Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Pandora Never Do That Again

 The end of the story is - everything is okay. The beginning of the story is - "Where is Pandora???"  We couldn't find Amelia's Devon Rex kitten Pandora anywhere!  We looked frantically for an hour before sending a family emergency SOS.  Within minutes everyone was here looking for Amelia's kitten. We tried everything.  Canned food, treats, favorite toys.  We called and called for her and nothing.  It was extra scary because Devons are ALWAYS with us.  They follow us like best friend shadows. They are never without us! We came up with some pretty grim scenarios and it was an all out panicked search.  The hero of the story is Austin.  He found Pandora!!!
What?  I was taking a warm nap!
I am sorry I scared you.  I won't do that again.
But it was a REALLY good nap!!!!
Silly kitten. Next time - use our lap!

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