Friday, December 22, 2023

Merry 8 Months

 If you can EVEN believe it (I know I can’t!) my sweet Hazel Bea turned 8 months old today!!! Hazel is REALLY on the move now. She is army crawling/scooting, little leapfrog table top jumps, pulling herself up to sitting, pulling herself up to standing, and dancing! Squealing in delight, clapping her hands, and waving are her speciality. Making Hazel the friendliest cheerleader and motivator ever. I just love my sweet baby so much!
Ready for your 8 month picture Hazel?
8 Months of loving you like no BUNNY else 
"Okay Mama, but there are PRESENTS over here"
"Hmm this one is for Grandma from Grandpa..."
"I wonder what it is"
"This one is for Colton..."
"Sigh, this one says William"
"Maybe if I get a better viewpoint"
"AHA! That one is for me!"
Oh Hazel BEAAAA! You have to wait until Christmas!!!
No Peeking!
Merry 8 Months little silly little Hazelnut!

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