Monday, August 31, 2020

Monday Feels Like...

At Yesteryear Acres Monday feels like....
and more kisses!!!! 
You can never have too many! 
Monday feels like..... 
Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Puppies, Garden, Sew, Repeat

Our summer days are melting into one another.  We have a great routine taking care of Doodle Puppies and Doodle Doggies, Gardening, Sewing and then......REPEAT!  
Taking care of Doodle Puppies is the best way to start the day! 
Off to the garden 
Loading up the morning haul 
Oh Yay!  More puppy time!!!!! 
Puppy time happens all day - it is the best part of every day! 
How about some more garden work?!
Now that's a nice head of cabbage! 
Can't forget to squeeze in sewing!
First time creating a garment
And then.......

Saturday, August 29, 2020

YA Studio Criss Cross

Keeping SEW busy is just what we love to do in the YA Studio!  This week we drafted then re-drafted and then made a few more modifications to finally finish our Criss Cross Apron pattern!
We started last Sunday 
And loved our first drafts 
Reversible with pockets on both sides 
And then we thought.......
This pattern could be even better 
So we started making version 2.0  
Which was better than version 1.0 
But still needed more modifications. 
So it was back to the drawing board....literally! 
And TA DA!  Version 3.0 was perfect!
Introducing the YA Studio Criss Cross Apron! 
No bothersome ties 
Easy to slip on  
Available in SEW many colors! 
And when you want something a bit different...
Just flip your apron around for a brand new look! 
This is the reverse side of the polka dot apron. 
We are SEW happy to make custom orders 
and we have a few Criss Cross Aprons ready to ship 
SEW order yours today 
Happy YA Studio Saturday!

Friday, August 28, 2020

The Genius Behind it All

We have been SEW busy drafting a new pattern.  We can't wait to share our newest creation tomorrow on the Saturday YA Studio update. In case you wanted to know who the genius behind all the pattern drafting is....
Let's see - the width of fabric is 42" and I need to make sure to account for seam allowance..... 
We are going to need 2 cuts from the bolt at precisely 34.5" 
You're welcome
Let's start sewing!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Easiest Way to Create Smiles

At Yesteryear Acres we know the easiest way to create smiles ...
Find a Puppy 
Give it a big hug 
And smile!  
It is so easy!
Puppies love to do it again 
and again!
You can never have too many hugs 
or too much puppy time! 
Life with puppies means 
Smiling every day.