Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Too Young

My sweet sweet Hazel is almost 15 months old! She is becoming an excellent little listener and is helping out around Yesteryear Acres so much. She just makes my heart smile constantly! Today I needed to discard some of my sourdough starter so I could "feed" it to keep it going. I thought this was a wonderful time to try and do some 'Mommy and Me' baking.
We decided on a "healthy" cookie and selected our Oatmeal Molasses recipe to see if it would be any different if we added sourdough into the mixture.
Hazel at the ready!
One cup of sugar
An excellent pour
Me to me: "Oh this is going to be GREAT! Baking with toddlers is the best idea I have ever had! Who doesn't love sensory play and cookies?"
 Adds in the molasses... Also Me: "Oh I could see how this could become problematic" 
Me: "Okay Hazel, lets sprinkle in the cloves! Put in..."
Hazel:....."Uh ohhh"
It's okay! It's okay! Mommy can clean it... Let's try adding in the ginger with a measuring spoon
Me: Okay back on track! We are totally making cookies!
Just some flour and the oats to mix in!
Hazel do you want to pour the oats?
"Oh no oh no oh nooooo"
"Sweep sweep sweep"
I think my little baker just might be TOO Young to make cookies with Mama all the way
Thankfully she isn't too young to try our cookies!
Some for Hazel
And some for Mama
Sourdough Oatmeal Molasses Cookies made with a lot of love and a lot of messes!

Monday, July 15, 2024

It's Happening!

 Magnolia would like everyone to know.....
"It's Happening!!!!!"
The stork is here!
We will post new baby pictures next Monday
It won't be long before we have little paws pittering and pattering about!
We can't wait to fill our days with puppy love!
Happy Stork is Here Monday!

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Blooming Studio Sunday

Our newest Fabric from Free Spirit is here!
Echinacea Glow by Anna Maria Horner
And you know how much we LOVE our coneflowers here at Yesteryear Acres!
A beautiful array of colors
In dark warms
Bright pinks
And cool darks.
Our sewing machines are twitching in anticipation! What should we make next?
Happy Studio Sunday!

Saturday, July 13, 2024

One Caturday To Go

 These four adorable Devon Rex kittens only have one more Caturday to go before they head home to their new familes.  They are the sweetest bunch and we can't wait for their PAWrents to meet them!
Our Bicolor Seal Point Boy has a big brother waiting for his new best buddy to arrive
Our bicolor girl's new mom is so excited for her to come home
Our Seal Point Boy is MEOWY excited to meet his new mom
Our Seal Point Girl says her new family is PURRfect
Almost Gotcha Day!
Happy Caturday!

Friday, July 12, 2024

The Start of a Sourdough Summer

 This year for his birthday my brother asked for homemade sourdough bread, sourdough biscuits, and sourdough cookies. And my reply was “but I’ve never done homemade sourdough anything. I don’t have a starter. I don’t know what I’m doing”
To which Austin replied “ I BEE LOAF in You” with a bee shaped bread loaf sticker. 
What is a sister to do but start experimenting in sourdough? 
I dug through some old cookbooks until I found a sourdough starter recipe that I liked. I made it 4 days before I needed to have sourdough bread made. 
I covered my mixture and sent all the good vibes I had into having this workout
4 days later and I was very pleased to see a nice bubbly mixture ready to be turned into endless possibilities! 
I tried a recipe for San Francisco Sourdough Bread and set the bread mixer to 'dough and proof'
Three hours later I had an epically overflowing batch of dough!
I kneaded and shaped the dough and prepared a cornmeal cookie sheet. My little dough babies were ready for their last rise!
After a 1 hour bread nap, it was time for the oven!
Cooking to golden birthday perfection
I pulled the loaves out of the oven about 45 minutes later and had a perfect internal temperature as well as the hollow knocking sound!
Hot and ready to eat!
I am pleased to say that they were delicious! And quickly consumed to the point where we forgot to take pictures of the pretty slices of bread.
With my starter fed and ready to go, I think I shall try the Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies next!
I think we have just begun a Sourdough Summer! I do believe I am a crazy sourdough lady now... Austin what have you done!?!
If you have favorite sourdough recipes to feed my newest obsession and starter... Please send them my way! 
Happy Sourdough Fri-Yay

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Bri's Flower Garden

Bri has been growing incredibly gorgeous flowers for the past few summers and this summer is no exception! Her flower garden is always amazing!

Welcome to Flowers by Bri
Flower gardening starts early in the Spring.  Bri laid all the landscaping fabric and began making thousands of holes for planting her flowers
Little by little her garden came alive
Early Spring flowers
Every week, more blossoms appear
This color is a Bri Original color!
Walking through her garden is a treat for the soul
Bouquets by Bri
Always Amelia's Flower Carrier
Summertime in all its glory
Each week brings a different kaleidoscope of color
Happy Floral Thursday from Bri!!!