Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Dog Gone Good Quilt!

I finally did it!!! I got to sneak into the Studio and make a Doodle Quilt out of our new doggie fabric!

It's a Dog Gone Good Quilt!
With a happy watermelon back of course!
Because all you need is love and a dog!
I mean...All you need is love and a dog under a quilt!
I mean.... All you need is love and a dog under a quilt under another dog
I mean.....All you need is love and a dog under a quilt under an honorary kitty doodle dog
"I just love it Mom! I want to wear it all around the house!"
It is the PAWfect gift!!!
Aww thanks sweet doodles of mine!!
I guess that's one Dog Gone Good Quilt!!


Monday, June 29, 2020

Blue Monday Smiles!

Just look how much Blue's Double Doodle puppies have grown this week! They are cute butterballs of tail wagging happiness!
Time for Recess! 
Thanks for bringing us outside to play! 
We are going to have fun together! 
This warm grass feels great! 
Don't you agree Mr. Yesteryear Acres?  
Time to explore! 
Adventuring here we come! 
Well maybe we need one more hug! 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres gives the best back scratches 
That feels so good! 
And he is an expert at puppy massages too!
Right behind the ears 
Don't forget my back! 
Happy Monday from the sPAW!!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Happy at Home

Apples Labradoodle Puppies went to their new homes this weekend.  We had a lot of smiling happy faces here at Yesteryear Acres!!!!! Our puppy families made it home safely and we already have adorable "Happy At Home" pictures to share!
My new home has delicious toys!
This is a puppy picture from 10 years ago! The family was so excited to pick up a new baby brother. It was fun to watch them experience puppy happiness all over again! 
Dinner time with the new family 
Life is Good! 
Puppy Blanket Cuddles
Now that is an awesome bed and blanket combo! 
Check out my new dog tag!!!! 
Happy at Home!!!!!
Thank you for all the wonderful pictures!
Have a great Apple Fun Weekend!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

YA Studio SEW Patriotic!

It's been another busy week here at YA Studio!
We received an order for Patriotic Face Masks for a 4th of July event
After picking just the right fabrics and making our own flag pattern...
it was time to start sewing
and sewing and sewing and sewing! 
Off to the ironing board and then 
Time to sew on the bottom portion of the flag 
Let's turn these flags into 
Patriotic 4th of July Face Masks!
Ready to ship! 
We also had a few more projects going in the studio. Hair Scrunchies and the beginning of a new quilt that should be finished later this week!
AND Drum Roll.......
Mr. Yesteryear Acres made this quilt! 
He designed and quilted the entire thing himself!

It is the complement to this puppy quilt because 
Everyone needs a best friend quilt! 

One for me and one for my furry best friend 
Best Friend Quilts available in your choice of fabrics!
Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Magnolias on Friday

What is better than sweet Magnolias to end your work week?
We say it's the perfect way to bring in the weekend
Magnolia's Boys here to bring you puppy smiles 
Aren't we handsome? 
We are snuggly sweet too! 
Can I get a FriYAY!!!!!! 
Don't forget about us! 
2 sweet sisters!!!! 
Have a PAWsome weekend!!!!!