Thursday, June 18, 2020

Throwback Thursday- The Always Amelia Clan

There is no doubt that I LOVE my job and my life working at Yesteryear Acres. I love being surrounded by little furry fluffy puppies and doodles! But sometimes being around all the little ones makes me nostalgic for the days when my own Always Amelia Clan were wee tiny furballs themselves! I mean who doesn't love tiny little creatures!?!? So since I was feeling a little reminiscent today, here are my Always Amelia Clan cuties when they were young :)
Baby Hansel and Gretel, They still love to hug in their sleep (2013)
My Sweet Maverick at 1.5 years old on his Gotcha Day (2016)
Little Ernie McDoodle! The day I announced I finally got to keep a puppy! (2018)
I can't believe he was this tiny!
He still falls asleep on his toys, I guess some things never change!
Little Kitten Merlin! (2019)
So small, yet always so fierce!
I just love my animals soooo much! I miss them being so tiny, but oh how I love what wonderful loving creatures they are growing up to be!!
From growing into your kitty harness
to going on big doodle adventures
and all our cuddles in-between!
I am so grateful to have you all choose to grow up with me!
I love you my little Always Amelia Clan!



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