Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Sweet Penny Penny

Today we buried my younger daughter's childhood furry best friend. Penny has been Amelia's faithful companion for as long as Amelia can remember.  She has been with Amelia for every major important life event and celebration as well as all the days in between.  Out of all the people in the world, Penny loved no one more than Amelia.  Penny loved nothing more than being with Amelia and Amelia loved Penny with the same intensity. Penny was a pocket size bundle of unconditional love.  We will miss her with all our hearts.
Penny came to us as an 18oz tiny bouncy tail-wagging puppy of love
From the moment she arrived, Amelia declared that Penny was all hers!
There would be no sharing of Penny Penny
Penny agreed
And the two would never be separated
No matter how many doggies were with Amelia, Penny always got the prime spot 
Snuggling right with Amelia
And the kitties 
and the doggies
From Baby Grits 
To Grown-up Grits 
and all the doggies of Yesteryear Acres 
Penny was a faithful lovebug 
and best snuggle doggie ever 
Amelia and Penny were always together
Penny especially loved Amelia at ice cream time!  
and Breakfast Time!
and walking in the woods time!
Every morning, "Hi Penny Penny!" started Penny's day
Penny was loved all the days of her life
Forever and ever.
Rest in Peace Penny

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