Friday, February 28, 2014

Puppy Mobile Success

This morning when the alarm went off at 0'Dark-Thirty - the doodle doggies did not leap out of bed.  The doodle doggies did not wag their tails with their usual good morning wag.  The doodle doggies took one look at me and then laid their heads back down and went back to sleep. What!?  Traitors!  I begrudgingly made my way down the stairs and began to take the puppies outside. It was a whopping 2* so it was a very quick and very cold potty break! Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I then loaded up the puppy mobile and I was on my way. I have to say the drive was lovely.  The snowy landscape and the bright blue sky made for a beautiful drive.  I love to see mountains all covered in snow.  I made it to my puppy deliveries early and everyone was sooooo excited to meet their new furry family members.  It was 30* warmer at my puppy destination and the sun felt wonderful! The puppies thought so too!  Now I am off to go pick up my daughter's furry best friend Blossom. I should be able to see my daughter at midnight tonight.  My original plan was to spend the weekend with her but now it looks as though Winter Storm Titan might have other ideas. I will hate it if I have to leave first thing tomorrow morning. Such a long drive, no visit time AND a really sad goodbye.  Sigh.  Winter Storm Titan.....could you delay the storm until Monday?  I would really really like to spend the weekend with my sweet daughter.  Thank you.
 I have been really upbeat and positive about this non-stop winter weather and have appreciated all the winter beauty but will cry rivers of tears if you force me to leave tomorrow morning.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blossom Doodle

Tomorrow I am leaving at 0'Dark-Thirty with the puppy mobile loaded with adorable furry doodle babies. I am making a puppy delivery to the Maryland/Virginia area and have to be on the road super early to get to my destination on time.  I am excited for the puppy families to meet their new little furry family members.  Who doesn't love a Puppy Mobile full of adorable Muppet Doodle Babies?!?!!! My Puppy Mobile trip is two-fold - first and most importantly, deliver bundles of puppy doodle love.  Second - I have to go get our Blossom doggie from my older daughter.  This is a sad errand as my daughter is sooooooooooo heartbroken to have to say goodbye to Blossom. My older daughter is a 2nd LT in the Marine Corps and will be deployed soon. She is now going to be busy with pre-deployment work-ups so she will not be home enough to spend time with her beloved Blossom Doodle.  She needs to send Blossom here to Yesteryear Acres while she is away on deployment. I am pretty sure saying goodbye to Blossom will be the hardest goodbye of all.  We still have texting and video-chatting to keep us connected but video-chats with a doggie is just not the same at all. The best part of her day is coming home to Blossom and doggie!  I feel for her.  There is nothing like the love of a doggie.  I know she will be lonely without her!  To help ease her pain, I am bringing lots of homemade comfort food and a few presents. I still have lots to do before I leave tomorrow.  Time to get the Puppy Mobile ready! O'Dark-Thirty will be here soon!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

That's a Good Wednesday!

Today Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I went to the ceremony for my son's induction into the National Honor Society. It was a really nice ceremony and of course, I was so proud of him.  My son works hard every day. He works countless hours here at Yesteryear Acres while remaining devoted to his school work. When he came home from school I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate.  I am sure this comes as no surprise - he chose to go take a walk with the doggies.
I am happy that his favorite way to celebrate is my favorite way to spend time with him.

Fergie and Juneau were so excited that they were the lucky doggies for the winter hike today. 
They made sure the entire field was completely secure and safe.  
What good doggies

My son and his best buddy Trixie

Heading on home. Another awesome day here at Yesteryear Acres.  
Now that's a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hey What About Us?

This morning the other Muppet puppies told me that they deserved a "Monday Puppy Picture Update" and they wanted their turn in the spotlight. They let me know that they were just as cute and adorable as Mr. Muppet Doodle. I have to agree!  So much cuteness surrounds me every day! Sometimes I wonder how I get any real work done!  And for all of you that asked - yes - Mr. Muppet Doodle did find an awesome home and is now spoken for.
The puppies were pretty excited to play outside without all the snow

It made finding the toys MUCH easier

Oh Mr. Yesteryear Acres!  We could play fetch with you all day long!

Everyone loves flying puppy pictures!

I found this toy all by myself!

The infamous legless octopus.  It is always the favorite toy!

The Official Landscape Inspector

See?  More Muppets!

So much cuddling!
Everyone loves snuggle time!

Look how big Eloise's Double Doodle Puppies are getting!

I think they get cuter and cuter every time I look at them

Happy Puppy Picture Update ...The Extended Version!

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Muppet Of Your Very Own

Today I had a bunch of pictures selected for my weekly Monday Puppy Picture Update.  I had over 15 pictures cropped and ready to upload but then I decided to change all the pictures because we now only have one puppy available. I thought I would just post adorable pictures of our available doodle boy instead.  He is an awesome pup with a terrific coat for homes with allergies. He is super loving and as you can can have a Muppet of your very own! 
I am really good at picture taking!
I won't even move until you have the perfect shot

I love playing with toys

And will happily come to you when you call my name

I am very good at making new friends

And love playing outside

My housebreaking training is going very well

I will even go potty BEFORE I play

I am very good at sharing my toys

But secretly love it when it is my turn

I look just like a Muppet

And my coat is silky soft

Would you like a Muppet of your very own?
I am ready for my new home now!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Biodiesel Fuel Winner

This morning Mr. Yesteryear Acre and I went to my son's presentation at the Ohio STEM competition for his biodiesel fuel chemistry project. His group did a great job.  They really knew their stuff and made excellent eye contact and were dynamic in their speeches. I was so proud of them.  They really worked hard on their biodiesel fuel and had an awesome finished product. Their fuel was clear and burned very efficiently. After their presentation, Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I had to go home as we have puppies and doodle doggies and farm chores and we couldn't stay for the entire day. I almost wrote my blog when I came home but I thought, what if my son got an honorable mention? I should wait just in case there is more to the story.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I got a ton of work done and then got all cleaned up (again) and headed  back to the awards ceremony. When they called the 3rd place winners, I was a little sad.  I was hoping the boys made it.  Then 2nd place was called. And then it was time for the winner of the biodiesel fuel competition.  When they called my son's actually took me a good 2-3 seconds before my brain registered that my son's name was called.  I think he did the same thing!  He looked at me with the biggest smile and I can tell you, I returned that smile right back. He won! Of course I was overflowing with happiness, not just because he won, but because he felt proud of his work and of himself.  It is what every parent wants for their children - not the winning but the feeling of overwhelming pride in their own accomplishments and for knowing that hard work does have its own rewards.
Here are the boys getting their award

Excellent work! 
My son the proud scientist. Looks like we might have another Chemist in the family! Biodiesel Fuel - The Fuel for Our Future!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Captive audience

Today I was the captive audience for my son's science presentation.  He is participating in a bio-fuel diesel project for a state science competition that will be held tomorrow afternoon.  His group came over today to practice their presentation and I was the designated audience participant.  Many hours later - I think they have it down.  We worked on eye contact and a bit of dynamic personality to their speeches.  I think they are ready.  After the umpteenth time they ran through their presentation, it was time to disband and head on home.  I mentioned that I was going to take a long walk at the arboretum. I was surprised when I had volunteers for company.  What?  You want to go with me? I mean let's face it.  I am the mom.  That is pretty uncool! They assured me they did want to go. They prefaced it with something like, "I don't have anything better to do" but I know that translates perfectly into - yes we would like to go.  I filled  up the SUV with doggies and large teenage boys and hit the road. We walked a little over 5 miles in the beautiful sunshine.
....Come on mom!

Am I lucky? Yes you bet!!! I wouldn't trade a day like this for anything. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

What WAS That?!!!

Last night as Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were peacefully watching a TV show, out of the blue, the entire house shook and BOOM!!!!  What WAS That?!  We jumped to our feet and ran to the windows.  Did a transformer blow up?  Did a car explode?  Sonic Boom????  As we were searching for answers, the entire sky LIT up. Ohhhhhhhh. LIGHTNING!  And thunder!  It was such an odd thing to hear thunder that neither Mr. Yesteryear Acres nor I registered the sound.  I mean just last week we were under snow emergencies.  We had probably 2 feet of snow in our backyard.  And now? Thunderstorms?!!!  Our poor doodle doggie Grits had never heard thunder in her entire life and judging by Mr. Yesteryear Acres reaction and my reaction to the sound - Grits almost jumped out of her skin.  We did have subsequent thunder and lightning so we were able to convince Grits that even though the house was shaking and lightning was streaking across the sky - it was all good. I wonder - just who is in charge of this weather?!  We had inches of rain fall yesterday. Why? Tonight the weatherman said that this weekend will be quieter but next week - another arctic front is headed our way.  All those a bit tired of our extreme weather, raise their hands.....and paws! Looks like we all better bundle back up again. And bring an umbrella.  And a snow shovel.  And a ski suit.  And raincoat. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eagle Doodle!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres came running in the house yesterday yelling that he just saw an Eagle soaring above our field.  An Eagle? I mean I know we have had our fair share of creatures here at Yesteryear Acres - the infamous litter of stinker doodles, the herds of deer doodles, even Blackie our resident Black Squirrel Doodle but an Eagle Doodle? As in a Bald Eagle? As in the most awesome bird ever?! Mr. Yesteryear Acres assured me that yes, we have a bald eagle.  I immediately put on my rain pants and rubber boots, grabbed my camera and set out walking.
Somewhere near the woods - a bald eagle was waiting for me

It was up to Grits and I to find it
I walked through the slushy rivers of melting snow with my head tilted back

I started jumping for joy was just a red-tailed hawk

Eagle? I don't think so.
I had just about given up.  My feet were frozen. I almost fell in slushy rivers of melted snowy ice water several times.  The water level was now well above my ankles and I started to head back home.  Just as I got to the top of the woods..... 

YES!  We really DO have a bald eagle!

Of course I took about 100 pictures of it

And even though I could post all 100 pictures

I narrowed them down to about 20 pictures to share

I mean who doesn't love Bald Eagles!

It soared right over my head

Even Grits looked skyward to watch the beautiful eagle soar by

I think it soared above my head for a good ten minutes

Just circling and soaring

I am pretty sure he loves Yesteryear Acres

And I assure you - we love the bald eagle right back!

Thanks for stopping by

You are welcome here anytime!

And with one final wave

Our Bald Eagle flew off to destinations unknown
I hope he comes back soon!