Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Grits on Tuesday

Grits Double Doodle puppies are adorable little bundles of love. Grits is a great mommy and she is so much fun to watch with her puppies.  She dotes on them and loves to have us join her when she is playing with her puppies.  They are just the sweetest bunch!
Time to Explore

First up on my adventure....leap over my sister

Made it!
Let's play "Red Light Green Light" 
Green light! 
Red light

Green Light
Red Light! 
Shhhh....Mr. Yesteryear Acres wants to tell us something 
Okay we are listening

He gives good puppy advice

You want us to sit? 
How's this? 
I can do it too!
Done with our training for the day

Time to relax
Another perfect day
Full of fun and
Lots of love 
Only one thing left on our list of things to do ...

Happy Grits on Tuesday Puppy Picture Day!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Sweet Monday

Sweet Pea's Goldendoodle puppies are getting a little bigger every day.  They are doing great at licking their bowls clean at dinner time and are learning the basics of potty training. They are the sweetest bunch!

Two Peas in a Pod

It is always fun to play outside

There is so much to do!

Puppy Cuddle Time!

Here we come
Do you have room for one more?

Yes!!!  I made it!

Time to run around

Follow me
We love playing Follow the Leader

It is an adventure

Let's stop to smell the flowers

They smell great!

Best friends

Hey guys.....

You know what we should do.....

Run around!

We love to play all day long

Okay.....maybe not allllll day

Time to stretch

and maybe just a small break

What do you think?
*yawn* I am tired
me too

okay we will lay down for ......

....... juuuuust a little bit

Hey we will keep you company

Nap time

Another great day at Yesteryear Acres


and on this Memorial Day
Remembering those who served
"They gave their tomorrows
For our todays"
Never Forget