Thursday, December 31, 2015

Painting Christmas Present

This Christmas my son and Bri gave all the girls a trip to a painting class.  Last night we had our class and it was so much fun!!!!!!! There were about 35-40 people in the class. The instructor wanted us to paint the Aurora Borealis.
This was the painting we were all to paint.....
This was the finished example and then the instructor painted a brand new replica and gave us step-by-step instructions.

Paintbrushes ready!

We were super excited to start!
The class was 3 hours long

And the time flew by!

Our almost finished pieces!
Bri's Masterpiece 
My younger daughter's masterpiece

My older daughter's masterpiece
and mine......I didn't exactly follow the directions.  I wanted a fireworks show of the Aurora Borealis in my painting.....Happy New Year's Eve!

Now that is one beautiful fireplace mantel!!!!!
Thanks for the Painting Christmas present! 
We LOVED our night out!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Busy But Fun!

Today was a super busy day.  It has been non-stop on the go but as always - we manage to make the most fun out of each and every day.
What trip to the Warehouse Club would be complete without testing out the giant bear and castle?

Can we keep him?
He just wants a hug!

My very own castle!
Sadly - we left the bear.....and the castle.
(Obviously, I am the meanest mom ever)
Shopping makes us hungry! Time to make dinner!

Homemade Pasta Night 
The perfect end to a busy fun day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Big Sister to the Rescue

My older daughter went to my younger daughter's house today to help make freezer meals. My younger daughter's schedule at work is always changing.  She will have to work nights one week, early mornings the next week and sometimes mid-day, overnights, and early mornings all in the same week.  She never knows her schedule in advance so having healthy dinners has been an obstacle for her.  My older daughter has perfected the art of never knowing when she will be home.  She decided to lend her talents to her younger sister and help teach her how to prepare at least a week's worth of meals in one day.  Big sister to the rescue!
Fresh Vegetables are first on the list
Delicious with any meal! 
Ready for the oven!
Everyone loves Roasted Veggies!

A little Spaghetti Sauce
A little Marinated Chicken Breast
 and before you know it.....
Individual Meal Packets are ready!

Voila! A freezer full of happiness!
Dear Older daughter of mine,
Thanks for the big sister rescue.
Your little sister will be smiling with her full and happy tummy for weeks!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Ready Set Rain!

This has been the soggiest week and given it is the end of December, all this rain is not appreciated.  It should be snowy white outside!  Instead - mud, mud and more mud! The puppies have been really good about going outside in between the downpours.  They are getting good at dodging the mud puddles and getting their business done quickly.
"We like the sidewalk"

3 Clean Goldendoodle Girls!

"Wanna Hug?"

Bri is here!

"YAY!  We love her!"

"Let's Follow her!"

"Where did she go?"

"Did she say the rain is coming?"

"Time to go back in!"

"Here we come!"

"Single File Please"

"We made it"

"One last investigation before we go in"

"Alright we are ready"

"That was fun!"

"Thanks Bri!"
Marmalade's Double Doodle Puppy Time! 
"Time to Fly!"

"Ears ready for take off!"

"Ears make good airplanes!"


"I'm Flying!"

"Coming in for a landing!"
"We loved our airplane game Bri!"

"That was so much fun"

"Bri always thinks of good games to play"
"Hey Bri......I wonder what my brother tastes like?" 
"Did you feel that? Ready Set Rain!"
"Happy Monday!"