Saturday, September 30, 2017

Waiting is so hard

Every now and then we have puppy families that are late picking up their puppies.  We try to be really timely here and we always take the puppies out for a good walk, make sure they have had a chance to go to the bathroom and are ready for their long trips home.  Most families are on time and the puppies are all ready for their big trip home right when their families pull in the driveway.  When families are late, the puppies begin to wonder.....
When oh when will our families arrive? 
Was that their car? 
Maybe I will just close my eyes for a second 
Waiting is so hard!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Support Team

I try to stay as faithful as I can to my weight lifting routine.  Even though I am super active, I make it a point to lift weights 2-3 times a week.  Thankfully I have an excellent support team.  I have my very own fan club, my very own cheer team and my very own motivators. I never have to worry about lifting weights all alone with no one beside me. I have excellent spotters and my fitness routine is upheld to the highest standards.
With personal trainers like these, who needs a gym?
Thanks Team!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mango Double Doodle Babies

Mango's Double Doodle puppies are here!!!! This is Mango's first litter and she is such a devoted loving mommy and her babies are sooooo cute!  We are so lucky to have her sweet puppies to love!
Mango has 7 Beautiful Double Doodle Puppies 
We have 5 girls 
and 2 boys 
These are medium size Double Doodle Puppies 
Ready for new homes in mid-November 
Little Bundles of Joy 
to cuddle and hug!
Welcome Little Ones!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Good to the Last Drop

Our "summer" weather has been pretty brutal this week.  We have had quite the heatwave.  I am definitely looking forward to the cooler temperatures predicted in the forecast.  Until then...
Sharing is caring! 
Oh yes...a steady stream of ice cold water please 
Can I have some? 
Ahhhhh Perfect! 
I am really good at this! 
Pour it right in! 
Good to the last drop! 
Hey Amelia....Someone drank all your water!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Playing with Best Buddies

Nutmeg's puppies have the best time playing outside. They love playing hide and seek, tag, running around in the green grass, hiding under shade trees and most of all - playing with their best buddies - the kittens!
Hey have you seen the puppies yet?
Here we are!
I kissed him!
Oh yes.....scratch right there! 
Who me?  Kitten lover? 
Clearly that is a black and white puppy! 
Nothing to see here 
I will admit it......I love the kitties! 
Where did they go? 
I'll just wait here until they come back 
Grits? Have you seen my best buddy?
Over here!
You found him!
Silly Puppies.  They are the best!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Love Ms. Pink

Nutmeg's sweet Pink Argyle Collar girl was visited by her "furever" family this weekend and they decided that Ms. Pink was just going to be too small for their family.  They decided they wanted a full size large standard doodle doggie and even though their hearts were sad to say goodbye to Ms. Pink, we encouraged them to bring home the puppy they really wanted as Ms. Pink will be the perfect size for another family.  It was so hard for them to leave as Ms. Pink is just the most snuggly, sweetest little thing!
I am a Cuddle Bug!  
And I come when I am called 
I am a faithful companion 
And am very good at learning commands 
Do you want me to .... 
walk right over 
and snuggle into your lap? 
Here I am!
Happy Puppy Picture Monday
Ms. Pink Argyle Girl

Sunday, September 24, 2017

You just said, "Not the Pond"!!!

Every single day, the very best highlight of the day for the Doodle Doggies is going to the pond to feed the fish. They love that job.  There is nothing better than watching the fish come up to the surface to grab their fish chow.
Do that again!
All the Doodle Doggies love it.  All the Doodle Doggies are content to watch the fish. And then..........there is Grits. 
Grits thinks this is the only proper way to "help" feed the fish.
Lately we have been having discussions with Grits.  "Grits, please do not go in the pond today and then come out soaking wet and then shake all over the kitchen and get everything in the house soaking wet and muddy."
Today Grits did not go in the pond.
Not at all.
Grits went in the woods. 
"You just said, NOT the pond!" 
I didn't go in the pond! 
I went in the burrs! least she isn't wet!