Sunday, October 18, 2020

Just a Little Longer

Friday's forecast was our first freeze warning and we were determined to save as much of the Yesteryear Acres garden as possible. 
I can't believe we are still picking snow peas this late in the year
Time to harvest the cantaloupe 
They might not be big but they are sweet!
I know what Amelia is having for breakfast!
Stay safe Broccoli!
Stay warm Peppers!
You can make it through the night Kale!
Dear Tomatillos - we love you so much
Stay nice and cozy under your little tent
We need you to hold on a little longer
There can never be too much Salsa Verde for the winter!
Farewell Tomatoes
We have loved you all summer long!
We will miss our daily trips to the garden
We are so thankful for all the deliciousness!

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