Friday, April 3, 2020

Ernie McDoodle's Feel Good Friday: Did Someone Say Pond Plop?

Ernie McDoodle's Feel Good Friday lesson is: even if we have to stay home, we can still enjoy the wonderful spring days that mother nature provides to us! Today we did just that! After playing fetch in the back fields, I had just one question for our silly doodles...
Do you want to go in the pond?
Ahh that feels wonderful!
Hey Amelia... Any chance you want to throw us our ball?
Of course Mister Bear!! No pond plop is complete without water toys!
I got it!
Again! Again!
Actually I prefer just swimming around...
Come on in guys! The water is fine!
What a PAWfect day for a Pond Plop!

Happy Feel Good Friday!


Ernie McDoodle

*Typed by Always Amelia*

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  1. Absolutely wonderful. Just what we needed to make us Smile in spite of the BadNewsBears visiting our country. Thanks a bunch. Sandy & Tony


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