Thursday, August 31, 2023

Hello Dolly!

 I have been working on training Magnolia’s Pink Raindrops girl for her FURever family. Everyone say,
“Hello Dolly!”
Over the past week we have….
Become best buddies with Agnes
Helped William with his piles
Dolly is the sweetest 
Most patient puppy 
And she gives the best hugs! 
We’ve learned how to walk on a leash
“I’m doing it!!!”
“Go Dolly go!!”
And we have even made it to the pond!
“You are right Amelia! This was worth the work to get here!”
Dolly has become the bestest little buddy
To all!
We love you Dolly! 
You are going to do great big wonderful things with your new PAWrents!

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Farm Livin' Mom Style

Dare I say it.... but today was almost COLD outside! 
So when an August day feels like the end of September, there is only one thing to do...
To the Yesteryear Acres Garden we go!
Did either of our respected children sleep last night? No... no they did not. Could my Sister and I have had an all night ice cream party by the time they decided to sleep... yes, yes we could have. But even when you are functioning on 2.5 hours of sleep, there is farm livin to do! So SMILE to keep from yawning (and maybe a tear or two) and onward we go
For there is okra to be picked!
Veggies to be processed
Zucchini bread to be made
And Kale with...
Fresh cherry tomatoes over pasta to be eaten!
First round of Picking done!

Time to use our 'Mom Muscles' for all this produce!
Now that's Farm Livin' Mom Style!
Ready for round two!

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

BEEutiful Day

Today was a beautiful sunny, yet cool summer day!
Hazel and I decided to stop what we were working on and go for an evening walk around Yesteryear Acres
We checked on the second hay cutting progress
It smelled amazing!
After the hayfield checks, we then walked to Grandpa's flower garden
Everything was blooming brightly!
Making it a BEEutiful day indeed!
A BEEutiful day for a walk in the blooms with you!
Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the flowers with your favorite little Bea :)

Monday, August 28, 2023

Call Me Mr. Bright Squares the ExPAWler

 We have just one sweet English Goldendoodle puppy looking for a Furever Family. Mister Bright Squares Boy is searching high and low everywhere we go in hopes to find his perfect PAWrents. 
Ho hummm I wonder when they will come...
What's that over there?!
Why it's Always Amelia of course!
I wonder if she will help me go exploring
Can we go on an adventure together? 
I am looking high...
And low for a family
Do you think you can find one for me?
We will sweet boy!
We are working so hard to find you the PAWfect humans
Until then, we can stick together!
Like this? BOOOOP
Hahaha! Yes! Just like that little cutie!!
One 'Good Boy' ExPAWler looking for a home!
Happy Puppy Monday!

Sunday, August 27, 2023

William's Little Studio Sunday

William decided today's Studio Sunday project!
Alright! Let's get started!
I have a vision! 
I need this fabric and...
Adult Supervision... Here you go Mama
Let's make a puppy bandana for Mr. Bright Squares!
That is so sweet of you William! Maybe Pup Pup wants to help you
What is cooler than a puppy helping make a bandana!?!
This is PAWesome!
One PAWfect puppy bandana!
Wonderful work William!
Let's see how he looks
Aw soooo Dapper!!!
Handsome and he knows it
"I love it! Thank you William!"
You're Welcome Pup Pup!
What a cute puppy
My vision is complete
Kisses! SMOOCH!
Now all that is left is...
For my Aunt Amelia to find him a furever family!
You are so right William!
Bright Squares Boy is ready for PAWrents- Now complete with bandana :)
Happy Sunday from Y Acres Studio!