Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Puppy Delivery

 We just found out that my sister is coming back for a visit the 3rd weekend in June. She has offered to take a puppy back with her and make a puppy delivery along her route back home.  She will be traveling through Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont.  We have some beautiful sweet Goldendoodle Puppies ready for travel!
Road Trips are AWESOME!
Mr. Camo Collar Boy is a big lovebug!!!!
Mr. Nautical Collar Boy will do anything for a belly rub!
Ms. Turtle Collar Girl is an easy going girl who loves to hang out!
Puppies are available and ready for new homes now
or if you prefer to wait for delivery - they can head east on June 17th.
Email us if you are interested in having some puppy love this summer!

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Summertime Marshmallows!

 Cupcake's Goldendoodle puppies will be ready for their new homes this weekend.  We have puppies still available and they are just the sweetest mellow little lovebugs! They are a bunch of marshmallows!
Who doesn't love Summertime Marshmallows?
They just go together!
Ready FUR love!!!
We are cuddle experts!
If you would like one of these cuties to join your family
they are ready to pounce into your hearts
with love!
Please email us for more information
on one of these Goldendoodle Cuties!!!

Monday, May 29, 2023

Who Wants A Summertime Buddy

 We have some super adorable puppies ready for new homes now.
Please help us spread the word and find FURever families for these cuties!
Who wants a summertime buddy?
We are ready to leap for joy
and will come running with happiness to greet you!
We have 2 Boys:
Blue Argyle Collar Boy
Camo Collar Boy
and 2 Girls:
Pink Raindrop Collar Girl
Purple Collar Girl
Summertime buddies are the best!!!!
Please email us for more information and photos!

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Y Acres Studio - So Hip!

 Right before William became ill, I purchased a new pattern so I could learn how to make a hip pack. The pattern was great and the pattern writer added fun fast motion "sew-alongs" every morning. She made a total of five quick motion videos which is all I needed to get going. 
 Her "Alpen Bag" is terrific and super fun to make.
First thing - quilt the exterior fabric
All the pieces cut and ready
Nifty little hardware application trick
Cool right?
Interior done, pockets made, hardware assembled
Zipper time!
I love fishies!
Need to do the box corners and interior binding
And done!
One adorable hip pack!
or fanny pack
No matter what you call it
I love it!!! 
Perfect for wearing around your hips or use as a sling bag
Definitely can't wait to make more!!!!
We are so hip at Y Acres Studio!

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Caturday Take Over

 No surprise to anyone - our Devon Cats have decided to spend this beautiful glorious Caturday just like this
Devons are just the snuggliest of all creatures!
We didn't want to waste a beautiful afternoon cat napping so we ventured outdoors with Mr. Nautical Collar Boy.
Time for a little game of fetch
Great work!
The rag bone winner!
Lucky Pup!
He has Mr. Pterodactyl all to himself!
Nothing better than dinosaur time!
The rag bone is my favorite!
This cute boy is available now
Just ask for Nautical Collar Boy
I would love to be your best friend!!!!
Happy Saturday.....I mean CATurday
The Devons say Thanks for the Cat Nap Mr. Nautical!

Friday, May 26, 2023

2 Pups and a Pterodactyl

 Our available Black Satin Doodle Puppies, Mr. Gummy Bear and Mr. Peacock, had an epic battle over who would be named the Supreme King of the Pterodactyl.
Let the battle begin!
Mr. Peacock Collar Boy is taking the lead
Gummy Bear Boy says not on my watch!
(Meanwhile Nautical Collar boy is chilling and enjoying the nice weather)
Ahh the sneaky around the tree move
Gummy bear says, I don't think so!
Round Two!!!
Quick the Pterodactyl is escaping!
You take a wing
and I will take a wing!
Make sure you leap over Nautical Collar Boy!
And the champion is......
Mr. Peacock Collar Boy!!!!!
Mr. Gummy Bear says, That's okay.  I wanted this toy anyway!!!
Pterodactyls are overrated!
Happy FriYAY!