Sunday, July 31, 2022

Studio Sunday- In Progress

I have a layercake of fabric that I have been hoarding because I just love it so much! I finally decided it was time to make something out of it so that I could enjoy it to the fullest! 
So I took each 10 inch square and put them in pairs. Then I sewed them and cut out the pieces into half square triangles.
Then the fun part began! What to design out of my pretty pieces!?
Slowly, ideas started trickling in
Until one by one, each piece found its home
Doodle approved of course!
With one last block switch, I am ready to sew my pieces together!
And after that I will have to pick out the perfect borders... I can't wait to see how this quilt turns out!
Nothing like a happy Studio Sunday Work-in-Progress!

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Caturday Mindfulness

It is PURRfectly important to listen to our Yesteryear Acres Devon Rex cats when they tell you that mental health is just as important as physical health 
So take a moment to stop
And do something you love
Sharing these moments with friends is also a PURRfectly good idea too
Because doing something you love should be just as important as getting work done during the weekdays
So think of something that you enjoy
And go do that with your whole being
And if you have a special meditation garden like Pandora
That is great too! Be like a Devon Rex and take time for you!
Happy Mindful Caturday!


Friday, July 29, 2022

Everybody is Working for the Weekend

Happy Fri-YAY!!! The weekend is almost here and Ruby is giving a big ole cheer! She has been working for the weekend!!
From big long walks
To potty training
Command training
* with Cheerios of course*
And looking so darn cute
Ruby Lou has been working her TAIL off for the weekend!
"Is it time for our movie night yet!?"
"Oh BOY it is!?! Can we watch Encanto again? I like the Toucan the most!"
"Oh my gosh she is getting out the popcorn popper!"
"I have been looking forward to this all week!"
Everybody is working for the weekend!!! 
Hooray its Fri-Yay!



Thursday, July 28, 2022

Training Tricks

 I am sure this goes without saying, but I LOVE what I do! I love spending time with the doodle puppies and my own big doodles too! Training is something that brings me a lot of joy and is incredibly rewarding. I am always looking for new training tricks and tips!! Besides training my newest furry family member Ruby Lou, I have been spending time trying to teach my 'old' dogs new tricks! I got talk buttons that I recorded a few commands they know and started trying to get my doodles to talk! It has been a very slow process, but they all have ONE button they have figured out! They might be training me, but I am so proud!
Our set up! 
The button says "Treat" and Professor Maverick was the first to figure it out!
Now all 3 doggies can endlessly push 'Treat' and get little snackaroos anytime they want
Again, I think they might be using this against me, but I am going to take this win for now!
What are your favorite training tricks or tips! I would love to hear any new ideas!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Growing Tails of Ruby Lou: Ruby Makes a New Friend

 Watch Me Grow Wednesdays are back!! Ruby Lou is growing each and every day and looks more and more like a stuffed teddy bear. She is getting really good with her commands and demands belly rubs for her efforts. This week Ruby weighs 25.5 lbs! She might end up being Clifford the Big Red Dog! Most of all Ruby Lou fills my heart with so much love and laughter. For example, this week Ruby made a new friend while I was folding laundry in the living room.
Someone who looks just like her sister Agnes,
But with cool new features in a small package
Ruby Lou found William's puppy "Twine-y"!
Between the light up nose
And the key toys
Twine-y and Ruby became instant BFFs
I think Ruby Lou would like a blinking red nose of her own!
She really tried to understand what he was saying, and after listening intently, Ruby said....
"I Love you Twine-y!"
Folding laundry has never been so entertaining!
I love you sweet Ruby Lou and your new friend too!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Oh Kale Yeah!

 The Yesteryear Acres garden is thriving and I could not be more excited!  
The plants are all getting big and strong and I can't wait for the rest of the produce to be ready to harvest.
Right now the kale variety that Mr. Yesteryear Acres planted is living its best life in this heat with a mix of storms. I have harvested so much kale, and there is still tons growing! - This picture was taken AFTER I picked
Oh KALE Yeah! A whole BOX of freshly picked kale
This kale is so sweet and tender, I think I actually might be addicted at this point, it's so good!
I was also able to pick some beautiful cucumbers and zucchini too! 
To no ones surprise, I made BIG kale and peach salads with cucumbers from the garden too!
and to top it all off, a homemade blueberry vinaigrette 
This was literally SO GOOD. I am so glad I made extra dressing, because I am going to need another salad STAT!



Monday, July 25, 2022

Non-Traditional Puppy Picture Monday

 Since we aren't expecting any tiny puppy paws until the fall, Ernie McDoodle said that I should do our Puppy Picture Monday PUPdate on him!
Because every doodle from Yesteryear Acres is a puppy for life!
No matter how big their nose gets
"I will show you that I am still a very small puppy!"
"See? I still fit in your lap!"
You sure do Ernie, EXACTLY the same...
"See Mom! I told you I was right!"
Oh Ernie McDoodle! I never doubted you!
You will always be my doodle puppy!
Happy Non-Traditional Puppy Picture Monday from Ernie McDoodle!
Share with us your Yesteryear Acres "Puppies"!