Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy HOWLoween

      Our Doodle Doggies were excited to dress up for HOWLoween!!!
They put on their finest costumes
Agnes says show us your best HOWLoween costumes!!!!
Ms. Incognito Doodle
Mr. Cruciferous Doodle
Bat Doodle
Deputy Doodle
Share your costumes with us!
Happy HOWLoween!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2023

Happy Fall from Ella Fur

 Yesteryear Acres Alumni Ella Rose, affectionally referred to as Ella Fur, sent us a Happy Fall update!
 I hope you enjoy the beautiful remaining Autumn colors 
And soak up those last few moments of warm weather happiness
I implore you to get out and enjoy that last look 
Because pretty soon.... this will happen!!!!
Happy Monday from Ella Fur!

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Y Acres Studio Outside

 Today we took the Y Acres Studio outside for some pumpkin carving!
Nothing like a little outdoor creativity time!
What to carve, what to carve....
Can't wait to see!
Saving every pumpkin seed is a must!
Cutest stem nose ever
Good job GG!
Her first pumpkin carving in over 25 years
Mr. Yesteryear Acres "Mr. Nosey" Pumpkin
Afraid of Halloween Pumpkin
Two HOOT Owls!
William loves his monkey pumpkin
with all his pumpkin friends
Pumpkin Happiness From Y Acres Studio

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Mommy Time Caturday

 Our Devon Rex kittens say, "snuggle time with Mommy is the very best way to spend Caturday!"
Mommy always gives the best kisses
and hugs!!!!
You are such a good mommy!
Your little babies are a bundle of purring happiness
Happy Caturday from the kittens!

Friday, October 27, 2023

Caramel Apple FriYAY

 All week long we have had a bag of freshly picked Granny Smith Apples just staring at us. Obviously the apples were begging us to do something with them.  Okay Apples!  You win!
Time to make a FriYAY treat!!!!
This calls for expert level assistance
Waiting is going to be so hard!!!!
Pretty sure these apples are begging to be eaten!!!
We must wait for dessert tonight!
Resistance is futile!!!!!
Caramel Apple FriYAY starts now!!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2023

RIP Garden

 Mr. Yesteryear Acres went to check out the garden status after the hard freeze. He had little hope for survival so he called for back up
Let's check out the SPOOKY Garden
Hey! The potatoes are still good!!!!
Oh Nooooooo! My precious eggplant
I Shall miss you so much
RIP Garden
Guess Jack Frost worked the graveyard shift!
Until next year garden.....RIP

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Best Friend Wednesday

Milo can't think of anything better than hanging out with his best friend.
This Yesteryear Acres Goldendoodle loves his big brother
We love doing everything together!
We take squirrel duty very seriously
Helping get dinner ready is best done in pairs
We can never do a road trip alone
Synchronized naps are essential
And if you are ever separated for even a minute,
a favorite toy look-a-like is a must!!!!!
Show us your best friend doodle pics!!!!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Time Out Tuesday

 On this loveliest of lovely October Tuesdays, 
we took a little time out to enjoy such a beautiful Autumn Day.
Grandpa, Lets go for a walk!!!!
Everybody loves a fall outing!!!!
Hazel was a fan of the Redwood Forest
Colton says nothing beats saying "ahhhhhhhhhh" over a bumpy trail
Only one thing can top a day like this
and that is a night like this!
Happy Time Out Tuesday!

Monday, October 23, 2023

Birthday Doodle Spotlight

 We just received the sweetest update from one of our Goldendoodle Alumni Doggies. Richie's birthday is today and he is celebrating 10 years of awesomeness!!!! Here is what Richie's dad wrote:
I just wanted to say hi and check in for Richie’s 10th birthday!!! Can you believe it is 10 years!!!!! Richie is still working as a therapy dog at Cleveland Clinic and Akron Children’s plus everywhere he sees people!  What a social butterfly!!!  Vet says he is as healthy as can be!!  We are blessed every day to have him in our lives.
They even got Richie a birthday cake!
Happy 10th Birthday Richie!
Thanks for being today's Yesteryear Acres Spotlight Doodle Doggie!