Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Hey Look! Winter is Back!

 Just when I thought I was going to lose my ever loving mind cleaning up muddy paw print after muddy paw print - (HONESTLY just throw my whole house and car away at this point as it would be faster than trying to clean up all this mud) GUESS who decided to show up again.... It's WINTER!!!
That means no more mud slides!
And no more Ernie longingly staring out the windows
It means long winter walks
VERY LONGGGGG winter walks- PLEASE get your zoomies out of your bodies
And VERY happy doodles
On sweet frozen ground!
"We are so happy Winter is back!"
Ready.... Go LONG
Ahhhh the serenity I feel
And for added exercise...
Thank you Winter for coming back to me!
Now I have very happy tired doodles and a floor that isn't caked in mud!!
Life is Good

Monday, January 30, 2023

Birthday Breakfast Bonanza!

 This past weekend was my 30th birthday! In true Yesteryear Acres fashion, we spent the day quite busy, but that didn't stop us from celebrating with delicious food!
Like a very wise movie once said-"Thirty Flirty and Thriving!" Especially with my big ole baby bump!
A midday birthday hot chocolate surprise from my sister!!! It was SO GOOD
My sister made ALL my favorite breakfast foods for dinner too!
She even found some new recipes that are now a MUST on anyone's birthday list!
 Like these pancake battered banana bites!!
Who doesn't love fresh squeezed orange juice with passion fruit!?!
It's a Birthday Breakfast Bonanza!
Heaven on a plate!
Everything was so good we couldn't even have cake!

But that is what the day AFTER your birthday is all about
Banana cake for Breakfast!
After all Mr. Yesteryear Acres said it has fruit in it!
Thank you to my family for such a wonderful Birthday Breakfast Bonanza Day!

Saturday, January 28, 2023

First ABC's Studio Sunday

 I had a super special helper in the Y Acres Studio this week!
It is Colton!!!
There was only one thing for us to do, a fun little scrap project for two!
We started to make Colton's first ABCs
The letter B out of bees was a BIG hit!
B is for BIG BOY!
And C is for Colton
Learning is...
A- Mazingly  Fun
Colton's fabric ABCs!
3 down and the rest to go!
A is for Aunt Amelia and Colton time
Is an alphabet soup of a good time!
Happy Sunday from Y Acres Studio!

Caturday Camera Roll Explosion

I LOVE our Devon Rex kitties sooooo much my heart could explode! My phone camera roll is nothing but doodles and devons! 
I get to share my cutest doodle pictures all week long which makes me so happy
But then I only have ONE day to share the Devon Rex gems I take during the week!
Like you CAN'T have Caturday without this little kitty yawn
Or my sous chef kitten
OR TWO devons snuggling!
Warm and toasty on the radiator bed I made :) :) 
Falling asleep mid sweatshirt string is a must
He has to make the blog!
Can't forget computer helper kitten!
Or Flannel Kitten
Or melting in a puddle of cuddles kittens
As you can see, my camera roll is just FULL
An explosion of cutest Caturday!!!
I am so glad I get to share them with you!!!


Friday, January 27, 2023

Fri-Yay Snowy Morning

 This morning we woke up to a frosty snowy Fri-Yay morning!! With a few flakes still falling from the sky, there was only one thing to do!
Want to play some Snow Fetch!?
Snowball retrieved! 
"Throw it again Mom!"
Dashing through the snoooooow
Over the field we go!
Happy Fri-Yay all the way!
Thank goodness we got to play in the snow before it was gone again!