Friday, October 12, 2018

Autumn is just as much fun!

When the meteorologist said the end of this week would be much cooler, I didn't realize he meant 30+* temperature drop. I guess summer is officially over!
Feels like a good day to play outside! 
Come on guys! 
Let's go explore 
What shall we do first? 
Follow the leader?
Practice our sit commands? 
Freeze Tag? 
I think I will keep Mr. Yesteryear Acres feet warm 
I am going to play with this new toy 
I am going to go catch my sister! 
He can't catch me! 
I am the best hide and seek player! 
I love playing fetch 
Wanna hold my paw? 
Look what I found!!! 
1, 2, 3..... 
Looks like Autumn is just as much fun as Summer!

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