Wednesday, July 31, 2019

That's A Lot of Rocks

With all of the early summer storms that brought flooding here to Yesteryear Acres, we are FINALLY almost all caught up on fixing our gravel driveway that was washed away. Mr. Yesteryear Acres has been working super hard to get us back up and running at full force! We had to order over 20 tons of gravel to repair what was damaged! THAT'S A LOT OF ROCKS!
First, Mr. Yesteryear Acres had to trim all the low hanging branches so the dump truck could drive through...
Luckily he has the best helper around! Hickory won't let a single branch go missing!
Then we got a batch of #57 screened limestone
A batch of washed round gravel for the ditches and new French drains to put in
And of course a bunch of the number 4 limestone!
Just like magic, the holes started disappearing! Ernie says, "Hey look how smooth this is!"
Hickory says, "Now I can run so fast, you can't even see me!"
The driveway looks so beautiful!!

Thank you for everything you do Dad!! You are a ROCK Star -hehehe :)

That sure is a LOT of rocks!



Tuesday, July 30, 2019

BIG Doggie Visitor

Our son Austin is watching a BIG doggie this week!!!!
He is watching a Great Dane named Dakota 
Is Dakota a doggie or horse???? 
The Doodles say we like our new Doggie/Horsey friend!!!! 
One thing is for sure.......
Great Dane = Great Big Love!!!!!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Dobermans are Kissable Too

Blue's Double Doodle puppies just love playing with our doberman Hickory.  
Oh boy Hickory is outside!
Let's get him! 
Hi Hickory! 
Whatcha doing? 
Wanna play? 
We could play ring around the 
Did you like that? 
Got ya! 
Hey everybody hurry up 
Hickory loves kisses! 
That was a good one wasn't it? 
Let's all play together 
How about freeze tag? 
Ready or not 
Now you can't move 
More kisses for you! 
I love doing that 
Hey Mr. Yesteryear Acres! 
Guess what? 
We have been having fun with Hickory! 
Guess what we told him? 
Dobermans are kissable too!  SMOOCHES! 
Thanks for all the love Hickory 
Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Miss that Laundry Service

Two weeks ago our washing machine started making more noise than usual.  The decibel level had been increasing with each passing day and finally reached about 150 decibels - the same as a jet engine taking off.  We couldn't even hold a conversation in the adjacent room.  And then of course - the washing machine died.  Dead.  Done. It is not even that old.  Washing machines used to last forever!  Not any more.  I wasn't prepared to buy a new washer.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres wasn't prepared to buy a new washer.  So the washing machine was carried outside and Mr. Yesteryear Acres began searching for the cause of its early demise.
When he got to this phase - it was clear - no more laundry would be taking place for quite some time.  Thankfully our daughter Amelia has been bringing our laundry to her home every night, washing it, and returning it nice and clean.  I have to say, I have enjoyed her laundry service!  Puppies make a lot of dirty laundry and every morning the laundry has been returned all clean.  Like Magic! 
Finally Mr. Yesteryear Acres found the culprits.  Time to order new "whatchamacalits and flux capacitors".   
Once the parts arrived, Mr. Yesteryear Acres made quick work of reassembling the washer.  It is now whisper quiet and our clothes are super clean.  Only one problem......
I really miss that Laundry Service!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Almost Sweet Corn Time

After working all day at Yesteryear Acres nothing is better than heading out to pick some fresh veggies for dinner!
It is nice to pick during the cooler part of the day 
What shall we pick?!
The sweet corn is SO close to being ready.  We are days away from mouth watering sweet corn for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 
Looks like another huge batch of green beans are ready to pick. We have had an excellent green bean crop this year. 
Potatoes, beets, cabbage, peppers - all doing great! 
And it is finally tomato time!!!!! 
Nothing better than tomato sandwiches for lunch!
Thank you Yesteryear Acres Garden!