Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Cupcake Tuesday

 Cupcake heard Paprika was the star of last week's blog.  She asked if she could be the star this week.
You didn't forget about me did you?  
I am having adorable Goldendoodle puppies in April too!
Oh there I am!!!!!
Thank you SO much!
I can't wait to show you how cute my puppies will be!!!!
Happy Cupcake Tuesday!

Monday, February 27, 2023

Dog Gone Good Exercise

 Every day the Doodle Doggies make sure the humans have exercised.  They find this to be the utmost important task of the day. Thank goodness they keep us on our toes and in tip top shape (or close to it).
Come on!  Let's exercise those humans!
Come on Always Amelia.....Waddle Faster
Can you catch us?
Thank goodness she finally made it
We love playing fetch with her
We have been ready!!!
Okay! Here you go!
Fastest Doodles Around!
We did it!!!!
Again! Again!
That's some Dog Gone Good Exercise!

Sunday, February 26, 2023

We FISH you a Happy Birthday from Y Acres Studio

 Always Amelia made a beautiful rainbow fish quilt for 
William's 2nd birthday.
This was a super fun quilt to put together
Binding is on
Love this so much!!!!
Can't wait for William to see it!
Ready for the party
William's wishes are for FISHES!
His big smile melted our hearts
He loves pointing to the fish and making fish sounds
He also really loves the sea urchin "balls"
He loves it SO much!!!!
William we are so glad you love your Rainbow Fishies
We FISH you a Happy Birthday from Y Acres Studio!

Saturday, February 25, 2023

We Love Caturdays

 Caturday is our Devons' favorite day of the week!  
Because who doesn't love adorable kitten pictures??!!!!
Good morning from Elsa's Devon Rex Kittens
They are starting to toddle about
Bicolor Mink Seal Point Boy
Mink Seal Point Boy
Bicolor Mink Seal Point Girl
Too cute!!!
Jasmine's kittens are smart little kitties
They already know how to use the litter box
and come running into our laps whenever we call them
We love them all so much!!!
Happy Caturday!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2023

Baby Shower Prep FriYAY

 This afternoon we spent a little time getting ready for Always Amelia's Baby Shower. We are so excited for Sunday!!!!
33 Weeks Today!
Thank you for all the baby shower presents!
We can't wait to celebrate!!!!
Some Bunny is Very Loved
We didn't even know diaper cakes were a thing!
We can't believe she will be here so soon
Ready for Sunday!!!
Happy FriYAY!

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Buzz Moo Look Who's Two!

 Our sweet grandson William celebrated his second birthday yesterday!!!!  His favorite things are bees and cows so he had a Buzz Moo Two party!
Let the celebration BEEgin!
What's the buzz William?
Is there anything better than a bucket of fuzzy pom poms?
Yes!  Reading my favorite book with my mom!
Rainsticks are cool!
Birthday surprises are the best
Colton says, I love your cake!
It is BEEutiful!
Happy 2nd Birthday William!!!
We love you to the MOOOOOOOn and back!