Monday, July 23, 2018

One Last Romp

"Jaxie" is happily on her way home with her new FURever family.  It was love at first sight.  Jaxie's little tail was wagging as her new mommy's face was smiling and at that moment they decided they would be FURever best friends! Before Jaxie said her final goodbyes - she had one last fun romp back at the pond with her buddy Hickory. 
Pond time! 
Let's play with the floating otter 
Okay Jaxie - get the otter! 
I like it best when Hickory has the otter 
Then I can chase Hickory AND the otter 
Here I come! 
He is FAST! 
But so am I! 
Hey wait a minute! 
I can't swim that far! 
Come Back Hickory, Come Back! 
I will wait patiently and then..... 
When Hickory is almost out of the water.... 
Hickory.  That was fun!
I am ready to go home now!
Thanks Yesteryear Acres!!!
I am going to have the best life!

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