Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year's Eve

Today brings the chance to reflect on the year 2016 and remember all the little moments that went into making this passing year.  Here at Yesteryear Acres we had another wonderful year filled with Doodle Doggies, Doodle Puppies, Family and lots of unconditional love.  Here is to thanking 2016 for all it brought to Yesteryear Acres and here's to looking forward to another year spent doing what we love best.
Happy New Year's Eve

Friday, December 30, 2016

Doodle Snowball Fetch

Today Olive wanted to teach Maverick her favorite winter game.
First you line up right underneath the snowball
Then patiently wait for the drop 
Then right as the snowball comes into view 
Gotcha snowball!  
I am so good at this game!   Your turn Maverick! 
Like this????? 
Time for Snowball Fetch for two!!!! 
I got it! I got it! 
Best game ever!!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas from the Heart

This Christmas my very heart melted when I opened the present given to me by my son and Bri. The moment I saw my gift, the waterworks started.  I couldn't even hold back the tears and I didn't even do the silent, tears slowly falling down my face cry.  I did the big, blow your nose, I need a tissue cry.  For the past 30+ years, I have collected various recipes from the newspaper, friends, family as well as my own recipe creations. The ones I have written are almost indecipherable.  Often when I perfect one of my recipes, I have tons of scratch marks, deletions and new additions so it is almost to the point where I am the only one who can read it. All these scraps of paper, index cards and notes have been shoved into a ziplock bag. I have instructed all of the children that this bag is one of my very prized possessions.  It is to be revered and honored and saved at all costs.
Any time I want to find a specific recipe, I have to sort through this entire bag.  The recipe I want is never the one on top either!!!! For years I have dreamed of organizing these recipes.  This Christmas, I opened this:
At first I thought it was a photo album
But then I saw this
and my tears started flowing immediately.
My own recipe book!
I opened the first page 

My heart couldn't even contain all the happiness and love it felt at that moment.
This was truly a gift of love.
Now when I need to find that Banana Bread Recipe, I don't have to empty the entire ziplock bag and go through every recipe until I find this
Instead, I just open my new recipe book, turn to the letter 'B' and voila! 
Every single recipe has been typed and printed and bound.  I even have a digital file copy. And if that weren't beautiful enough......they made books for both my daughters as well.  
Now we all have my recipes ... forever.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Here at Yesteryear Acres even though we love our Doodle Doggies with all our hearts, they are not allowed on the furniture.  We have a very strict no furniture rule for the living room and the doggies are really good about it. There may be a few unnamed children here that love to have doodle doggies to snuggle with in bed. The Doodle Doggies all know they must be invited up on the beds when it is snuggle time.  No doggies freely jump on the beds - they sit and politely wait for their invitation.  If there is no invitation, a nice spot is found on the floor and there the Doodle Doggie happily sleeps all night long. The no furniture rule has been enforced since the beginning and it hasn't been broken............until today.  I walked into the living room and WHAT did I see?
OLIVE DOODLE DOG!!!!! On my couch!  Olive! NOOOOOOOO!
I immediately texted my son and asked him, 
"What Is Wrong With This Picture?!"
His reply:
"I am sorry mom that I left my sock on the floor. I will pick it up when I get home."

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Blossom Who?

I wonder who could have gone to visit the horses today?  I wonder who could have gone and rolled in the horse pasture?  I wonder who is covered in wonderful smelling horse poop? Any ideas? Blossom.....Blossom....Blossom where are you?
"Blossom?  Blossom who?"
"My name isn't Blossom"
Maybe if I just sneak right in here, no one will notice I am now a new dog named, "Patches" 
Hey - where did we get this new "Patches" Doodle dog?  She sure does smell awful! 
Anyone want to give our new dog Patches a bath?
Fun Times at Yesteryear Acres!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Blue Christmas

We had a Blue Christmas....but it was the happiest kind of Blue Christmas!!!!!
Blue's Double Doodle Puppies are here! 
We have 6 Girls and 5 Boys 
in a lovely assortment of colors  
Reds, Caramels, Apricots and Creams 
So much cuteness!!!!! 
Great Job Blue! 
We love your new babies 
Little Santa Paws 
Dreaming of a White Christmas 
Blue Puppy Love!!!! 
Lily's Goldendoodle Puppies are starting to toddle about

They have the sweetest little faces 
So kissable! 
We are lucky to be able to spend our day kissing these cuties 
A lap full of joy 
and happiness 
Happy Day After Christmas! 
Happy Monday!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

With much love and Tail Wagging Devotion, we wish you the merriest of Christmas Days and most peaceful of Christmas nights.
We were blessed to spend our day with Doodle love
and Family 
and so much happiness and delicious food until we all felt like this
May your hearts be full of love and joy
Merry Christmas to all
and to all
a Good Night

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy PAWlidays!

The Yesteryear Acres Doodle Kitchen has been full of Christmas baking projects. Today's menu......A special Christmas treat for the Doodle Doggies!
Homemade Christmas Pumpkin Peanut Butter Bones! 
The Doodle Doggies say, "That is one yummy looking bone!"

Into the oven they go 
Several batches were made 
Tail Wagging Good
Can it be Christmas morning now?!?!