Monday, October 31, 2016

Fun and Games

Truffles' sweet doodle babies are almost five weeks old!!! They are growing more and more playful and lovable by the second!
Who wants to play Red Light/Green Light?? 
WE DO!!!!
Red Light....
Green Light!
Everybody RUUUUUN!
Let's play another game! Any ideas?
Let's play follow the leader!
I want to play Red Rover!!
What about hide and seek??
I want to play... Oh wait!! What are these!? 
OHHH this smells lovely!
We get so thirsty after a day of fun and games!
Happy Puppy Picture Monday!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Hall-who-ween!!

Tomorrow is Halloween! And since it was storming and rainy here I was an excellent assistant and helped my sister carve her pumpkin, well as much as I could via phone and pictures. My sister is an excellent artist. She can literally turn anything into a masterpiece. You may think I am biased, but as you will see she completely transformed this pumpkin! I only assisted by listening to her musings as she thought out loud. We both know I am no actual help in the realm of art, those genes have completely skipped me (gee thanks Mom and Dad). However my sister was kind enough to include me in her carving of this gorgeous pumpkin! Thanks Abigail!

This is what she used. I don't even understand how she transformed these objects into tools of her craft. Sometimes I have trouble buttering my toast with a knife like that....

Your average pumpkin AKA The Before Shot

The first cuts... WHO could it be??

The most epic owl! That's WHO!

It's all about the details. Look at his cute little feathers and feet!

TA-DA! What a Masterpiece!

She even used every part of the pumpkin! I wish I was in North Carolina to assist in taste testing!! :) 

See!? I wasn't biased at all!!

Happy Hall-WHO-ween Everyone!!! 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Am I Right or am I Right?!?!

Today my Sister called me and told me the most wonderful news! She got us tickets to this year's Marine Corps Ball!!!!! Earlier this month she called me and told me not to get my hopes up as there were not very many tickets this year and so I probably was not going to be able to go. I think she could hear my heart shatter into a million pieces over the phone. Not go to the Ball!?!? NOT GO TO THE BALL??!?!?!? CALAMITY! Thankfully the universe was on our side and we get to go to the ball together!!! YES!!!! I am so freaking excited. It is like the most ultimate sister weekend ever. My sister and I talked all about the food we were going to make, our make up and hair ideas, and lastly a topic we could not agree on.... what I was going to wear. She said, "Amelia wear the dress you had on last year" and I said "WHAT!?!!? I wore it LAST YEAR! You cannot wear the same thing two years in a row! Our pictures would look the same!!!" To which she stated that everyone in the Marines would be wearing the same thing because it is their dress uniform. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I think this even furthers my case for a different gown because I would be the reason for everything looking different. It is like my very understated patriotic duty. I did mention at this point that she has a very lovely black and white gown that I BELIEVE would be just my size hanging up in her closet.... She might not have gone for this, but I am saying I am right!!! I absolutely need a different gown. If she will not let me borrow her gown that should give me permission to go shopping right!!?!? I mean right!?!? You cannot possibly have too many gowns! Please tell me someone agrees with my logic here! I am being 100% practical here and not at all ridiculous.

Anyways, dear sister of mine I am SOOOO EXCITED to go to the ball with you again this year! Here's to another ultimate sister weekend!!

(But hopefully not in this gown or I could say this picture is from THIS year... Am I right!?!) 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Farmtastic Workout Day

Today I made the MISTAKE of asking my parents if they thought I had gotten enough physical activity lately. With the dreary rain and cold that set in for a majority of this week, it just didn't feel like I moved enough. Well let's just say I feel much better now... If you ever feel like I did at the beginning of today, just ask Mr. Yesteryear Acres for a farm workout and he will get you all squared away. After our normal work was done, I got to run and carry 35lbs and 45lbs bags of dog food from the SUV to the house. Run from the house, grab a bag from the SUV, speed walk back --- Run from the house, grab a bag, speed walk back. TIMES WHAT FELT LIKE INFINITY. Now here at Yesteryear Acres we are very particular to what kind of food our doodle doggies eat, so we have perfected a blend of many foods to make the most delicious and nutritious meal possible. I fully support this, but as you can see this requires A LOT OF BAGS OF DOG FOOD. After about an hour of this, I then had the privilege of carrying heavy logs and re-stacking the wood pile closer to the furnace. As a 'cool down' my lovely Mom had me walk back to the garden and collect eggplant (I know.... HOW could she possibly think of more meals that contain eggplant!??! BUT SHE CAN!) I also got to pick a few tomatoes for tonight's dinner. I now feel like I have officially caught up on my cardio and my strength training. Dear Parents... thank you for the workouts! I now feel like jello and am ready for a nap!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Did You Know!?!

Hi Everyone! My name is Scout and I am a Yesteryear Acres Doodle! This is my very first experience of fall! 

Did you know that fall is the very best season of them all!?!?

Everything smells soooooo good! 

Did you know things called leaves come twirling out of the sky for me to chase??

Did you know leaves are delicious?!?!?

AND they are beautiful?!

My Human Amelia said she knew I would like fall....

I couldn't believe she already knew that!!!!

Best of all she says I am going to like something called winter! I can hardly wait already!!!!

Thanks for romping in the leaves with me Amelia!!! Lets go catch some more!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sharing is Caring

Hello Doodle Lovers! It is Amelia once again reporting from Yesteryear Acres. Today I was doing the normal chores when Olive brought me one of her favorite sticks. This is not an unusual occurrence as Olive LOVES to play fetch and will bring you various sticks, and sometimes even branches, until you throw one for her. However today's stick caught the attention of a few doodle friends... 

"Oh look! Don't you want to throw this for me?!"

"Ohhh Olive what do you have?!"

"Can I play too?!"

"Is this how you do it?"

"RAWWWR!! I mean WOOF!"

"Thanks for sharing Olive!!!" 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Never Without Company

Hello Everyone! It's Amelia again! One of the things I love the most about working at Yesteryear Acres is the fact that I am never without company. There is always a doodle (doodle doggies and other certified Yesteryear Acres doodles) right by your side.

Whether you are making coffee....


The Beds...

Cleaning the bathroom...

Doing laundry...

Filling the horse trough...

Or working outside...

There is always a doodle to keep you company :)