Saturday, February 28, 2015

It picked a good day to die

Last night as I was getting something out of our deep chest freezer, I noticed our food was getting soft.  Oh no! The ice cream was more like milkshake consistency rather than ice cream and our homemade jam looked a bit more like strawberry syrup.  This definitely constituted an emergency! We have so many homemade goodies in our freezer.  We have so many hours of hard work from our garden stored in there.  All our garden treasures from the summer!  All of our favorite foods! Thankfully, our big freezer picked a good day to die.  With temperatures this cold, we set up a make-shift freezer section outside and all our food was saved. Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I immediately started looking for a replacement and first thing this morning, Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son were on their way to pick up a new freezer. We were lucky to have found a floor "scratch and dent" model at an appliance outlet store that was available for pick up this morning.  The manager had indicated that it was cosmetically in bad condition but the freezer was in good working order. When Mr. Yesteryear Acres arrived, the store had TWO models and one was in great condition! Guess which one came home with them?! I couldn't believe it when they pulled in the driveway - one perfect new freezer!!!!!  While Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son worked on removing the old chest freezer and installing the new one, Bri and I got all the food outside organized into neat and tidy sections. We just have one thing left for our evening of "fun". Time to carry everything back inside and fill up the new freezer.  And people say we don't know how to have a good Saturday night! Hey - maybe if we finish at a reasonable hour, we can celebrate with some nice cold frozen ice cream!  I happen know of a good ice cream section outside with great flavors!  Coffee Toffee Crunch anyone?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Holding Down the Fort

This morning I was planning on going with Mr. Yesteryear Acres for a puppy delivery but we ended up having a puppy that needed to be picked up here, so I stayed behind while Mr. Yesteryear Acres hit the road at O'Dark-Thirty.  I got up early this morning and got all the puppies ready for the road trip and also made sure my sweet Mr. Yesteryear Acres was taken care of as well.  Delicious lunch - CHECK!  Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice - Check! Puppy Care Packages - Check! GPS ready - Check!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres pulled out of the driveway a little before 6am with the puppy mobile loaded with love.  That left me, myself and I to hold down the fort and let me say - I am tired!  I already have 20,000 steps in for the day and the day isn't over! In addition to my awesome farm chores workout, I am pretty sure I will get an A+ for the day.  Everything is done AND I have a fresh loaf of Pumpkin Seed/Flax Seed Bread baking in the oven, a Slow-Cooked Pot Roast roasting in the oven, a batch of tapioca pudding simmering on the stove AND all the laundry caught up. Whew! Come home soon Mr. Yesteryear Acres! You were definitely missed!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Picture Walks with my Son

I know how lucky I am that my son loves to spend time with me.  Whenever I say I am heading out for a walk, he always asks to come with me.  We talk about everything on our walks and our time together couldn't be better.  I treasure each and every moment I have with him. He loves Yesteryear Acres, loves his family, loves the land and loves our doggies.  My son took the role of photographer on yesterday's walk.  I love his pictures!
Did somebody say, "Time for a Walk?!!!!!"

We are lucky to have such a pretty view

See the TINY figure up at the top of the hill?  Yes. That's me.  I MIGHT be a little slow in my big snowsuit!

Olive says, "She is finally coming!"

Our frozen pond
"Hey where did the fish go?"

Blue says, "One day I will go swimming here!"
Looks like the next chance for a picture walk might be several days away.  Glad we took the time to enjoy the beauty of the day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Suntan Weather

I think I may have just gotten a nice suntan today! I mean it was a mere 25* outside and it felt WARM.  I had to start removing layers and the sun was just beating down on my face like a heat ray.  I really never imagined that I would think 25* would be perfect suntan weather but after weeks of below zero temperatures, today felt like summer.
Blossom and I went out early to catch some rays.  She zoomed around the snow as if it were the beach! She had a blast.

The weather was so nice that tonight Olive and I decided we would go catch the sunset.

The colors were beautiful!
Olive thought so too!

As the sun set it turned the entire snowy landscape into a sea of pink snow.

And soon after, the clouds mirrored the pink snow

We watched the sun until the very last shades of pink slowly faded from the sky.
Thank you Mother Nature.  Your day was appreciated by all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Furever" homes

Yesterday all of Juneau's puppies found their "Furever" homes.  As soon as the new puppy pictures were posted on our blog and website, one-by-one each sweet puppy became chosen and by last night, all of Juneau's puppies had awesome new families to love. We finished assembling the last of the puppy care packages so the puppies are all set for their new adventures.
The crinkly pink dog at the top is a particular favorite! It is hard to get them into the bags without a doodle doggie trying to steal it.  Every now and then you can hear one of the older doggies looking in the puppy care packages for the pink crinkle toy.  I have to keep all the packages well out of doggie reach! Mr. Yesteryear Acres will be making a puppy delivery on Friday and then the house will be sooooooo quiet. Well that is until the new babies arrive and according to the stork - that is any day now!!!!  Our sweet golden retriever Birdie is ready to have her goldendoodle puppies SOON!  Looks like more teddy bear goldendoodles will be snuggling with us in no time.  I am sure we will have newborn puppy pictures just in time for Puppy Picture Monday. Stay tuned!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ms. Cherry Blossom Girl is Still Available

This sweet Juneau Puppy is still available and is ready for her new home now. I had to update today's blog as we now just have one puppy still available. The beautiful Ms. Cherry Blossom Girl is still looking for her new home.  She is super sweet and such a lovebug!!!!!
Ms. Cherry Blossom Collar Girl is a happy-go-lucky puppy. Her tail is always wagging.  She has a terrific non-shedding coat
Ms. Pink Pawprints Collar Girl is now spoken for
"You want us to pose for the camera?"
"What do you mean look at the camera?"
"I got it!"
"No wait...I got it!"
"Ohhhhhh, you mean at the SAME time!"
Ms. Butterfly collar girl says, "What can I do for you Mr. Yesteryear Acres?"
Ms. Butterfly Collar Girl is now spoken for.  She will be such a sweet loyal puppy for her new family.

"You want me to sit?"

"Okay but this snow is cold!"
"I am the cool pup!"

"Getting hugs is the best reward!"
"What's next?"

"Group Photo! Say Cheese!"
Ms. Cherry Blossom says, "I have to go find my brother!"
"We don't want to forget him!"

Mr. Teddy Bear Collar Boy says, "Here I am!"

"I am always right by Mr. Yesteryear Acres"

"He is my bestest buddy" 

"I love him SOOOOOO much!"
Mr. Teddy Bear Collar Boy says, "I just found the best family! They are on their way to pick me up right now. I am going to bring them lots of tail wagging devotion."
Juneau's puppies are super sweet and very loving.  They are doing great with their housebreaking and have learned to tackle the snow and cold weather with ease.  We will be making a puppy delivery to Maryland this Friday, February 27th.  Ms. Cherry Blossom Girl is up for a road trip - or is happy to meet her new loving family here.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

On their way home

Juneau's puppies have all started making their way to their new homes.  Today we had several of Juneau's sweet babies leave the nest and are now with their new family members.
Shackleton got to meet his new furry big brother, Winston.  Shackleton has a lot to learn before he will be able to wear his own service dog vest. Winston says, "Don't Worry little buddy! We will do it together!"
Step one - retrieving his toy.  Good boy Shackleton!

Step two ...... nap time!
Now this is the way to make a long ride home a lot better.
Looks like the two of them will be bestest friends!
The rest of Juneau's pups will be leaving on Friday.  We will be hitting the road bright and early Friday morning for our puppy delivery trip to Maryland. We still have 3 puppies available.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's adorable Puppy Picture Monday! We have so many cute pictures to share!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Doodle Angel without Wings

Tomorrow this little guy
will be going home to his new family.  He will be their newest "Doodle Angel Without Wings" in training. He has an older Yesteryear Acres Service Doodle Doggie brother waiting for him and his older Doodle brother will be showing him the ropes. We have donated this puppy with our own "tail wagging devotion" and he will be their son's new seeing eye puppy and service doggie.  He is going to call his puppy "Shackleton" after the fearless Polar Explorer.
Shackleton is ready for his new career

He knows how to keep his paws warm

And his quick on his feet

He looks out for his best friends

And is very good at paying attention

He is a good listener

With a soft heart

Shackleton - I know you will make us proud!
Your new best buddy can't wait to meet you tomorrow!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Doodle Sous Chef

I checked with our Doodle Doggies and they said they wanted to be a part of the "hibernating routine".  While the hot chocolate and mini marshmallows didn't sound that appealing to them, they all agreed that a big pot of delicious stew would be just right!  My son started preparing their hot noon meal first thing this morning.
The beginning of the stew extravaganza

Mmmmm! Good stuff in there!

The Doodle Doggies said, Please don't forget the steak!

That's more like it!

"Can I be a Doodle Sous Chef?"

So many doodle chefs in the kitchen!

We got a lot of "Paws Up" for the lunch menu!

Every Doggie got one pound of hot stew for lunch. We had a lot of tail wagging devotion today!!!  Every pan was licked clean. I have to say, Doodle Doggies sure know how to show how much they appreciate all your hard work!!  It is so gratifying to cook for them.  It was a fun lunch for them AND for us!  Now that is one great Tail Wagging Snow Day!