Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sweet Mango Double Doodle Puppies

Mango's little Double Doodle puppies are so adorable!  They bring smiles to our hearts every day!
Why hello there! 
Let's explore! 
What's over there? 
Hahahaha! Sneak Attack!  Made you look! 
He always does that 
Can we play with you? 
Of course puppies! 
I always love playing with you 
You are the best cuddlers 
And listeners
Good little puppies!
How about a nice back scratch? 
and a little pat on the head
There is room for everyone 
Double Doodle Puppy Happiness 
Everyone gets love 
and a kiss! 
Thanks Amelia 
She's the best 
Another fun day! 
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Maple Double Doodle Monday Smiles

Maple's Double Doodle puppies are really starting to grow by leaps and bounds.  They are big bundles of love!
Did you hear that? 
You know what time it is? 
Time to play! 
"I'll go first" 
"Like my yoga pose?" 
"Pretty good right?" 
"Cat?  What Cat?" 
"I didn't see a cat" 
"Wanna see my new trick?" 
Stay.....Good puppy! 
You know what else we can do? 
Find Amelia!!!! 
It is Story Time! 
Once Upon A Time 
There were cute Double Doodle Puppies everywhere 
And they brought smiles 
and happy hearts everywhere they went 
They were such good little puppies 
And they all lived Happily Ever After 
The End
Tell us the story again Amelia!!!!
Once Upon A Time......
Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Cat Transport

There is no question that we are always working here at Yesteryear Acres but sometimes I wonder if perhaps we could work a bit more efficiently....
This is how I found my daughter, carrying things in from the gator
"What?  Haven't you ever seen a cat transport before?" 
Doesn't everyone work like this?
Olive Doodle says, "Amelia?  Can I be next?  It's Doodle Transport time!"