Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is There a Woman I can Talk to?

I have been told there is a Progresso Soup commercial where a woman calls into Progresso to excitedly share her weight loss news only to receive a lukewarm uninterested response. At that point she asks if there is a woman she can talk to. So last night at dinner, I share my big news...... I got a real authentic SNEAKER on my  foot!  With laces! And a sock! And I walked ALL the way to the pond AND back with OUT crutches. ALL BY MYSELF!  I shared this news with the biggest smile on my face.  I mean can you imagine? A real sneaker!  The first shoe I have put on my foot since I broke my ankle over Thanksgiving! And I got it over my brace and I walked.  Now it wasn't pretty. I have a weird limpy gimpy gait. It wasn't fast. Snails passed me on the trail. But I did it. So what response did I receive at the dinner table??? "that's nice." That's nice?????  Not even "That's Nice!!!" it was all lower case enthusiasm ..."that's nice."  Kind of like a dismissive, "that's nice dear".  What the heck?!  I started to protest. I started to inform the "boys" how monumental this occasion was.  My son said that I sounded like the woman in the Progresso Soup commercial and suggested I call one of his sisters. ARGH! MEN!  So of course I called my younger daughter. YEA!  I got a lot of - "WOW!  GOOD JOB! THAT IS AWESOME!  YEA MOMMY!"  I almost got a full parade with a marching band! Thank goodness someone was excited for me. I guess the only way to get an enthusiastic response around here is to talk about how I ran errands and picked up a carburetor along the way. OH WOW! A CARBURETOR! So much better than let's say, someone breaking their ankle and then walking for the first time in a shoe.......Is There a Woman I can Talk to?

Monday, January 30, 2012

If it is Monday....it must be Picture Day!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were on the ball and had new pictures taken of all our sweet puppies by mid-morning.  We are that good.  Of course it is quite easy when your photo subjects are so darn cute! We love Picture Monday!!!

Here is Phoebe's little Goldendoodle Girl. 

Group Hug!!!!! They love to snuggle in a big puppy pile of love.

I think my brother makes a very soft pillow.

I need a pillow!!!!

Is it dinner time yet?

I am going to my new home this weekend!!!

One more week for me!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Right Again!

To say that Mr. Yesteryear Acres is diligent about safety would be an understatement.  He is Mr. Safety. Way back when, long before we started raising cute puppies, Mr. Yesteryear Acres was the Health, Environmental and Safety officer at his work. He is that same person here.  Lock the doors, password protect this, password protect that, lock the doors, never give out info over a cell phone, burn all the mail, shred old receipts, never use public Wi-Fi, lock the doors... did I mention lock the doors?  We are as secure as an armored tank here. Once in a while his commitment to safety is a little annoying. I mean it is ALL the time.  Well wouldn't you know it -Mr. Yesteryear Acres was right! My credit card number was hacked! ARGH!  I mean if it isn't bad enough to have someone STEAL your credit card number - I now have to listen to Mr. Yesteryear Acres go on and on about how easy it is for people to steal your information. It wasn't even my fault!  I didn't leave my credit card out for someone to copy it. I didn't leave my purse at a restaurant. I didn't drop my credit card at a store. I used my credit card online. I was checking in for my flight home on a wireless network and paid for my luggage online to save the extra fee at the airport.  That is it.  That is ALL I did and evidently within seconds of me entering my numbers online - my credit card info was stolen. Over the Wi-Fi.  ARGH!  Luckily my credit card company is awesome and had a fraud alert notice within an hour.  I guess they figured I really didn't need SEVEN charges of $251.76 from USPS. Or new tools in exact increments - 9 times in a row.  I now get to have a brand new credit card with brand new numbers. And you know what that means. I have to change EVERYTHING that automatically gets charged to my account. Water, Electric, Gas, Cable etc.  You know the drill. Just when I had the old credit card info memorized! I suppose by the time I am done fixing all my accounts I will have the new one memorized.  You can bet though that all this work will be done over a SECURE network. Darn that Mr. Yesteryear Acres. Right again!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Today is my younger daughter's birthday. This is her very first birthday away from home. sigh.  I am not sure who told Father Time to keep on ticking but honestly - days like today make me wish it would just slow down a little. I miss her so much today, as I do every single day, but I know she is where she is meant to be. So Happy Birthday my sweet sunshine who
Loves Puppies

And Loves Stuffed Animals

And Loves Ice Cream

And Loves Chocolate Cake

And Loves Surprises

And Loves Swimming

And Loves Snowflakes.....

Happy Birthday my puppy loving, ice cream and cake loving, swimming loving, snowflake loving, surprise loving, stuffed animal loving sweet daughter.  I love you and miss you!  Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Run Run Run Around

Today was Run Errand day. I had tons of errands to run so I consolidated everything to make it one big RUN errand day. Well technically I think today was WALK errand day. Well technically I think today was DRIVE, HOBBLE, errand day. Although technically I CAN walk now - it isn't very fast.  I am not really running anywhere. I am what you might say taking the scenic route. Oh look at that puddle.  Same puddle. Still looking at puddle. Wonder when I will ever make it to the other side of that puddle. Man that puddle is big.  When will it ever end.  Gee I am soaked! You get the picture. My morning started out with the infamous, "MOM I forgot my........" text so my first errand of the day was already plotted. My son had a French Food project for French Class.  Last night he decided to make a loaf of French Bread - from scratch. I supervised the project but he did everything himself and did a good job.  The baguette wasn't exactly beautiful but it was pretty darn close.  So what did he forget to bring to school this morning? THE BAGUETTE! ARGH.  Luckily I am the nicest sweetest mom in the WHOLE world (right son?) and got the bread to his school on time.  I also went to the bank, post office, store, County Clerks office etc.  I made a day of it.  It was nice to get out and actually DRIVE the car!  It is the first time I have driven since November! Tomorrow I think I will step up my game and make it "Clean the House Day!" Oooooh ahhhh.  I think I might have to start with something like - unpacking my suitcase. It is sitting right here staring at me.  I believe it is mocking me. It is thinking, Ha ha ha ha - I have ALL your summer clothes and you can't wear them anymore! Enjoy the ice rain! Darn suitcase. Perhaps I should make that my first assignment of the day.  Either that or continue to ignore it.  One of those ideas is definitely in the works!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


For anyone who has ever had a medical emergency come up - you know how quickly a turn of events can unfold. One minute life is perfect and running along smoothly and the very next - your whole world kind of crumbles around you.  It happens in an instant. At that exact moment your every thought is how much you cherish your family, how much you treasure your life, how much you treasure all your blessings. Your world has come into precise focus and you know without a doubt what is and what is not important. We have had some very close calls here at Yesteryear Acres and in having close calls we never take a day for granted.  We are sure to be thankful for all we have been given.  When it comes down to it - the only thing that matters is family. I know I cherish mine. I know I am thankful for mine each and every single day. I am love them with every fiber of my being and I am blessed to be loved that much right back. I have the most beautiful loving family and I am grateful for them all the days of my life. And so on this "not so much happening - regular good ole Thursday" I am filled with happiness and gratefulness and love.  Shouldn't every Thursday be so lucky?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

111 times....SAY CHEESE!

111. As in One Hundred Eleven. That is how many professional pictures my mom, sister and I took on our cruise.  This does not even include our gabillion pictures we took on our own cameras. Nope. This is just how many poses we did with the professional photographers onboard the ship.  Staggering isn't it?!  Not only did we pose 111 times - but I heard 111 times, "PLEASE make this a nice picture"!!!!  My mom said that at least that many times.  I don't know what she is talking about!
Look how nice this picture is. Can you see my serious camera smile?  My sister and I are SO nice!!!!

I would never ever joke around with the photographers!

Or make people crack up!
I would like to say at this point - we had attracted a crowd and now had a following.  Everyone wanted to see what kind of picture we would do the next night!

The answer......America's Next Top Model!!!!  Of course!

The photographer liked our style so much - he wanted a photo of his own.
Check out my hair.  Classic good stuff right there!!!!

Just so you know - no matter WHAT my mom says - I can be nice for the camera!

Even if we are stacked up like building blocks!

My mom literally had to crawl in through the picture frame for this shot.  You should see the other 12 photos of us laughing hysterically that I didn't post!

OOOOH SISTER Picture!!!!!!

And Last....But certainly not least....Our Bahamas picture.  We took the same picture from this exact spot when we traveled together almost 12 years ago.  All I can say is....Please, Please, Please - when my mom, sister and I take our next trip 10 years from now - do not let me look back at this picture and say, "Look how much thinner and younger we were back then!"  I want to say, "I look exactly the same!!!!!"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Home Sweet Puppy Home!!!

I am back home! Oh my the puppies REALLY grew while I was away!!!  I almost didn't recognize them as they grew so much!  As soon as I walked in the door I got a entire symphony of little bark bark barks and TONS of tail wagging.  They are all so adorable.  I scooped them all up and had a great evening.  Today Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I took new pictures of all the puppies.  I have to say.....they are SO ADORABLE!!!!
I think this puppy REALLY missed me!!!!

No wait....THIS puppy really missed me!

Scarlet and McGyver have the cutest little puppies!

Look how big our Goldendoodle babies are!  When I left they still had little pink noses and their eyes were still closed.  They are sooooo cute now!

Eloise's puppy says, "I am cute too!"

Ooooh he is soooooo soft and cuddly!

Puppy Snuggles!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012


I don't think I have ever had so many "good-byes" before! Hugs and pictures and more hugs and more pictures.  I was very touched by all the cruise passengers that said how we just made their week. A lot of people told me that they really had the very best time and thanked me.  I am amazed at how much people appreciate a smile and regular good old fashioned kindness. I try to smile every day - and I brought my smiles with me on the cruise and shared the happiness with everyone I met.  I had many people tell me that they loved being around someone so happy.  I was thinking who wouldn't be SUPER HAPPY on a cruise?!!!  I am happy all the time ....even when cleaning puppy poop so of course I am SUPER SUPER happy on a cruise!!!!  The goodbyes were all sweet.  Everyone from the cruise passengers to the housekeeping staff to the dining stewards to the entertainment people all looked for us to personally say their goodbyes. I will miss you all dear cruise people BUT......Mr. Yesteryear Acres............I AM COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that is the biggest smile of all!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Say Cheese!!!

If you have ever traveled on a cruise ship then you will know that the photographers are everywhere.  They love to take your picture as soon as you get on the ship.  They love to take your picture when you go to dinner. They love to take your picture when you get off the ship, while you walk through the ship, while you are dressed up, while you are in your swimsuit, while you are playing games or any chance they can find you.  I normally just pose for one or two pictures and then kind of sneakily avoid them.  Well my mom and sister wanted to buy a complete picture package of our trip here and the package they chose includes ALL the pictures the photographers take.  So we have taken a lot of photos.  By a lot, I mean A LOT. We have the biggest folder you have ever seen. Most people who buy that package just get the formal pose on formal night and a couple of poses in various ports.  Not us.  We have made it a mission to do ALL the pictures and ALL the poses for the entire cruise.  I am fairly certain we have over 100 pictures.  Of course as we continued to take  more and more pictures - I began to get more and more silly with my poses.  I mean honestly - how many "camera smile" pictures can one person look at?  My mom keeps saying make this a NICE pose PLEASE.  So I say, "Like this?" and then I do my very best Charlie's Angel's pose. Or I do America's Next Top Model super pose.  Each day the photographers put up all the pictures they took the night before. As the trip has gone on - evidently the thing to do for the other passengers is to go look at our pictures.  We have people coming up to us all day long telling us that they LOVE looking at our pictures.  They can't wait to see our pictures each day.  Last night I started getting invited to be in other people's pictures.  So if your grandma or grandpa happened to have been on a cruise - and you see someone that has curly hair, 2 silver crutches and a huge smile.....well it might be me!!! Say Cheese!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Old Man Winter

So I hear that perhaps winter has set in back home.  I have heard that it is REALLY COLD.   And VERY SNOWY.  And even HORRIBLY ICY.  I have to admit that while of course I am very sad and sorry for all those that are cold - I may have slightly smiled when I heard Old Man Winter had finally arrived. It isn't like I WANT everyone to be cold back home but as I am one to thoroughly enjoy the moment I am living in.....My moment happens to be sun-filled and warm.  I am sure you are not smiling when you get the reverse news. I am in the warm sun - you are in the cold winter  - but I assure you the warm sun brings lots of smiles.  Lots and Lots!  My younger daughter told me to soak it all in because I will never find it again once I get back home.  So I will listen to her and soak it all in.  Maybe if I am really really lucky I can keep a little of it to bring home with me.  You never know.  Stay warm! I am thinking of you all.

Friday, January 20, 2012

YMCA! Sing it with me!!!

Every night my mom and sister and I go to whatever "game show" the cruise is putting on.  One night it was Battle of the Sexes, another night was Name that Tune.  We are very good at game playing so we love to participate.  Last night the game of the evening was called "Sea Quest".  The show lounge was divided up into 4 sections and each section had a team captain.  Surprise Surprise - my sister and I were the team captain for Team One. The game involved some running back and forth to the game show host so my sister was the official runner. The object of the game was to have your team produce whatever the host asked for and be the first team to run to the host with your team number and the asked for item.  We had our team VERY excited to participate.  We got the ball rolling earlier in the evening and had the lounge doing the "YMCA" dance...from their chairs.  I said, 'Come on people!!  You can do it even from your scooters and wheel chairs!"  At first everyone was very quiet and hesitant but with more encouragement we had pretty much everyone dancing along. "Y M CA its fun to stay at the YMCA!" By the time the game officially started our team was warmed up and ready for action!  The host asked for various odd objects such as car keys (which NO one had because who would be driving on a cruise vacation?) We substituted scooter keys for the car keys and immediately had them by the boat load! Combs, empty purses, picture of grandchildren, picture of the White House (found that one on currency), belts, shoelaces - you name it.  It was a race to get everything up to the host as fast as we could. When the host asked for false teeth.......well yes we got them too.  My sister never grabbed a napkin so quickly in her entire life!!!!!! I am sure it is no surprise that we won.  Everyone on our team got........BINGO CARDS! We have now pretty much reached hero status onboard.  Of course we gave our bingo cards away and now all day long we have been asked if we will be at the game show tonight. Yes. Yes we will...because everyone knows it is fun to stay at the YMCA!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

That Made My Heart Smile

I have to say I have become quite popular on the cruise.  I have people coming up to me all day long asking how I am doing and how my ankle is.  I have several people that remind me to take it slow and to put my foot up.  I am surrounded by many new grandmas and grandpas I never knew I had.  It is now to the point that we have people join us in what we are doing.  We have a table for four each dinner - and of course that leaves one seat open. The first few nights the chair remained empty but the other night we had an elderly gentleman come and sit with us because he wanted to share the evening with the happiest looking group he ever saw.  This has led to other people wanting to sit with us and so we never know who will come and join us. I have heard a lot of sad tales about people losing their loved ones.  I can hardly keep the tears back.  There are a lot of older single people traveling on this cruise.  Last night a man named George sat with us.  I guessed George's age to be around 65 tops. Nope!  He is 81. He shared with us how he lost his wife and he has never been the same since.  He also said he really wanted to go to the show that evening.  Well the show wasn't exactly my cup of tea - but I didn't tell George that and said I would go with him.  The entertainer sang all the old classics.  And by old I mean "Camp Town Ladies" and "The Saints Come Marching In".  You should have seen the entire Vista Lounge light up with the clapping with "Oh When the Saints...."  All through the show George kept saying, "Don't you love this?" and "Oh I am so happy to sit with you" and "You make my heart smile".  So when George asked me at the end of the show, "Didn't you just love that?"  I turned to George and said that I Loved it.  And you know...I really did.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Well ... The Horse is a Surprise!

If you have ever seen the animated movie "The Road to El Dorado" you might remember the scene where Tulio and Miguel are in a rowboat, lost at sea, almost near death, with a HORSE in the boat.  I think it was Miguel who asks Tulio, "Did you think it would end like this?" And Tulio says, " Well, the horse is a surprise".  So my mom and my sister and I took a whale watching expedition trip yesterday.  We got picked up off our ship in Samana Dominican Republic. We were herded onto a very small "boat" with a "metal" roof. I distinctly remember saying to my mom, "Don't worry - I am sure this is just the boat that takes you to the whale watching boat".  We were packed in so tightly that there was no air space between us.  The boat had obstructed views and was quite cramped.  The first thing the captain said was everyone had to put a life jacket on. Okay.  We all obliged. Then we found out that this was indeed the "boat" for the day. We took off in what I consider stormy seas and we spent the next 90 minutes packed in shoulder to shoulder, butt to butt, on our journey to see the whales.  The bay is notorious for having over 3,000 humpback whales each winter. As we continued towards the bay - every wave we hit brought down gallons of cold water on our heads.  Wave. Splash. Wave. Splash. We had to close our eyes to prevent the river of seawater from blinding us.  About halfway to the bay - the symphony of seasickness began. One by one the sardine squished whale watchers started getting sick. Wave. Splash. Vomit. Wave. Splash. Vomit. Seasick bag after seasick bag was passed out to the passengers and believe me - they were ALL full. When we finally made it to the bay - the captain said that although the bay USUALLY has 3,000 whales - today there are only 3. Three whales.  That is all. I mean we DID get to see the whales  - which was AWESOME but you could only see them if you could kind of lean and squeeze your head through a small opening between other people's shoulder blades. It was tricky.  Only the people on one side of the boat could see - and even with that - only the people lucky enough to be on the end had a view. So we sat for an hour and saw the 3 whales - maybe 3-4 times and then.....it was time to go back.  Wave. Splash. Vomit. Luckily my sister, my mom and I stayed strong and never got sick.  We were drenched, teeth chattering and a bit beat up from the ride.  When my sister asked if that was what I thought the whale watching trip would be like - the only thing I could say was, "Well the horse was a surprise!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Have Found My People!

To say that my sister and I are the youngest people on this cruise would be a big understatement.  Almost all the passengers on board have at least 20 years on us - some even more.  Yes. I have found my people.  I am in the land of canes and crutches and I fit right in! I am not the slowest walker/hobbler any more! There are still MANY people who can definitely beat me in a foot race here but there are an equal amount of people that I can keep pace with. I can walk as slowly as I would like - and no one minds.  Everyone walks slowly and everyone is friendly and kind to me and my hobbling.  Many of the passengers and I  have become fast friends.  I hear a lot of "Oh Bless your Heart" so I know I am completely blessed on this cruise and in good company.  I have heard many stories from other passengers on how they broke their hip/wrist/ankle/leg so we can all swap our various injury stories.  Amazingly - no one I have talked to so far has broken their leg/ankle outrunning a wild pack of cheetahs whilst escaping a horrific volcano eruption during an adventurous rock climbing expedition.  Just me.  Of course I say it was either that or I slipped in the mud.  Oddly - everyone automatically assumes it was the fall in the mud that did me in. Go figure. We have had some good laughs and I am finding myself surrounded by a lot of really nice thoughtful friendly people.  Guess I better go. I am needed for a "Name that Tune" trivia challenge.  We will have the music of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and today ALL covered!  We will win this thing!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Internet...where for art thou?

Despite the advertised  promise of "Wi-Fi available for purchase" - I think maybe they don't quite know that most people like wi-fi internet service that is reliable.  And stays on. And doesn't quit in the middle of sending an email. Or only downloads a partial email. Or doesn't load at all. I purchased the wi-fi package that is the equivalent cost of almost 3 months of service at home only to have it stuck in "Checking for Mail" mode for EVER.  The only package that is available is a by the minute package and it took 26 minutes to upload one blog post. ARGH!  I am so sorry if I miss someone's email to me or facebook posting.  I will not give up my many attempts to log on and retrieve my email but I am afraid my correspondence will be lacking. I will do my very best to stay in touch but if somehow my posts don't make it or my replies never get to you - I promise to re-post and re-send everything once I return.  Until then I will be faithfully writing and responding each and every day.  Talk to you soon!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Few Extra Scratches Behind the Ear

I am off on my big adventure with my mom and sister. I am leaving all the cold weather behind and heading towards sunshine and warm warm warm blue skies.  I already miss Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  One of the very best parts of working from home is that we are always together.  We eat lunch together. We have our morning coffee together.  We work together. We play together. We have fun with the doggies together. Mr. Yesteryear Acres is a huge part of my every day existence.  I always think about how fun my adventures will be but then the second I depart, I miss him so terribly.  I just love Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  He is my very best friend.  He will be taking care of all the puppies and all the work and as always - Mr. Yesteryear Acres will be doing an awesome job.  He is a doggie's very best friend too.  The puppies and doggies all love him and I will know the doggies will all get a ton of love and probably a few extra scratches behind the ear while I am gone.  I have a feeling Mr. Yesteryear Acres misses me as much as I miss him.  Thanks Mr. Yesteryear Acres. I will be home soon!!!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Toes

So despite the fact my ankle looks like it swallowed a softball, I am making progress on my mobility.  I called and talked to the nurse at the surgeons office and she said the swelling was normal so I am going to take her word for it.  I was worried because it looks worse now than when I broke it.  Hopefully she is right and this is just part of the healing process. I have been able to get up and down the stairs in an upright position so this is a great improvement.  I am all done doing the butt scoot up the stairs!  That part is awesome!  I am also able to let all the doggies in and out of the house all by myself which is another huge improvement. The doggies are all happy with the progress. My mom must be happy too because she came over with some presents for me. My surgeon wants me to wear a lace up sneaker so my mom came over with brand new shoes and new socks for me. I have SUPER soft knee high socks for my walking cast and then shorter really cute colorful socks for my ankle brace. I am totally outfitted with the cutest socks you have ever seen. Each day I can think about which cute sock I would like to wear and then I can just keep on trucking.  One foot in front of the other! PROGRESS!

Friday, January 13, 2012

And she was there until the crinkles set in

I have to say that my slowly healing broken leg/ankle is a bit sore.  My pathetic little calf muscle is doing its very best but still has a long way to go.  I am not sure why I thought I would magically be able to walk as soon as the big heavy cast came off, but in my mind, I figured I would just sail right out of the doctor's office.  I realize now that it is going to take a little bit of time before my leg is fully functioning.  Distances that appear to be short at first glance are a lot longer once I get hobbling along. So today, when I got the opportunity to soak in a real tub filled with real bubbles and real hot steamy water - I took it.  I took it and never looked back.  Once I slipped into the hot lovely comforting luxurious bath - I almost never got back out again.  Water. Real Water.  Hot water to soak in. Bubbles to sit in. OH MY. It felt sooooooooo good.  I missed water.  I missed soaking in a tub.  I missed it sooooo much.  I don't think I have ever appreciated a tub quite as much as I did today.  My calf muscle thanked me. My healing leg thanked me. My ankle thanked me. My skin thanked me.  I thanked the water right back. I stayed in until I was nothing but crinkles!  Ahhhh. Heaven.  A bath full of hot steamy water and me.  I think I am going to have to do it all again tomorrow!!!! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleared for Take-Off

A little over 12 years ago my mother asked my sister and I if we would like to make a commitment together to take a vacation every 5-10 years - just us girls. As you can imagine we both quickly said, "YES!" We had never gone anywhere just the 3 of us and in addition at that time in our lives we hadn't had the opportunity to go on many vacations. Both my sister and I were wondering where we would go. State Park? Camping? Maybe even something as fabulous as going to the Sunshine State? Where would our mom take us?  Well she surprised us by taking us on a cruise! We couldn't believe it.  We were SO excited.  A cruise was something we had always dreamed of but never in our whole lives did we think we would actually go on one.  When we boarded the ship I couldn't hold back the tears of happiness.It was beyond my greatest vacation dream come true. We had the best time ever. Here we are......a LONG time ago.
See how long ago?  I am DEFINITELY less fluffy.  This is back in the day where having our picture taken in a bathing suit was not followed by an immediate reaction of "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Nooooooooooooooooo!" Look at my sister.  She is wearing a bikini! This only proves we were soooo young because the word bikini is a four letter word now. Look at my mom.  She has ummmmmmmmmm she has ummmmmmmmmm hair that is................not............."platinum".  Maybe we look SLIGHTLY younger in this picture than how we appear now.  Slightly less fluffy too. Although I still say fluffiness is cute right?! RIGHT?!
Here is my sister and I this Christmas saying, "We look EXACTLY the same!"
Here's my mom saying, "Of COURSE we do sweetie!"
2 years ago my mom started planning another fabulous cruise for the 3 of us and of course we could barely contain our excitement! I love my sister! I love my mom!  I love a big huge cruise ship with endless food and entertainment and views of the ocean! Our trip was set when..............yes someone decided to fall in slippery mud and break an ankle, rip a tendon and lose the use of a precious and much loved leg for the past 6+ weeks. The trip looked doomed. Even my surgeon said the trip looked doomed. Well yesterday the surgeon said as long as I was careful.....I was cleared for take-off! I got permission to go!  So next week - Bon Voyage!  My mom and my sister and I will still have our vacation together! Now while I can promise you lots of smiles, I can promise you pictures, I can promise you stories, what I cannot and will not promise is a picture of my sister and I in swimsuits! Especially in a bikini!!  You are welcome.  I knew you were worried that we would try to recreate the magic of that picture.   Don't worry though....the smiles will be the same!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Phase????

Well I am back from the orthopedic surgeon's office. I had new x-rays taken and everything is healing nicely.  In fact the surgeon said - the first phase has gone well.  First phase?  As in more than one phase???  I wasn't aware of additional phases. In my mind....my cast would come off and I would walk out of there a happy woman free and easy and able to carry a cup of coffee!!!!!!! Not so fast.  I have merely graduated to a walking boot cast.  I have to use the walking cast and crutches for the next week or two.  I was also fitted with a brand new awesomely attractive ankle brace!  OOOOH.  I have to wear the ankle brace for the next month all the time, and then the following month I have to wear it any time I am exercising or walking a long distance.  Evidently this beautiful ankle brace can only be worn with a lace up sneaker.  Guess what I don't own? Yep. I don't have a single sneaker!  I know you are thinking HOW can that be possible! Well in the summer I have my most awesome and well loved walking sandals. I LOVE my walking sandals.  I wear them all the time. I wear them hiking. I wear them in the woods. I wear them when I do my 3-5 mile walks.  I love them.  In the winter I wear boots.  See?  No need for sneakers!  Now I need sneakers. I have to wear sneakers for the next TWO months.  NO other shoe is allowed!!! Hmmm. This is not how I envisioned the day going. I also didn't envision that when I stood up when I got down from the examining table that I would almost fall over. I mean in my mind - my leg would hurt and I can deal with that. What I didn't plan for was my leg NOT TO WORK.  I literally lost all my muscle mass in my leg so I have to wear the walking cast to build up some muscle. I also tore the tendon that attaches the Achilles tendon to the calf muscle which still is not healed. I have to use crutches and slowly increase the amount of weight I can put on my leg.  Once I can support my weight fully, then for the next week I have to use my walking cast without crutches and move on to using a cane.  Then I get to graduate to my ankle brace while using a cane for the next 2 weeks and then after that - just the ankle brace for the next 2 months or so.  Does that sound like someone carrying a cup of coffee today?  Does that sound like someone who was ready to throw the crutches up in the attic FOREVER? Hmmmm. Also - remember how I was going to wear REAL JEANS?  Not with the walking boot cast.  Argh.  More skirts. More crutches.  More time.  I had to turn in my fancy knee scooter and say a tearful goodbye.  Now it is just me and my boot and my crutches.  Hobble Hobble Hobble.  PHASE TWO BEGINS!!!!!  I guess I am ready. One two hobble hobble......one hobble at a time!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last Hop-a-long... Roll-a-long Day!

Oh I cannot WAIT until tomorrow morning! I go see the orthopedic surgeon and if all goes well...the cast comes OFF! I will be able to WALK AGAIN! Well maybe not exactly walk but at least I will be able to hobble!  My broken leg is soooooooo tiny.  It is a supermodel leg!  It is the smallest most slender leg you have ever seen.  It makes my other leg seem ginormous! Each day when my bandage gets changed, I have watched my bad leg ever so slowly disappear.  It is astonishing how quickly a muscle can shrink!  I have virtually no calf muscle whatsoever.  I am thinking the first few steps might be somewhat challenging. Even so - nothing is more challenging than not walking at all!  I have rolled around my house here for 6+ weeks.  The only times I have gone out of the house were for Christmas and to the surgeon's office.  It has been a long 6 weeks!  I can't bring my dinner plate to the dining room.  I can't bring a puppy from one room to the other. I can't bring a cup of coffee with me.....ONE MORE DAY and I can do all of those things! Oh I cannot wait to CARRY something and go from one room to the next! I can tell you that without a doubt - if you want to appreciate something that perhaps you might take for granted, such as getting your own cup of coffee, try doing without and you will be ever so grateful to be able to do that again the rest of your life! Walking down the driveway in the pouring rain to get the mail....GRATEFUL!  Carrying a load of laundry upstairs....GRATEFUL!  Getting a glass of water when I am thirsty and not waiting an hour for someone to come in the house to get it for me....GRATEFUL! Washing my own clothes and then folding them and then putting them away....GRATEFUL!   Walking upstairs and going to bed at night....GRATEFUL! Wearing REAL LIFE JEANS.....GRATEFUL!  I am just one day away from putting on a real pair of pants!  Goodbye skirts!!!!  Oh my dear skinny leg...I HAVE MISSED YOU! This is the LAST Hop-a-long, Roll-a-long day!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh boy! Oh Boy! OH BOY!

Something must be in the water here at Yesteryear Acres. Something that makes us all say...."Oh boy! Oh Boy!! OH BOY!!!!"  This is what we said when Juneau delivered her babies. She had 12 pups and 10 of them were boys.  This is what we said when Cheyenne delivered her babies.  She had 6 pups. All were boys.  This is what we said when Eloise delivered her babies.  We said, "Oh BOY!" seven times in a row.  Number 8 was ....A GIRL!!!  So when Ginger delivered her puppies and we had FIVE girls - we thought the "something in the water" disappeared. Well wouldn't you know it. Phoebe didn't want to be left out.  Phoebe didn't want Ginger to have ALL the brand new Goldendoodle baby attention. Phoebe who barely looked pregnant and we were all sure the breeding did NOT take, decided she would do her very best to make us all say, "OH BOY!" once again.  First baby born....OH BOY! and OH BOY! as one was followed quickly by the other.  She wanted to make sure we were wide awake and ready for the big event.  This was followed by a nice leisurely nap and then one hour later...OH boy again!  We ended up saying OH BOY .....7 times!  We were quite pleased with our little bundle of 7 boys.  Phoebe looked quite proud as well.  She kept smiling and wagging her little tail saying - look at my 7 beautiful bouncing baby boys.  2 hours later, Phoebe's smile was a little bit bigger.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I did a double take.  We counted and then recounted. EIGHT!  Number 8 arrived without a lot of fanfare but.......OH GIRL! Look at the sweet little babies.......
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy......OH girl!

The picture was taken right after they were born so they are all new and pink.  The nose pigment doesn't develop for a few days.  When the new pictures are posted next week, the puppies will all have black noses. In case you didn't know - little boy puppies make AWESOME doggie companions! They are SO loveable. They love everyone and are nice and easy going. Another awesome thing about boy doggies is.....how do I put this delicately....their "plumbing" is on the outside.  This means no puppy vaginitis, rarely if ever puppy UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) and no stitches when it is time to get neutered. A quick in and out and a bag of frozen peas will do the trick!  It is far less expensive too.  So YEA for OH BOYS!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Step Up My Game

Last night Mr. Yesteryear Acres walked in the door way past dinner time -it was almost bed time before he arrived home.  He had been delayed in Annapolis and didn't get to leave the Naval Academy until well into the afternoon. My daughter needed some last minute emergency help from Mr. Yesteryear Acres and as always - he saved the day. He is the most reliable and most dependable Hero of the Day (I might even go as far to say he is my hero each and every day). With my daughter's endless gratitude Mr. Yesteryear Acres headed on home. Despite being really sleepy, Mr. Yesteryear Acres made it home safe and sound. When he walked in the door, I gave him my usual "Hi! SO GLAD you are home!' and hugged him and was super glad to see him.  Evidently I need to step up my game.  My dogs totally out shined me in in the welcome home department.  My welcome home was like lukewarm bread and water while their welcome home was more like a fabulous Prime Rib Dinner with all the trimmings. I DID give Mr. Yesteryear Acres a hug hello.  I DID tell Mr. Yesteryear Acres I was glad to see him but noooooooooooooo that was mere pittance compared to the stampede that ensued the moment the doggies heard Mr. Yesteryear Acres say. "I'm Home!" Suddenly all the doggies in the house came running towards Yesteryear Acres with their tails wagging on full speed.  There were even audible whimpers of appreciation for his return.  Kisses, hugs, tail wagging, prancing, a cornucopia of doggie dancing all hailing their mighty hero's great return.  As far as they were concerned Mr. Yesteryear Acres had been gone for EONS.  He had been gone so long they almost perished without him.  And of course Mr. Yesteryear Acres was all smiles - hugging the doggies and laughing and so full of love and joy and .....hey WAIT A MINUTE!  I think Mr. Yesteryear Acres was WAY more excited to see the doggies than he was to see me! Their greeting must have lasted 15 whole minutes. 15 minutes of jumping for joy.  I think my greeting lasted 15 seconds.  Something is wrong here. I need to definitely step up my game!  I think next time I will have to have trumpets blaring, drill team marching, parade, floats, and a whole lot of cheering. MR. YESTERYEAR ACRES!!!  YOU ARE HOME!  YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Popcorn and Movie Night

Last night my son and I had popcorn and movie night. It was awesome!  Just the two of us watching movies and taking it easy.  I think we were both feeling the absence of our whole family being together so we took some time to enjoy each other's company and have some fun.  He is just the best company. I know not many mothers can say that of their 15 year old sons. I am the lucky one.  My son likes to hang out with me and I love hanging out with him. He is SO much fun to be with. He is caring and kind and funny and helpful and he absolutely cracks me up.  He has the greatest sense of humor even if it leans heavily towards the sarcastic side. I can't imagine WHERE he got that!! We watched movies until after midnight surrounded by doggies and puppies and lots of laughter.  The popcorn was pretty delicious too! I couldn't ask for a better Friday night! I am wondering if he would go for round two tonight.....GOOD PLAN!

Friday, January 6, 2012


What IS this? I don't hear anything.  I don't hear laughter. I don't hear commotion. I don't hear pots and pans or TV shows or radios blaring or doors slamming or ANYTHING.  EVERYONE is GONE! WAH! I can't remember the last time I was ALL alone.  It adds insult to my empty nest! Mr. Yesteryear Acres left early this morning to drive my older daughter back to the Naval Academy. Despite my stage of denial, despite my steadfast resolve to NOT believe she was leaving, despite my desperate attempts to secretly stash her in my home forever....she left! On time! Mr. Yesteryear Acres took her! And the puppies! My son is at school. My younger daughter is at college. My older daughter and Mr. Yesteryear Acres are on the road and here I sit....Alone.  Just me and my broken leg/ankle.  Just me and my cast.  Just me and my shadow. No wait no shadow because despite what I am told about it being beautiful and sunny outside - I am all alone in the house with no sunshine. Sadness! I suppose if you are going to make a transition from  happy house full of children to empty nest - you should just RIP the band aid off and do it with gusto.  And so I am alone in the house listening to silence. Mr Yesteryear Acres won't be back until tomorrow! I swear I am not counting the minutes until my son gets off the bus from school. I swear I am not thinking of how much I would like my cup of coffee that is sitting in the microwave. I swear I am not thinking of how many more minutes until I hear the bus roll up the hill. I swear I will not pounce on my son the second he walks in the door.  I probably should repeat that one because I don't actually want to accost him with YOU ARE HOME! I MISSED YOU! OH MY GOSH I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE HOME! because after all he is 15 years old and I am thinking he would not quite appreciate my enthusiastic almost desperate welcome. So I won't count the minutes. Really.  I am won't. 49.....48......47.......

Thursday, January 5, 2012

That is SO not happening

My older daughter is not going back to the United States Naval Academy at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Nope.  No way.  I have adamantly stuck by this statement all day.  I am not in denial. It simply isn't happening.  All day long we stuck to the fact she is SO not leaving in the morning.  We had our "last" breakfast this morning, all the while talking about what we will have tomorrow....when she is CLEARLY still here.  We had our "last" lunch this afternoon, all the while talking about how we have the same thing tomorrow...when CLEARLY she is still here.  We watched movies as soon as we woke up, didn't pack, didn't move, ate popcorn, watched more movies because she is SO not leaving in the morning.  In fact, at this very moment, while I am writing my blog, it may LOOK like she is packing up all her stuff, but it is merely a mirage.  The huge piles of clothes, her sea bag, her Christmas gifts, her uniform, her boxes all sitting ready to go into the car is obviously a giant hologram.  Tomorrow I cannot possibly be left here all alone while Mr. Yesteryear Acres drives my daughter back to the Naval Academy. That is so not happening! Time for another movie!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I have 7 days left of torture.  Just 7.  I have made it through 5 long weeks of having my leg in a cast.  I can't walk anywhere.  I can't go to the kitchen and heat up a cup of coffee and then bring it back to my computer area.  I can't climb a step stool, bend down to the ground, or carry anything anywhere.  It is an understatement to say that having a broken leg/ankle is frustrating. I cannot wait until I can take my first step again.  I will never take walking for granted again!  I will do my very best for the rest of my life to never complain about having to go exercise.  I can't tell you how many times I wish I could go take a walk this past month and a half.  In thinking back when I had two good legs, I realized I actually COMPLAINED about having to go walk for exercise.  I made excuses up just so I wouldn't have to go take a walk.  Those days are over.  I will be sure to look at my exercise walks with a fresh new perspective. I will be grateful to be able to walk to the kitchen, walk to my pond, walk through the woods, walk through the grocery store, walk to my car.  I haven't been able to drive or go anywhere or do much of anything since I fell over Thanksgiving weekend.  My waist line is painfully aware of how much I have NOT done.  It keeps growing and growing.  Sitting around is not good for maintaining a healthy figure. (Eating ice cream every night evidently doesn't help either!) The second my cast comes off, I will WALK!  I will smile when I walk!  I will walk through the woods, I will walk in the rain, and in the snow, and in the heat and in the cold and I will be thankful for every step. ONE WEEK TO GO!!!!  Dear cup of coffee so patiently waiting for me in the kitchen....I will see you soon!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Missing You

Today I had to say goodbye to my younger daughter as she left to go back to college.  I haven't had to do the goodbye after Christmas departure with her before.  I can't say I enjoyed it.  Either did she.  We are both super sad and it seemed harder than usual to say our goodbyes.  Christmas break was wonderful.  All 3 kids home, laughing, having fun, spending all our time together - it was perfect.  I hate it that reality has to be so harsh. My older daughter departs on Friday and with that - our time together is over.  I know these moments together will become more and more rare as they get older. The other day my mother-in-law and I were looking at old photographs and she said - wouldn't it be nice if we could just keep them like that.  I have to say - I wish I could keep them here forever. *Sniff Sniff*  All I can do is try to remember one of my favorite quotes,
"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."  ~Kahlil Gibran

I know I am blessed to feel so much sadness....  I have a family that fills me with that much love.

Monday, January 2, 2012

First Snowfall!

Winter came by for a visit today! SNOW fell from the sky and slightly blanketed Yesteryear Acres for a little while.  It caused much excitement!  REAL SNOW!  We haven't had snow all winter long!  Every day is rain rain rain and more rain.  To see real white beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky was a gorgeous and much awaited sight to see!  The doodles were happy.  The puppies were happy. The doggies were happy. AND the people were happy too!  SNOW! YEA!
We got just a whisper of snow but still enough to bring smiles to everyone here at Yesteryear Acres
Blossom ran out to get the first taste
I LOVE the snow!!!!!!
I don't know what it is .....but I like it!
Can we play outside all day?
And have hot chocolate when we are done!
Eloise's little baby Goldendoodles stayed inside all snuggied together as warm as can be 
Scarlet's little double doodle baby says, "I hope there is still some snow when I am big enough to play!"

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! 2012 is here and today is a brand new start to a brand New Year.  Last night everyone made it to ring in the New Year's celebration.  This is not an easy feat as Mr. Yesteryear Acres is usually the first to fade but he was wide awake as we all chanted the infamous countdown together. It was such a blessing to ring in the New Year gathered all together. I am so grateful for each and every minute I have with my family all under one roof.  Today will be spent putting away the Christmas decorations and saying goodbye to some of our cute puppies as they join their new families.  Tonight is the traditional, never to be missed, must have, Pork and Sauerkraut dinner.  We are all saving our appetite for the New Year's feast.  Tomorrow is our last day all together so we will be squeezing as much family time as we can into these last few moments. Happy New Year! May your life be filled with the blessings of family and love!