Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy HOWLoween!

 Apples Adorable Labradoodle Puppies wish everyone a very 
Happy HOWLoween!!!  Let the celebration begin!!!
Puppies!  It is Trick or Treat time!
I have a pumpkin for you
Oh let's see!!!
There are treats inside!!!
This is so much fun
Puppies love Trick or Treating!!!
I got a treat!!!
Double Treat!!!!
This pumpkin sure is fun!
I think I will keep this pumpkin all to myself
Oh no you don't!
Sharing is Caring
HOWLoween is my favorite
We still have Apples Labradoodle Puppies Available
So go ahead and
Treat Yourself!!!!
Happy HOWLoween!

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Y Acres Studio YAS Baby Hat

 Amelia worked on drafting another pattern for the Y Acres Studio "YAS Baby" line.  Our newest family member loves wearing hats to keep warm so Amelia decided to add to his collection.
Adjusting the newborn size to 0-3 months
Can't wait to see how it turns out
Pattern pinned and ready
Time to sew!
Ready for the big reveal
Oh my goodness!!!

Amelia decided it needed something more
A ribbed cuff makes it perfect!!!
One happy adorable baby!!!!
Happy Sunday from Y Acres Studio

Saturday, October 29, 2022

No Kitten Around Caturday

 With our Devon Rex kittens all happily purring in their new homes, 
our Devons have been extraordinarily busy.
Preparing dinners in the kitchen
Making sure all areas have been vacuumed properly
Updating website
Keeping humans company for the evening news
Guarding the elusive remote control
Alarm clock maintenance
If only we could all be this busy
Life would sure be sweet!
Happy Caturday!

Friday, October 28, 2022

Follow the Leader FriYAY

 One of William's favorite FriYAY games is playing Follow the Leader with the puppies. A happy puppy is a tired too!
The most essential piece of the game is to find the perfect leaf
Yes!  This one is PAWfect!
Mr. Blue Argyle Collar boy says I have one too!!!!
Time to start marching!!!
Follow me puppies!
First to the left
And then to the right
Find another leaf and repeat!
William makes the very best games!!!!!
Happy Follow The Leader FriYAY!

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Good Day for Scouting

 The beautiful blue sky and crisp Fall air made it a perfect day for Scouting!
Looks like the sun is shining.  
Guess we should head outside!
It is a great day for leaf hunting!
The trick is to sneak up and then
I see another one!
I got it!
Leaf hunting is the very best game
Whether you are scouting
or chasing
or pouncing!
Don't you agree?
Scout's Double Doodle Puppies all have found their PAWrents
except for our dark apricot curly boy
He is still scouting for his FURever home
Will you be mine?
We are off to thank Amelia
For another perfect day!
Happy Thursday!