Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Happy Birthday to Mr. Yesteryear Acres Mom!!!!

Today is Mr. Yesteryear Acres Mom's birthday!!!! We are so grateful and so happy to be able to celebrate her birthday today. We have had a very worrisome January as both Mr. Yesteryear Acres parents were hospitalized with the flu. There is simply nothing more heartbreaking than having two parents that you love SO much become very ill and then being able to do nothing but wait and hope and wait and hope for things to get better.  We have never been more relieved and thankful when their health started improving and they were finally released back to their home sweet home!  Each day they have been feeling better and better and each day we are so grateful!!!!
From big major life moments to...... 
all the days in between, Mr. Yesteryear Acres Mom is always there for us. She is a guiding light of unconditional love and support.  She is a pillar of strength and fiercely loves her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren to the very depths of her soul.  We are so blessed to have her in our lives and we are thankful for her love every single day. Happy Birthday!!!  We love you so much!!!!  Be ready for a huge birthday dinner celebration as soon as you are up for it! 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Doodle Pictures Picture Pictures

Time for a Yesteryear Acres Doodle Picture Overload!  Here are a few beautiful Doodle Doggie pictures sent in by their families.  Feel free to post your Doodle Doggie pictures too!!! WE LOVE THEM!
Here is 13 year old Rosie.  Last weekend, she earned her Iron Dog Award for 10 years of flyball racing. Way to go Rosie!!!!
Riley enjoying the snow! 
Bailey loves her toys! 
Brady and Max - Yesteryear Acres Goldendoodle Best Friends 
Christmas Loving Doodle
Chewie Says, "Me Too"
Bailey the Snuggle Doodle! 
Cora - Spa Day Doodle 
Griffin - looks just like his Mommy Blue! 
Hobbes celebrating his 11th Birthday  
Kofi likes her Spa Day Haircut! 
Minnie says, "I still love belly rubs!" 
Molly, another Blue Puppy all grown up! 
Lacey says, "this is the best seat in the house!" 
Winston loves his new winter coat
Please keep posting and sending us your Adorable Yesteryear Acres Doodle Pictures! We love seeing our Doodle Doggies!!!!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Cure for the Blue Monday

Do Mondays make you feel Blue?  Well here is a Blue Monday that is sure to make you smile......
Blue's Double Doodle Puppies are here!!!! 
We have seven beauties to love! 
Blue is taking excellent care of her new little ones  
7 Sleeping Babies 
6 Girls
and 1 Boy
Happy Blue Monday!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Happy Quarter of a Century!

Happy 25th Birthday to our sweet Amelia!!! Yesteryear Acres is so grateful to have Amelia as part of our Doodle Loving Family Business. She bring us happiness every single day and we are so lucky to have her endless devotion to our Doodle Doggies and Doodle Puppies.
Amelia brings smiles every day to both Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I
and the Doodle doggies!
Our Doodle Puppies love Amelia's endless cuddles
Thank you Amelia for all your hard work
Every day with you feels like sunshine and heart-felt happiness 
Happy Birthday Amelia!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Not a Morning Doodle

It is no secret that I am NOT a morning person. I don't understand how people can wake up and be so chipper and full of sunshine. I wake up and can barely form a coherent sentence. I need coffee in the morning like I need air to breathe! If you think I sound bad, which I totally agree with... you haven't met Maverick Doodle. He is simply NOT a morning doodle. I practically have to drag him out of bed so I can make it to work on time! Every. Single. Morning. He practically refuses to get out of bed until the LAST possible minute. In case you think I am exaggerating... here are just a few moments of proof. I call it a Collection of poses, By Maverick the doodle:
This is his "please turn off your alarm I am still sleeping" pose
The "are you sure we have to get up today" bed hog stretch
"I am too cute to come out of these covers this morning" puppy dog eyes
"You don't need your pillows any more since you are awake and I am not" maneuver
And last but not least,
 The "FINE I will get up, but only to sleep in my dog bed with my hedgehog toy until it is really time to leave" disgruntled doodle face

I love my goofy boy dearly... Maverick is simply not a morning doodle!



Friday, January 26, 2018

Only Two Cuties Left!

We have two adorable sweet doodle babies still looking for their furever homes!
Lily's Black Pawprints Goldendoodle Male says "Please cuddle with me"
I love to stay close to you! Like a furry shadow
I promise I will never LEAF you
Hehehe see what I did there? 
Clementine's Teddy Bear Labradoodle Male says "Aren't you looking for a real life teddy bear doodle?" 
I look just like a stuffed animal! 
I love to play too!
I am just sitting here waiting and wishing...
For my furever family to come bring me home!!

Don't worry doodles! I bet your future furever families are reading this right now!!!



Thursday, January 25, 2018

Find the Hidden Snow Piles

Last night white fluffy snow carpeted all of Yesteryear Acres. It was the kind of snow where you could really make out all the individual snowflakes in all their beautiful glory. It was absolutely gorgeous. We were all excited to have another snowy winter day today, but much to Maverick's dismay, almost all the snow melted by early afternoon. Grits and Maverick then spent the rest of the day playing"find the last of the hidden snow piles" and chased each other all over the place! Sliding and jumping from one pile of leftover snow to the next, they made the best of the snow they could find. They made me laugh so much I was actually a little grateful for the melting of my winter wonderland... But don't tell mother nature I said that!
Hey Amelia! HEY AMELIA! 
Guess what I found on the ground?! SNOW!
Hey Grits!! Want to find the leftover snow and jump in with me?
Let's go!! 
Here's some! 
I got this patch! POUNCE!
What's so funny Amelia? 
We are just enjoying our 'snow-you-can-find' day 
We will not give up until all the snow is found
Slurp! That snowflake was delicious! 
This is our best new favorite game EVER!

Thank you dear doodles for making my day full of laughter and fun. I love you goofballs so much.