ready to make new White Chocolate Bread Memories with. And so we got right to baking!
The apparent secret ingredient?? Vital wheat gluten! And a cute Hazel Bea sous chef!
Don’t forget to mix your oven mitts!
Tongue out for extra emphasis and mixing power 
Time to mix in the white chocolate chips!
Loaves made and ready to proof
Trying to pass the time… a little doggie walk in the rain sprinkles
Ahhhh it’s so fluffy!!! Ready to bake!
I can SMELL the memories 
It looks just like it!!!
Uncle Austin!! Hurry up and get here!
White Chocolate Bread Memories Await!!!!!!
And I don’t know how much longer I can wait before I take a bite!