Saturday, April 30, 2022

Growing Up Caturday

 Our Devon Rex kittens are growing up!! Bella's 3 kittens are old enough to go to their new homes next weekend.  Gosh we will miss them!!!!!
Bella says napping is required for all hard-working moms
Bella's boy is all ears!
Willow's girl says see you later!!!
Devons make the best moms....and Aunties!!!!!
Cuddle time is always better together
We love them so much!!!!!!
Happy Growing Up Caturday!!!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2022

Happy First Birthday Agnes!

Here is your Birthday Cake!!!
I love it!!!!
Presents for me???
Oh Boy!!!
Thanks Mom!!!
Mom I love my birthday so much!
Time to play with my new toys!
Everybody is invited
If they can catch me!!!!
This is so much fun!
Birthdays are the best
Time for the Ice Cream!!!!
Oh my gosh this might be my favorite part
Definitely favorite part!
Thanks for my birthday PAWty Mom!!!
I loved every minute!
Happy Birthday Agnes!

Thursday, April 28, 2022


 With this beautiful sunny weather, we called upon our resident 
Natural Resource Expert to give us a Spring tour.
Mr. Gummy Bear Boy was happy to oblige
As you can see here, this lilac bush is only a few days away from blooming
Whereas this Magnolia tree has her last petals hanging on
One should always pick a violet for their favorite human!
Upon closer examination
These apple blossoms are PAWfect
Spring Beauties bring happiness to all
The joy of walking among the flowers
If you are interested in our Springologist 
Contact the Yesteryear Acres Natural Resource Department and ask for Mr. Gummy Bear.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Administrative Assistant Doodle

 Did you know that today is Administrative PAWfessional Day?  Today we honor all the Administrative Professionals that help us get our daily workload accomplished. Ms. Pink Argyle Girl is a PAWfect administrative helper here at Yesteryear Acres.
Let's get these pictures organized
I never realized my brother was so skilled in the kitchen!

I must have him cook for me sometime!!!!
Back to writing the blog for today
Of course I will need to add a few adorable pictures
I am nailing the Administrative Doodle look!
I also take excellent notes
Shall I write today's shopping list?
This should do it!!!!
Administrative work is never done
Unless of course you are a Doodle!!!!
Ms. Pink Argyle is available 
Inquire at the Yesteryear Acres Human Resource Department

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Chef Du Jour

Zucchini's Blue Argyle Boy is our Chef Du Jour.  
Tonight I shall prepare for you a nice green salad with a fresh squeezed orange juice vinaigrette
Only the freshest of lettuce will do
I may need assistance squeezing the honeybell oranges
Every orange vinaigrette requires a delicious blue cheese
One must gently warm the vinaigrette for maximum palatability
I learned this in cooking school
Please don't forget to salt to taste.
BONE Appetit!!!!!
I am available for hire.
Please inquire at the Yesteryear Acres Cooking School for details!