Monday, February 28, 2022

Double Doodle Recess

 Scout's Double Doodle puppies enjoyed their sunny Monday with some outdoor recess fun. 
This sunshine feels so good!
One of us is still available and looking for our FURever family!
Such cute girls!
Adorable boys!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Y Acres Studio Dash

 This week's spotlight for our Etsy Store opening is the Y Acres Studio Dash.
The Dash is the perfect size for every day outings.
We love creating with lots of color!
Inside and out!
We are happy to make any colorway especially for you
You can order ready-made Dash purses
Ready to mail in less than 24 hours from order time
The Dash has plenty of inside pockets
and a key fob
Choose your favorite colors!
Or contact us at for a custom made bag
and choose all your favorite fabrics
We can embroider your bag as well!
Our Etsy shop
Time to Dash to the store!
Happy Y Acres Studio Sunday! 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Belly Watch Caturday

 By this time next week we will have BIG Caturday news!!!!! 
The stork is getting closer!!!!
For now - we are all on belly watch
Bella loves her tummy rubbed every day
Willow says please rub my belly in between emails
Nap time is very important
I can feel the babies moving around
Is there enough room on the blanket for my big belly?
Still room for cuddles!
Being pregnant is hard work
Happy Belly Watch Caturday!!!

Friday, February 25, 2022

FriYAY Scout Doodles Recess

We had gorgeous weather earlier this week and no one enjoyed it more than Scout's Double Doodle Puppies!
These cuties are big enough for outdoor recess!
They did PAWesome!!!
With a little encouragement...
They were ready to explore!
Due to a last minute cancellation this week, we have a Double Doodle puppy available from this litter!
"One of us is still looking for our furever family!"
So if you are looking for a buddy to play tag with
Or follow you anywhere you go
Please email us for more information!
Scout's Double Doodle puppies will be here having a blast!
Full of love and Tail Wagging Devotion!
Wohoo! Sunshine Recess is the BEST!
Happy Fri-YAY!

Thursday, February 24, 2022

A Little Time Off Thursday

 I know I write about this every now and then, but I find this topic so very important. Sometimes you REALLY just need to take some 'Me' time. There is absolutely nothing selfish about self-care, and I truly find that a little bit of Me time can go a long way. I haven't had a day off from Doodle work, puppy care, and all our Yesteryear Acres jobs in quite some time, and my Parents could see that I was starting to fade a little bit. So they were AWESOME and let me have the day off today!!!  
There is no feeling like TURNING OFF your work alarms and snuggling back into bed.
Pandora and Maverick thought this was a great plan.
Furry family members provide the best therapy around!
I think they needed a day off too!
It's so important to kick back and relax every once in awhile.
To take a load off your paws
And don't be afraid to ask for hugs when you need them!
And when you start to perk up again
It's fun to find inspiration in the kitchen!
With a helper...
Or two
"Mmm that smells good Mom!"
Now that we are all relaxed and feeling refreshed
We are ready to return and tackle the rest of our work!!
Sometimes you just need a little time off.
And that's PAWfectly Okay.