Monday, September 30, 2013

Bunny Doodle

Well we have had some Kitten doodles, Doggie Doodles, Puppy doodles, Stinker Doodles and Deer doodles so why not ..........Bunny Doodles!
Yes we have our very own Bunny Doodles!

It takes some practice to get the Bunny Doodle look down perfectly

The key is to get a good running start

"Come on guys! It's easy! Follow me!"

"We can make our very own Bunny Doodle Parade!"

"My ears won't stay up! Maybe I am a Teddy Bear Doodle!"

"Hey! That looks like fun! We can't wait until we are old enough to try!"

"But right now....the tree leaves are bigger than we are"


"But it won't be long before I will grow up to be a Bunny Doodle too!"
Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coffee Day

Evidently today is National Coffee Day.  I had no idea.  A whole day devoted to the love of coffee! I am not sure why we need a National Coffee day because honestly - who isn't grateful for coffee EVERY day.  I am thinking that coffee does not need a holiday to be appreciated.  I know every morning when I wake up and stumble into the kitchen, all I can think is....."COFFEE"!  As the first sip hits my lips, a smile of appreciation envelops me.  I never think, "coffee again?".  No, that heavenly java is appreciated by me every day.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres has my delicious cup of coffee waiting for me every morning and every morning I thank him for my morning cup of happiness.  I think to fully celebrate this National Coffee Day I will make homemade coffee ice cream tonight.  Mmmmm.  Coffee ice cream is so delicious!  I might add some toffee pieces to make it even more delectable.  Coffee in the morning.  Coffee in the afternoon. Coffee Ice cream tonight.  Yes.  I have celebrated National Coffee day with all the magnificent grandeur it deserves.  Coffee.  I thank you.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Not a Speck of Dust

Clean the House Thursday kind of spilled over to Clean the House Friday which spilled over to Clean the House Saturday. At this exact clean.  The bath tubs do not have doodle doggie prints on them.  My floors are vacuumed.  The ceiling fans are all dusted. The beds have fresh clean sheets on them. The bathrooms are sparkly. Every single doggie dish, doggie bucket, puppy food dish....all clean.  The puppy area is vacuumed and clean with fresh bedding and new toys.  The doggie area is clean with floors mopped and doggie beds clean.  The sink is empty.  The dishwasher is empty. The clothes washer is empty and the dryer is empty.  There is no dirty laundry to wash. My house for the next 10 seconds is clean.  Yep. 10 seconds.  That is the approximate time before.....
The Doggies bring in mud and grass
Mr. Yesteryear Acres drops his dirty clothes on the floor
My son piles dishes in the sink
The puppies destroy a new toy and leave the stuffing in its wake
The doggie dishes are dirty
I get to start all over again.  But for now at exactly 5:57:00.  My house is clean.  Hey comes Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  Well it was lovely while it lasted!

Friday, September 27, 2013


I know so many people that are SO excited each and every Friday.  I get emails from family and friends extolling the virtues of a Happy Friday.  "It's FRIDAY! YAY!  It's the WEEKEND!!!!"  While I am so happy for their love of Friday, for me - Friday is exactly the same as Tuesday which is exactly the same as Saturday which is exactly the same as Wednesday which is exactly the same as Sunday.  There is no FRIDAY dance at Yesteryear Acres.  Every single day is pretty much the same.  Wake up. Clean up doodle doggie puppy poop. Let dogs out.  Let dogs in.  Clean up doodle doggie puppy poop.  Repeat. It doesn't matter whether it is Christmas morning or someone's birthday or a random Thursday.  Poop happens here every day!  Poop clean up and puppy time and more poop clean up will always be on the daily schedule.  When my daughter called me today after her last class of the day, I have to admit, I was a bit jealous.  Done already? Nothing until MONDAY? Mr. Yesteryear Acres said he could only dream of a day where he would be finished working by mid-afternoon.  Actually what he said was something along the lines of if he were done working in the middle of the day, he would be resting in a coffin.  Gosh he is a romantic isn't he? In any case, we love FRIDAYS as much as all the other days.  We are lucky that way.  Every day is a good day when you are surrounded by adorable puppies.  Happy FRIDAY everyone and have an awesome weekend!  I know we will!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Puppy Breath

Today Lady and Ginger's puppies marked another milestone in their development stage.  Today is PUPPY BREATH day.  When the puppies are really little, they do not have that unmistakable sweet puppy breath smell yet.  It takes a while for the puppies to actually have puppy breath.  When I walked into the puppy room this morning, I was not only greeted by a bunch of adorable sweet puppies but was also greeted by a bunch of adorable sweet puppies with cute puppy breath. I love that smell.  I know some people don't like it - but I think it smells wonderful.  Puppy breath goes hand in hand with puppy snuggles and puppy kisses and puppy love. Sadly the puppy breath stage doesn't last very long.  It is soon replaced breath! You know the "guess what I just found out in the yard" dog breath.  That one isn't quite as sweet.  Doggies don't realize they ever lost the puppy breath smell.  They will just give you a big kiss and breathe right in your face no matter how their breath smells.  You gotta love it though because with every breath they take, they are saying, "I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!"  That's what makes doggies the best. They just love you with all their doggie heart all day long and it never changes.  I love you too doggies....puppy breath or doggie breath.  You are the bestest friend a human could ever ask for.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Ribbon at a Time

Mr. Yesteryear Acres is one of those GET UP AND GO kind of guys.  He has an internal alarm clock that no matter how late we stayed up the night before, no matter how sleep deprived he may be, no matter how exhausted he is..... his internal alarm clock is set for 6:00am.  In fact sometimes it is set for 5:00am.  In all our married years together, this is something I will never understand.  WHY? WHY oh WHY must he get up so EARLY every SINGLE day?!  I do not have this internal alarm clock.  I actually need a real alarm clock to wake me up or else I would just stay all rolled up in my comfy covers forever.  I love my bed.  I love sleeping.  I hate waking up! Not Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  He loves the morning hours.  By the time I wake up around 7:30-8:00am, Mr. Yesteryear Acres is complaining that half the day has flown by. I have literally slept away HALF the day.  Ummmmm I don't think so. I have to remind him that while he fell asleep on the couch the second he sat down, I was up until way past midnight working.  I rarely get to bed before midnight - so really we have almost the entire day covered between the two of us.  It works out well with raising puppies.  Our puppies are only left unattended from midnight to 5:00-6:00am so they get TONS of love and attention all day long.  This morning when I woke up, Mr. Yesteryear Acres showed me sunrise pictures he had taken on his cell phone.  Maybe Mr. Yesteryear Acres has something to the get up early philosophy.  The pictures reminded me of a poem by Emily Dickinson...
"I'll tell you how the sun rose....
a ribbon at a time
Happy sunrise morning :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prescription RX Delivery

Right before lunchtime today the FED EX man pulled into our driveway.  Package!?!  Special Prescription Medication Delivery! My mom sent a crucial medication package for Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  His poor eye still looks like he was in a battle with a wrench......and the wrench won.  His eye is big and black and swollen and rather yucky looking.  Every now and then I hear Mr. Yesteryear Acres yell, "ARGH!"  Except that instead of "Argh" he yells something laced with slightly more adult language.  I calmly reply, "did you forget and rub your eye again?"  Yep.  So when his prescription eye medicine was delivered today - Mr. Yesteryear Acres was totally excited.  Once he opened the package, he was convinced of the healing powers within.  What was the magical prescription eye medicine? Bear Claws.  Yes. Bear Claws.  Cashew Nuts topped with lots of caramel dipped in milk chocolate. 100% guaranteed to fix any eye issue. My mom knows Mr. Yesteryear Acres so well.  She also knows me so well as she also sent Sea Salt Caramel Fudge.  I mean the caretaker of the "Wrench-in-the-eye" man needs relief too!  When my son arrived home from school and saw the remnants of the bear claws, he immediately starting coughing. He said he thinks he is coming down with something HORRIBLE.  He said even his eye hurts. Prescription Medicine needed pronto!  With our injury rate around here - we might need weekly deliveries!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Doodle Slippers

Happy Monday! Happy Autumn!  I can tell you that it really feels like fall weather here today.  I had to dig out a sweatshirt this morning AND a jacket! It was a bit chilly. Even the doodle doggies thought so.  They did their business and then ran right back inside.  Thank goodness they make good slippers! They are lying on my feet keeping them nice and warm while I upload this Monday's cute puppy pictures.  Enjoy!

Olive's puppies are getting big now!

It won't be too long before they will be ready for their new homes.

They are becoming experts at going outside

And love to go on walks with us

They love the cooler weather

Lady's Double Doodle puppies are too cute

They are the sweetest snuggle bears

Lady's Red Caramel girls say, "Happy Monday!"

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kitchen Day

I am sure it will not come as a surprise to learn that today, I roasted quite a bit of zucchini.  I believe I now have enough zucchini to last all winter long.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres likes his zucchini sauteed with onion just long enough so that it is soft.  He could literally eat that by the gallon.  He doesn't like the onions caramelized - just soft cooked with the zucchini.  I totally don't like it that way so I am stuck making two different versions of zucchini for the freezer.  I like mine roasted on a cookie sheet with caramelized onions and tomatoes.  I cook the entire roasting sheet until the veggies are almost black and super chewy.  I can eat THAT by the gallon!  Looks like roasted veggies for dinner tonight and then some!  I have several gallon freezer bags full of garden goodness packed away in the freezer so I am now all set.  To make the day complete I made 8 pints of raspberry jam as well. I was hoping to make more but I need to go pick more raspberries.  I will have to pick even more than I thought because evidently, Mr. Yesteryear Acres needs a raspberry pie in order to make his eye heal properly.  That and homemade vanilla ice cream.  He let me know that vanilla ice cream makes EVERYTHING better.  Guess I am not done in the kitchen quite yet.  I need to get busy making the "medical prescription" vanilla ice cream. We wouldn't want Mr. Yesteryear Acres to get worse!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vision Impairment?

Mr. Yesteryear Acres is doing well today despite the fact he is a deep shade of purple.  The doctor said there would be no vision impairment.  Luckily Mr. Yesteryear Acres missed his eye with the flying wrench.  My son likes to joke that if you get close enough to Mr. Yesteryear Acres face you can read the word, "Craftsman" right under his eye.  You can see we are overflowing with sympathy here.  I was pretty sure Mr. Yesteryear Acres was doing okay.  I mean he is having a little trouble seeing but he is unable to wear his glasses.  His eye is way too swollen and bruised so wearing glasses will have to wait a few more days.  This afternoon......I realized that perhaps Mr. Yesteryear Acres may be worse off than we ever thought.  I realized that perhaps Mr. Yesteryear Acres vision may in fact be seriously impaired.  What led me to this stark discovery?  Well today my son did the garden work so that Mr. Yesteryear Acres could have a little rest.
This is what he found........
Ummmmm How in the world can one miss Godzilla Zucchini???? It is the size of a baseball bat.  I can feed a small village.  Dear Mr. Yesteryear Acres...... I think you may need to have your eye examined again. Godzilla Zucchinis are overtaking the garden! I am almost afraid to see what the beets look like! Godzilla Garden Attack!

Friday, September 20, 2013

The End of the Story is.....

The end of the story is......Mr. Yesteryear Acres is back home and is okay.  The beginning of the story is.....Mr. Yesteryear Acres was fixing the hydraulic lines on the tractor when one of the bolts snapped and the wrench Mr. Yesteryear Acres was using came flying back and hit him right in the face. Since we live on a farm, I have to say, accidents happen with a depressing regularity so when I got a text asking for triage help, I was pretty calm.  I walked outside, and there was Mr. Yesteryear Acres with his face all covered in blood.  Okay.....Looks like a definite trip to Urgent Care.  The middle of the story of course is how we are welcomed to Urgent Care with HI!  YOU ARE BACK!  We are kind of like the Norm of Cheers at our Urgent Care.  Within no time, Mr. Yesteryear Acres was glued back together and sent home.  Gluing is SO much faster and easier than stitches!  That was a new one for us.  Now all we have to do is watch for signs of a sinus cavity fracture and have Mr. Yesteryear Acres sit still long enough to put ice on his face.  Even with a face like this....
He is still the most handsome man I know.  I wonder how beautiful he will be tomorrow morning when he wakes up!  The Urgent Care Doctor said it will be a doozy!  I think he just may be right!  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Resistance is Futile!

Last night the freshly picked apples were calling me.  They were up to no good.  They were not calling me to make healthy applesauce.  They were not calling me to make nutritious dehydrated apple rings.  They were not calling me with the intentions of "an apple a day keeps the Doctor away". No - they had evil plans.  The apples were calling me and saying things like caramel and candy and buttery goodness.  I held onto my will power as long as I could but alas I finally succumbed to their evil ways. I needed a delicious and slightly not so healthy apple fix and I needed it immediately.  What could be done? just so happens that I had a bag of mini snicker bars in my pantry.  I sliced several apples and put them in a casserole dish. I then chopped up the snicker bars and sprinkled them on top of the apples. 15 minutes later, I removed the pan from the oven and VOILA!  Snicker apples!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmm.  Yes.  If you are imagining chocolatey, caramely, nutty, apple are imagining exactly what came out of the oven.  Melted chocolate and caramel and crunchy nuts WITH fresh picked apples.  Now if you are imagining the entire casserole dish are imagining exactly what happened within minutes of the dish leaving the oven.  I sure hope the apples behave better tonight.  I heard rumors they would be talking about a sea salt caramel dip........... Oh no!  Apple conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!! Resistance is futile!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

I am back on track today.  Woke up and got busy right away.  First on the list was APPLES!  I picked four bushels of apples this morning.  They are delicious!  Now I have to think of all the things I can make with my bountiful harvest.  I am thinking first up will be caramel apples. Mmmmmmm.  Who doesn't love caramel apples?!  I also have to get busy making apple rings.  They last all winter long and are so good for snacks.  The only problem is that it takes a ton of apples and then once they are dehydrated - it looks like I didn't do any work at all.  Worse than that is that my kids can eat them SO fast!  I am always saying, "do you realize you just ate a PECK of apples?!" They literally vanish before my eyes. This afternoon when I was finished with my apple picking adventure, I started puppy spa day. Olive's puppies all got their first bath.  They did really well too!  The big caramel boy LOVED his bath.  He wanted to swim AND drink the water at the same time.  He is definitely his mama's boy! Olive would swim all day long if we let her.  Tonight we have company for dinner so I have to get busy getting dinner on the stove.  No worries though.  I am NOT putting Salsa on my pork chops!  Just freshly picked apples. I think I can handle that!  Full steam ahead!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Salsa Meatballs Anyone?

Last night I was so tired.  I mean really, head drooping, feet dragging, I can't take one more step tired.  I contemplated NOT making dinner.  As in not feeding anyone and letting them fend for themselves and just give up and go to bed.  As I was mulling over how wonderful that would be, my son called me to say one of the horses lost a halter out in the field and could I please go help him find it.  UGH!  I think a little tear might have escaped as I put on my boots and proceeded to walk up and down acres of pasture looking for a halter. It was obvious my sneaking away and running off to bed plan was never going to happen.  After my fun pasture walkathon I decided I would pull from my reserve energy sources and make dinner.  I started sauteeing the mushrooms.  I had them perfect.  I added my homemade meatballs and sauteed them to a beautiful golden brown color. The kitchen was filling up with smells of Italian wonderfulness. The pasta was almost done and my mouth was watering.  I opened a jar of Yesteryear Acres freshly canned tomatoes and poured them into my heavenly mushroom meatball medley. It was then the fragrance of my Italian delight changed drastically.  WHAT IS THAT SMELL?  OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I opened a jar of Yesteryear Acres homemade SALSA instead of my tomatoes! WAH!  I made SALSA MEATBALLS!  I don't know which was worse...the fact that I ruined dinner OR the fact that I wasted an entire QUART jar of my homemade salsa OR the fact I ruined my garden vegetable meatballs!  WAH! Thankfully, Mr. Yesteryear Acres knew just the right thing to say.  He said, "Salsa Meatballs?  Ole!  Sounds delicious to me!  Who doesn't love a spicy meatball!"  For the record....the answer is me.  Salsa Meatballs anyone?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Is it Naptime yet?

Happy Monday!  Today has been one of those days where I had one constant nagging thought ......I want a nap! I am super super tired today. I had another really early morning today and I think tonight I am going to have to catch up on my sleep.  Going to bed after midnight and getting up before 6am is just wearing me out.  Tomorrow - I am going to pull the covers over my head until the sun is up! The puppies look like they would all like to join me in naptime....
Lady's Double Doodle puppies are too sweet

Their little eyes are just starting to open

We have beautiful cream caramels, caramels and red caramel colored puppies in Lady's litter.

I love her little Snuggle Bears

McGyver's Goldendoodle Babies are doing great too!

Their eyes have opened and they are getting their first views of our big world

BUT......naptime is still best for them too!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Knock Knock....BAGELS!

This morning Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I stood holding hands while the sun was rising and watched a family of 3 deer silhouetted against the brilliant red sky. They were slowly making their way to our pond as the misty fog was lifting and the entire site was just so beautiful. I lingered for a few moments before I said goodbye to Mr. Yesteryear Acres and then I was off.  Today's mission......surprise my younger daughter with a Mommy Care Package visit.  All week long I could tell that my younger daughter was in need of a rescue Mommy visit.  She had a rough week and there was only one thing that could fix it........Care package time! I have been busy all week long preparing goodies from home.  I had a cooler filled to the brim with homemade dinners and a few extra treats to brighten her day. I arrived just around the time she woke up and had bagels and cream cheese ready for her Sunday morning breakfast. The gigantic hug and huge smile made the long drive instantly worth it.  We spent the morning chatting and laughing and then we went on a long walk together.  It was beautiful outside and the fresh air and awesome company made for a perfect day. We had a great time together. I believe I may have received the longest goodbye hug ever in the history of goodbye hugs. It was wonderful.  My heart is full of love and the time spent with my daughter today is something I will treasure always. Mommy Visit/Daughter Visit..Happy Hearts All Around!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Deer Doodles

Today has been another non-stop busy day.  I woke up at O'Dark-Thirty and got the puppy mobile loaded with our sweet cute furry adorable puppies. I made sure Mr. Yesteryear Acres was all set with the GPS programmed, water for both Mr. Yesteryear Acres and the puppies, Puppy supplies, Puppy Care Packages and lots of snacks and a good lunch for the road.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres made good time getting there but there were a few delays thanks to traffic so he won't be home until well after 9:30pm tonight.  My son and I took care of all the farm chores here as well as all the puppy chores.  In between all of that, I managed to make split pea soup, homemade salad dressing, a loaf of homemade sunflower/pumpkin seed bread and 7 dozen meatballs.  I am trying to use up the last of the garden goodness and get things put away in the freezer for later this year.  I like to add grated zucchini and fresh tomatoes to my meatballs so I really couldn't put it off much longer.  Just when I thought maybe I could take a break, what did I see out my back door?  The deer! Looks like we now have Deer Doodles in our backyard.  Yes the deer are EATING the apples off of our apple tree.  There the Deer Doodles are... standing on their hind legs, picking off all the best apples.  Guess what is on the schedule for tomorrow?  Apple Picking!!! Better get out the big stockpot.  Apple sauce time is here!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

Today was one of those days where I spent all day doing things that were NOT on my to-do list.  Things kept popping up all day long and there was nothing I could do but address each issue as they arose.  It almost got to be a joke because the SECOND I sat down in my chair to answer an email, I had to get right back up again to do something completely different.  I have literally spent the entire day doing everything BUT what I need to get done.  So where does that leave me? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh with my LIST that I still have to do!  I have tons of work to get done before I go to bed.  I have things that cannot possibly wait until tomorrow and so it looks like it will be the wee hours of the morning when I actually crawl into bed.  To make it even extra special, I have the alarm set for O'Dark-Thirty tomorrow morning.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is making a puppy delivery and I need to be up to make sure the puppy mobile is all loaded and ready for the big road trip. I know that by tomorrow afternoon, it will have all been worth it and I may even get a second to sit down.....but for now....back to work!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mais Oui!

My son showed me a new App he downloaded to help him in French.  I am not going to say that my son isn't AWESOME at French but let's just say....he isn't fluent either.  He is in French 4 and still has trouble carrying on a conversation. They don't practice a lot of conversational French at school. He can read French and get a fairly good understanding of it, but if I ask him how's the weather or how was his day or what does he want to eat for dinner, I am met with a blank look on his face and his reply is always, "oui???" I have hinted that speaking French  and understanding French when spoken to is one of the predictors of actually KNOWING the language. Now I took French class wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the dark ages.  You know wayyyyyyyyyy back in high school.  I haven't had a french class since.  Despite this, I totally kicked my son's butt on the French quiz app.  It was a lightning fast game for vocabulary recognition, both written and spoken words. SCORE!  My son is now determined to beat me and is practicing the next level.  Hey - who knows! Maybe when I ask him what he wants for dinner he just might say, "Poulet!"  I can always hope! Mais Oui!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget

Today is the 12th Anniversary of September 11th. A day no one will forget. I am sure each and every one of us remembers exactly what we were doing the moment we heard the tragic news. I am sure at that moment, each one of us immediately thought of our loved ones. While we will all never forget the tragic events of September 11th, we should also never forget that Freedom and Liberty and Safety and Security and everything that we hold near to our hearts can never be taken for granted. Think of all those men and women on 9/11 who went to work and never came home. Never got to say goodbye.  Never got to tell the ones they love, that really... all that matters in this world is to love and to be loved. It is so easy to complain about all the things that don't go right in our day to day lives. On any given day, a myriad of things can go wrong.  Sometimes it can feel like a black cloud is hanging over our head.  BUT in those same days, even in the darkest of days, things also go right. Many of those things are under appreciated. Did you wake up in your own bed? Are you surrounded by all the comforts of home?  When you turned on your lights, did they work?  Do you have running water?  Is your running refrigerator full of good food?  Do you have on warm dry clothes? Are the people that you love safe today? Think of how many of our service men and women answer those questions with a no.  They are out there, risking their lives, missing the ones they love, so that we can wake up in our own bed, surrounded by all the comforts of home with lights and water and food and hopefully those we love. It is something to never take for granted.  Be thankful and forever grateful for all your blessings in life. Never forget. Time is precious. Be grateful for every moment you are given.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Too Hot.....Too Cold

Why hello Summer!  I didn't realize you would be visiting us so late this year.  Oh how I missed your 90+* sweltering heat.  Oh how I missed the oppressive overwhelming heat that sucks the breath right out of you.  So nice of you to come and stay this week......NOT!  YUCK!  It is so hot outside.  Like middle of July hot.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is one complete wet sweaty yucky mess.  He is literally dripping as he walks.  Of course that means I am trying my best to keep him out of the house. I don't want that yuckiness near me!  Meanwhile, inside our house, it is ridiculously cold!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres has the air conditioning set on FULL ARCTIC BLAST.  I am walking around with a sweatshirt on! Today the doggies keep wanting to go outside and I couldn't figure out why they needed out SO many times.  I finally took a peek outside, and there they were.  All spread out on the brick sidewalks taking a sunbath.  They didn't even want to come back in!  They were soaking in all the sunshine they could.  I told Mr. Yesteryear Acres how COLD it was inside and for some reason, he didn't believe me.  Whenever he walks into the house, he sighs a big sigh of relief. "OH MY GOSH! IT FEELS SO GOOD IN HERE!"  He then questions my attire.  "How can you be wearing a SWEATSHIRT?!?"  Too Hot.  Too Cold.  I think we need to have Mother Nature change things to JUST RIGHT!

Monday, September 9, 2013

It's A Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl.....

We have new babies!!!!!!!  We have adorable new Double Doodle puppies and Goldendoodle puppies to love!!!
Lady decided to have hers like this.........
Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl....Boy!
We have Red Caramels. Caramels, Cream Caramels and Apricots in this litter.
They are toooooo adorable!!!!!
Little Double Doodle Bundles of Love

Ginger said, "Hey! I can do that!!!'
She had Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl
Her puppies all will look like little Teddy Bears when they get a little bigger
For now......they are just little snuggle babies
Olive's 2 Caramel Brothers didn't want to be left out of Monday's Puppy Picture update

They said, "Look how adorable WE are!!!!"

"New Babies? Pffft! We are WAY cuter!"
Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Two Cup Kind of Day

Every morning I wake up to a perfectly prepared cup of coffee made by my sweet Mr. Yesteryear Acres. He puts exactly the right amount of sugar and cream in my coffee and I look forward to my first sip every single morning.  I usually drink half of my coffee before lunch and then the other half around 2:00pm-3:00pm in the afternoon.  I probably microwave my coffee more than any other human being on the planet.  A little bit at 8:00am.  A little bit at 9:00am.  A little bit at 10:00am.  It is like a slow drip of caffeine as I make that cup of coffee last all day long.  I am an expert at the one cup per day quota!  Today however, I found myself dragging.  By 4:00pm all I could think was I WANT A NAP!  I mean I really really wanted a nap.  Of course, here at Yesteryear Acres that is never an option. I don't think sitting down is an option.  There was only one solution....MORE COFFEE!  So I am sipping my second cup as I write my blog.  Amazingly, I am NOT going to make this cup last all day.  I am going to drink my entire second cup right now and hopefully I will find the energy to do all the rest of the things on my list for the day. My only hope is that midnight tonight, I am not regretting my huge second helping of coffee! If I am, I guess I will have a head start on tomorrow's To-Do list!!!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bye Bye Belle Puppies

Belle's sweet Labradoodle puppies are making their way to their new homes starting today.  We have a busy day filled with puppy families coming to meet their new furry family members. Puppy day is always so much fun.  I get to spend the entire day surrounded by nothing but pure happiness. As soon as the new families arrive you can feel the overwhelming excitement in the air.  It is a day filled with "awwwww" and "ohmygosh" and "it's so fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!".  It is a day fulled with love at first sight and endless smiles. Being a part of so much love and happiness is one of the very best things at Yesteryear Acres. Hey maybe Yesteryear Acres is the happiest place on earth!  Well at least for today!!!!!  I say yes!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Doodle Loving Kitties

Look at what I have stacked against me. Whenever I walk into the kitchen this is what I am confronted with.....
"The Kitty is HELPING Me"
"See? She is helping me plan my day and write my To-Do list"
And if that weren't bad enough
Sometimes this is what I see.......

Do you see them both snuggled together!?!?  I mean seriously.  I am working hard to find these kittens new homes and they are SO sneaky with their little "I Love You" hugs. They are making me say, "awwwww" on purpose!

Even the dogs are conspiring with the kittens.  See?  The kittens are saying, "We are DOODLE LOVING KITTIES!  Don't you LOVE us?!!??!!"

And just to prove their point....sometimes I walk in and see this. They are literally hugging each other whilst sleeping.

Dear Doodle Loving Kitties.....You need a new home.  You cannot live here.  We have enough animals at Yesteryear Acres.  Is anyone listening?  Hello? It seems I am being ignored.  Does anyone else get that feeling????

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Quitting early....HAHAHAHAHA

My goal today was to get "Clean the House Thursday" done in record time, get my exercise in, try to get some of the puppy care packages assembled and then.......quit early! Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I have not sat down to relax before 11:00pm any night this week.  In fact, I don't believe we have had a chance to sit down before 11:00pm since before my sister came to visit.  Last night Mr. Yesteryear Acres joked that it was soooooo early when we finally sat down.  He wanted to know if I would make popcorn and then we could watch one of our recorded TV shows.  I said, "Are you serious?!"  It was 11:15pm.  I told him by the time I walked to the kitchen and pulled a bowl out of the cabinet, he would be passed out asleep on the couch.  I proved it to him by going to get a glass of ice water for him.  Yep.  Out cold.  Tonight we said for SURE we would sit down and relax early.  For sure.  Let's is 9:30pm.  I am just now writing my blog.  I have dinner dishes to do, puppies still to take care of, school lunch to make AND Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son want homemade ice cream.  Quitting early...HAHAHAHAHA.  I don't think so.  Unless you count 12:00 AM as early!  Maybe tomorrow I will get to sit down before 11pm.......Nah!  It is nice to dream!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kid Candy

One thing I never did outgrow is my love for candy.  I will admit it.  I love candy.  Of course I love love love "grown up" candy like Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Caramels and English Toffee and Pecan Danties but I also like kid candy.  For my birthday this year my sister bought me a "fill your own" straw at a candy store which I promptly filled with sour pucker powder.  I literally jumped up and down with joy over my kid present.  Sour candy! Mmmmm! I LOVE sour candy. I ate the whole thing. I remember when I was little how much I longed for one little bitty pixie stick.  You know the kind that was all paper and filled with flavored sugar.  Whenever I would see a kid eat that, even with the paper all stuck to his or her tongue, I envied that kid. We had very little money growing up and candy was something we just never had. I used to hoard all my Halloween candy and make it last an entire year.  Seriously.  I would ration my small haul from trick or treating and make it last as long as possible.  I believe I may hold the record for making NOW & LATERS last for years.  Oh how I love those! As an adult, I still have trouble with saving my candy.  If I get candy as a present, I have a little bite and then put the rest away to save for later.  Sometimes I will save my candy present SOOOOOO long by the time I got around to letting myself have a bite, it will be WAY past its prime.  My sister sent me some chocolate truffles a few years ago.  She knows how much I love candy presents. It had around 20 individually wrapped truffles in it. I made that last for MONTHS.  So when I got my pucker powder straw and actually finished the entire thing within a week - I knew I had made progress.  Well maybe not toooo much progress because I bought 2 oz of Sour Patch Cherry candies at the same time and I believe I have just under 2 oz of Sour Patch Cherry candies left.  I mean what if I never get Sour Patch Cherry candies again!  I can only have one a day! I have been toying with the idea of actually ordering several kinds of kid  Nah! I have 2 oz of Sour Patch Cherry candy! I can make that last until Christmas!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ooooh!! Air-conditioning!

When I walked outside this morning, OH MY!  Someone turned on the air-conditioning!!!!!! It was so cool and the sun was shining and the weather was just perfect.  I could feel a hint of fall in the air!  I didn't waste one minute of time putting on my walking shoes. A day like this should never be wasted!
Let's Go!

Do you think the corn is tall enough yet??!!!
The doodle doggies LOVE to run down this hill with me

It is nice to have a doodle friend to walk in the woods with

Even if they do like to take snuggle breaks

Our pond was quite beautiful today

This picture looks photoshopped it is so perfect! I love Yesteryear Acres!

We took a small break at the pond

And then ran back to get more doodle friends

My walking companions for the day.  
Three Happy Tired Furry Best Friends!
Who wants to go for round two?!