Thursday, April 30, 2015

I confess

While watching the morning news, I found out that today is "National Honesty Day."  I didn't know that such a day existed.  I didn't realize we had to have a national holiday to celebrate precisely one day of being honest within a calendar year.  Shouldn't every single day be "National Honesty Day"?  I think Mark Twain said it best when he said, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." At Yesteryear Acres, we live by this basic fundamental principle each and every day. If you do something wrong, admit it, apologize for it, try to make amends and then move forward and improve next time. Learn from past mistakes and become a better person. Sometimes you can find solace in knowing that others share your same shortcomings. For example, given that today is this supposed "Day of Honesty"....I will confess a small setback I experienced yesterday.  Despite my strong belief in eating nutritious healthy whole foods and exercising daily, I can still hear things like Doritos calling me from the kitchen.  Cookies can sometimes call to me so loudly that I have no other choice but to answer their cry. Well yesterday, WHILE I WAS ON MY BIKE, exercising like a very healthy person, I heard my son's caramel Bugles calling me.  I was already on my bike.  I was already several miles into my workout.  I could not drown out the call of caramel and so what did I do?  I stopped pedaling, walked all the way to the dining room, opened my son's bag of caramel Bugles, grabbed a handful and then walked back to my bike and began pedaling again while devouring the evidence.  Honestly!  Who does that?  The!  Happy National Honesty Day (everyday)!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Poop Patrol

I was out early this morning doing my Poop Patrol duties and the day was just so beautiful that even though picking up Doodle Doggie poop is far from glamorous, it actually isn't that bad either. The sun was shining, the grass was a brilliant green, the buds on the trees were in bloom and the doggies were giving me a lot of tail wagging devotion.  You will never find more thankfulness for the simplest of things than a bestest furry four-legged friend.  They thank you with their wagging tails and love you with their whole big beautiful hearts each and every day.  They are just the most grateful creatures and I couldn't ask for a better life. Doodle doggie devotion makes poop patrol chores not a bad way to spend the day. Good thing too.  Cause I get to do it all again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and the day after that..... Thanks Doodle Doggies for sharing the love!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shared Walk

This afternoon as I was working up the motivation to get my daily workout in, my younger daughter called just to chat.  We have been so busy lately that we haven't had time to catch up on all the happenings so I was super glad to get her call.  I told her I was just about to go for a walk and she offered to come along. So she put on her shoes and I put on my shoes and even though we are half a state away from one another, we went walking together. It was nice to have the company and we spent an entire hour together.
We sent each other pictures while we were walking
That way we wouldn't be lonely 
"Hi Mom!'

My daughter took the best pictures of her walk

She has the most beautiful paths in the woods by her school
Yesteryear Acres might not have all the bluebells.....but we do have a Double Doodle Doggie named Blue - so I think we are even in our awesome walk adventure. Dear daughter...Thanks for the shared walk!  It was great!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Marmalade Babies!!!!

We have adorable new Double Doodle puppies! Marmalade blessed us with ten beautiful babies. Marmalade went into labor about 30 minutes before Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were going to leave for my son's scholarship award banquet Wednesday evening.  Our Doodle Doggies have an uncanny sense of knowing just when to have puppies.....whenever we have plans! As always, Mr. Yesteryear Acres volunteered to stay behind and he was here to help deliver Marmalade's precious puppies.  By the time my son and I returned home, we had new little babies waiting for us and one proud mama doggie with her tail wagging!
We have 6 beautiful boys

We have some really lovely dark red apricot puppies

So beautiful!

A pile of puppy love!

And we have four beautiful girls

So sweet!

Way to go Marmalade!

Thank you for the beautiful healthy adorable sweet new Double Doodle Puppies to love! Happy Monday!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Going Batty

Today's beautiful weather was perfect for our project of the day - building bat houses!  This has been on our list for a long time and it is finally the day to get it done.  We are super lucky here at Yesteryear Acres as we have a lot of bats that call Yesteryear Acres home.  Their nesting area is not as nice as it should be so Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son are building four chamber bat houses for them.  We LOVE having the bats here as we have mosquito-free outdoors pretty much all summer long.  It is very rare for us to get bitten by a mosquito, even when we spend all day outside doing farm chores.  Our Doodle Doggies really love our mosquito-free outdoors too!
The bats are going to love their new home 
Someone wants to paint the houses already!

STOP!!!!!!  We need an expert!!!!

There we go Olive...Let's show them how it's done

"Measure Once, Cut Twice, Right Mr. Yesteryear Acres?"
Good thing Olive is a Master Carpenter Doodle!
We will have the bat boxes done in no time!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Better than a Card

This morning we had to get out early and start our farm chores before the afternoon storms rolled in. No one likes being out in a torrential downpour so we were up and out as soon as breakfast was over.
Having someone help do the chores makes the entire day better!

Having fun yet??? 
Oh - That's better!!!!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres made me a love heart out in the field

My beautiful heart is so much better than a card!!!!!!

He said, "I just mowed to say I love you!"

That Mr. Yesteryear Acres - How I love him!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Everyone lends a hand

As I am sitting here pondering what I should write about for today's blog, I can hear my son's laughter out in the kitchen along with the noise of the dishes being done.  I am so lucky. My son's girlfriend Bri is here for the weekend and the second she arrives at Yesteryear Acres, she always jumps right in and starts working on all the chores.  She and my son are busy cleaning up from our dinner mess while I am answering emails and writing today's blog.  I didn't even ask for help. I didn't say a word and I can hear the two of them working on getting the kitchen cleaned up. My heart is smiling with gratitude with all the help I get at Yesteryear Acres.  Everyone pitches in.  Everyone lends a hand.  To live at Yesteryear Acres means you will always have laughter, love and help with your workload no matter what it might be. I think we might just need to have "Ice Cream O'Clock" later tonight as it looks like our work will be done early! I vote for Cookie Dough! Thanks for all the help!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mmm Buckeyes too!

My son was invited to the FABE - Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Spring Banquet at Ohio State.  They were celebrating 100 years of FABE followed by the presentation of scholarships at the end of the program. My son was the recipient of the incoming freshman scholarship award and the entire night was just awesome.
The banquet started with a FABE trivia challenge

My son was up for the task.....and he won the trivia contest! 

The hall was packed with FABE alumni, professors, graduate students and undergraduate students.

This was the centerpiece! It was SO hard not to start with the desserts!  Mmmmmm Buckeyes!  Now that is a perfect dessert tray!

I bet you can guess.....I was super proud of him

My future farmer
Way to go!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It wasn't me

Last Saturday when it was a warm 79* outside, I told Mr. Yesteryear Acres that I was going to switch my closet from winter clothes to summer clothes.  He told me that I better not because the second I pack up my winter clothes, the next morning I would wake up to snow.  I decided to heed Mr. Yesteryear Acres warning and I did not get my summer clothes out.  They are still safely packed away....desperately waiting to come out.  Well this morning, I WOKE UP TO SNOW!  I just want to officially say, "It wasn't me!"  I did not put my winter clothes away.  I did not bring a snowy Earth day celebration to Ohio.  It wasn't me!  This morning as I was outside doing the farm chores with Mr. Yesteryear Acres, I had to come back inside and put on more layers.  It was really cold!  Of course Mr. Yesteryear Acres just laughed and said a day like this in February would be a heat wave.  Well - it isn't February.  It is April!  In fact it is almost May! Perhaps this year, I need to get out my summer clothes to show I am fully committed to warmer weather.  Maybe even though snow is falling from the sky, I should pull out my sundresses.  That will show Mother Nature!  Come back sun!  Come back! Happy (very cold and windy and even snowy) Earth Day! Brrrr!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Take the Time

I have a couple of friends that have been facing some health crises in their families. Whenever I hear about someone losing a loved one or potentially facing their own demise, my heart fills with a sadness I cannot hold. This morning I had tears overflowing when I read about a friend's tragic loss. I am heartbroken for her. Always, always, always, take the time to tell those you love that they are important.  Tell them they matter.  Tell them why they mean so much to you.  Never hold back. Leave nothing unsaid. One of the things I am most certain of - is that if something should happen to me - every single person I love knows without a doubt how much I love them.  They know that they are the reason for my heartfelt smile every morning and they are the reason for my grateful smile each evening. I tell Mr. Yesteryear Acres every day how much I love and appreciate him.  I tell my children how proud I am of them and how much happiness they bring to me. I live each day trying to show my appreciation and gratefulness and to share my happiness with others. Life can be short. It should never be taken for granted. Treasure each day and make each day count.  Every day is a blessing.  I make sure to greet each day with a grateful heart and I am thankful for every day and especially grateful to be surrounded by so much love and happiness.  To all my family and friends...... I love you.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Stork will be here soon!

Here it is Puppy Picture Monday and.....we don't have any puppies......yet! Marmalade is getting closer and closer to delivering her sweet Double Doodle Babies.  You can see the little puppies moving around in there and Marmalade seems to have quite the smile on her face.  The Stork will be here soon!

Marmalade......Our Mommy-to-be
Marmalade had 6 Beautiful Double Doodle babies for us last year.
I think she has even more in her tummy this time! 
We can't wait for them to arrive.
We are keeping the stork busy at Yesteryear Acres.
Our Golden Retriever Sweet Pea will be having Goldendoodle Puppies in about 2 more weeks.
Sweet Pea always has the prettiest babies!
And we have a first time Mommy-to-be

Our Sweet Truffles will be having chocolate and caramel puppies in May

We can't wait to see the beautiful assortment of colors!

Puppy countdown has begun!
Look for newborn Puppy Pictures next Monday!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mink Doodle

In our ever expanding menagerie of animals here at Yesteryear Acres - we have a new one to add!  We have had baby deer, baby skunks, bunnies, goslings, ducklings, black squirrels, and even a bald eagle visit us and now we can add a mink doodle! Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were walking today when he stopped suddenly and pointed towards the bank of the creek.
I almost was unable to find what he was so excited about and then I saw it.  
Awwwww a cute little mink!  We only had our cell phone so this is the best we could do for pictures.
They have the cutest faces
I am pretty sure it wants me to pet it and feed it and love it forever.
But I will resist the urge and let it be....even though it is sooooo cute! 
Who wouldn't want a little adorable Mink Doodle?!
I hope it hangs around here for a while.  It is so adorable!
Welcome to Yesteryear Acres!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wood I?

Today as Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were waiting on a Birdie Goldendoodle Puppy Family to arrive we had an unexpected surprise delivery. Were we ready for this delivery? No.  Were we set up for this delivery? No. Did we say OF COURSE! YES! PERFECT! We would love that! Of course we did!!!!!!
Here is what pulled into our driveway
The lumber guy had a full load and thought he would swing by and see if we wanted an early delivery.  Wood I?  Sure! We usually get our lumber delivery in the fall. You know when the weather gets colder?  Looks like we get to start early this year.  Any guesses on how we spent the rest of the day?  Doesn't everyone love stacking lumber?!!!  I am not saying that we are DOG TIRED BUT........ 
This is what Blossom Doodle looks like.  She can't even find enough energy to put her head on her bed.  
I am pretty sure Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I will join her! 
We better rest up.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Friday, April 17, 2015

One By One

This morning the Birdie Puppy Goodbyes began.  One by one Birdie's sweet Goldendoodle puppies said goodbye to Yesteryear Acres and hello to their new awesome families. The weather was just perfect today for hanging outside and waiting for the new puppy families to arrive.
"Is my new mom here yet!?"

"We are ready to go!"

"Let's play tug of war together one last time"

"My brother will never find me!"

"Ummmm or maybe he will!"
"Waiting makes me tired"

"We still have time to stop and smell the flowers!"

"Time to go?"

"One last sniff before I head to my new home"

"I love hanging out with Mr. Yesteryear Acres! I am learning how to play fetch!"

The last two pickups for today. The rest head home tomorrow.
Goodbye to our sweet Birdie Babies!  Have fun with your new families!