Thursday, June 30, 2022

Bagging It

 Ahhhh.  The sweet merriment of hay baling. How could anything come close to topping the sheer joy of cutting and tedding and raking and baling hay? 
Ready to bale
Beautiful full round bales!
Smells so good!!!!!
Now the real "fun" begins
Bagging it!
No greater joy can be found than wrapping hay in huge black hot bags
Doesn't this look like fun? appears as though my cinematography skills are not being appreciated
There is a very good chance that I am supposed to be doing Mr. Yesteryear Acres job right now but then how would you ever get to see the pictures???
Great work team!!!!
Well that's a wrap!
Of ONE singular bale
Goodbye camera
I shall be bagging it.
HAY that's fun!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Midweek Pause

Who doesn't enjoy a tiny break in their busy busy week to admire the beauty of Mother Nature? We sure are grateful for our daily pauses!
The Doodle Doggies made the most of this beautiful sunset
Ernie decided watching the sun sink into the horizon was his favorite moment of the day.  Always Amelia agreed.
The painted clouds were so beautiful yesterday!
The reflection in this picture makes my heart smile
Wild daisies are always fun to see on our walks
Views like this make me eternally grateful for life here at Yesteryear Acres
Hope you enjoyed the midweek pause
I know we sure did!

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Peekaboo Hay

 HAY there!!!! The rains have finally stopped long enough so we can get our hay in!
After so many delays, we are grateful our hay still looks good
One last "Peekaboo Hay" game before the cutting begins
Tractors Ready!!!
Our field looks so big now
The smell of fresh cut hay is the best!!!!!
The cutting is complete
A perfect day for drying out the rows
Let the baling begin!

Monday, June 27, 2022

Hard to Believe!

 It is hard to believe that Ms. Purple girl is still looking for her PAWrents.  She is the sweetest girl and so beautiful!!! 

I looked to the right
and to the left
I still can't find my FURever family!
Guess I will have another awesome day at Yesteryear Acres while I wait
Before we start any adventure
We always go potty first
Then we are free to play!
I see my best friend!!!!
Hi Hickory!
Doesn't this warm sunshine feel sooooo good?!
We could stay here all day 
We can go play fetch and chase!!!!!
The happiest of times are best shared with a FURever friend!!!
I am ready to be yours!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Y Acres Studio Cup of Happiness

 They are here!  They are here! Mr. Yesteryear Acres, Always Amelia and I have designed beautiful hand thrown stoneware mugs for the Y Acres Studio. They went into the production queue last September and they finally are finished!  We are in love!
Introducing the Y Acres Studio Mugs!
Footed Mug in Midnight Blue with a Forest Green Glaze
I love the colors!
Tall Belly Mug in Peacock Blue
Tall Belly in Midnight Blue with Forest Green Glaze
Footed Mug in Cranberry with a White and Blue Glaze
The colors are even better in person
Tall Belly Mug in Apricot and Sunshine
Mugs are available in our Etsy shop, by email
complimentary with large Y Acres Studio Orders
Y Acres Studio Cup of Happiness Sunday!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Please Sit Down Caturday

 We have been super busy here at Yesteryear Acres much to the Devon Rex cats dismay. Why can't we just sit?!!!
Are you done working yet?
Still working.  Sigh.
Are you done putting away the groceries yet?
Still working sighhhhh
Are you done answering emails yet?
Done with the dishes????
How about now?????
Anyone want to come to the living room and watch TV?????
Looks like we have to take matters into our own paws!!!!
Sneak attack during lunch!!!!
Happy PLEASE sit down Caturday!