Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Cake More Your Style?

 If you are thinking to yourself, "man those double doodle caramel cuties ARE so sweet, but cake is just more my style"... Then this blog is for you!
Cupcake's goldendoodle puppies are really starting to grow into their little personalties! These decadent cakes are just layered with Tail Wagging Devotion!
PUPcakes are my favorite!
Don't forget about the decorations on top
Flowers for springtime
Are oh so sweet!
Cupcake's puppies are just starting to have outdoor recess/exploration time
"Isn't this curious?!"
"Who knew cupcakes could have a tail wagging time outdoors"
"The sunshine is my favorite part!"
We have only a few Cupcakes left looking FUR Pawprents!
Please email us for more information on our sweet goldendoodle puppies if cake is more your style!

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