Sunday, June 28, 2020

Happy at Home

Apples Labradoodle Puppies went to their new homes this weekend.  We had a lot of smiling happy faces here at Yesteryear Acres!!!!! Our puppy families made it home safely and we already have adorable "Happy At Home" pictures to share!
My new home has delicious toys!
This is a puppy picture from 10 years ago! The family was so excited to pick up a new baby brother. It was fun to watch them experience puppy happiness all over again! 
Dinner time with the new family 
Life is Good! 
Puppy Blanket Cuddles
Now that is an awesome bed and blanket combo! 
Check out my new dog tag!!!! 
Happy at Home!!!!!
Thank you for all the wonderful pictures!
Have a great Apple Fun Weekend!

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