Friday, April 17, 2020

Ernie McDoodle's Feel Good Friday: Fresh is Best!

For my feel good thought for this Friday, I just want to elaborate on the craziest thing my Human Mom did this week. She went outside and picked the yellow fluffy weeds and then ATE THEM. I took a nap for 20 minutes leaving her unsupervised, and when I woke up, she had a whole bowl full of them. I was like MOM?!?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! You yell at me for eating grass and sticks and what  are you going to do with those!? And then she told me about her adventure outside...
First she enlisted the help of Fun Uncle Austin, Hickory, Hank,  and Olive to venture back to the fields 
And then they started to pick the weeds...
Because my mom said that Dandelions are only seen as weeds and not beautiful flowers because someone decided that was so...
And in fact, Dandelion flower tea is really good for you, it has what she calls 'medicinal properties' (I know she uses big words, sigh) and it can help lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and stimulate your liver.
She said that fresh is always best and she wants to keep the family healthy
So she picked all the yellow fluffy *weeds* and then
She boiled them!
And the water turned yellow
She stirred in honey
Now their faces looked like they liked it... And my Mom wants to pick more...
So I think I have a free pass to eat the grass now!

After all! Fresh is Best! Right Mom!?
Ernie McDoodle
*Typed by Always Amelia* - Who would also like to note that Fresh Dandelion Flower Tea is really not that crazy, but I could see how that is confusing to the doodles.

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