Friday, May 31, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: An Otterly Good Time

Since the wonderful day that my little Double Doodle puppy Ernie McDoodle took himself swimming for the first time, I have not been able to keep him out of the water! (Mind you- not that I am trying to keep him out of the water, I am so happy he loves it so much!) It seems as if I have a 84 pound otter on my hands! My big ole otter has a whole pond process and it goes a lot like this:
First I must test the water temperature...

Yes, It feels like a good swimming day to me!

Now... JUMP!

Bye Mom! I'm off to see my fish friends!

(Meanwhile I have walked all the way around the pond and have come back to sit on the dock and wait)

Oh boy I just love to swim!

Oh hey mom! How's it going?

Wait did you say it's time for lunch!? Does that mean it's Carrots O'Clock!? Okay I will get out now!

And every night he is otterly exhausted!

As we all know...A happy puppy is a tired puppy!

What an otterly good time!



Thursday, May 30, 2019

Happy Little Flowers

It is no secret that I LOVE peonies! They are my absolute favorite flower!! I love the way they smell, I love the way they bloom, and I love that they are as fluffy as doodles are! I have been stalking the peony bushes here at Yesteryear Acres for weeks and I am so excited that they are finally here!!! Naturally I had to show my favorite flower to Ernie McDoodle as he has never seen peonies before! 
Bright and early at Yesteryear Acres, and first peony check... Happy little buds
Later that afternoon... Getting closer!
Early Evening... Almost Fully in bloom!
Finally! A full bloom!!!
Look Ernie! Peonies!
"Ohh My human loves these!"
"They sure do smell good!!"
"I think these are my favorite flowers too Mom! They are such happy little flowers! Just like me!"
Happy Dogs. Happy Humans!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Midweek Maple Goodness

Maple's adorable Double Doodle puppies are so sweet! 
It's Amelia! 
She's my favorite 
We love her back scratches
and hugs
and cuddles! 
We love hanging out with her 
Time for the Girls' pictures! 
Can we be in the picture too? 
No Boys allowed! 
Great picture girls!  
Finally it is the boys' turn!!!! 
3, 4, 5!  
See? Our pictures are even better!!!! 
Good job puppies! 
Huggable, Lovable..... 
Midweek Maple Goodness! 
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Nutmeg Cuties melt our hearts

Nutmeg's doodle puppies are getting cuter by the minute!  We are so in love!
Chocolate Girls 
Look at those curly cuties! 
They are so lovable 
they give great puppy kisses! 
Heart Melt
The boys 
Everyone loves chocolate and caramel! 
Chocolate Boy 
Caramel Boy 
and our Caramel Girl 
Time for gym class! 
Look at our pull-ups 
Made it! 
Hi Amelia! 
Let's all do it together 
Everybody up 
We did it!
Look how tall we are now 
This is a fun game 
Let's climb aboard 
Hold on 
Ahhhhh comfy cozy! 
Why didn't we think of this earlier? 
This makes a perfect pillow 
Let's snuggle like this all day!