Saturday, January 25, 2020

Bindi's Beautiful Bouquet

One of the first doodle puppies I got to train under my own business, Always Amelia, was an adorable Petunia goldendoodle puppy named Bindi. Not only did training Bindi reinforce my desire to officially launch my puppy training business, but I also gained a lifelong friend. Bindi's human mama stays in touch with me on all things doodles. I absolutely adore my pen pal and friendship I have with her. Each year Bindi and her Mama send adorable Pawliday cards and little goodies for me and my sweet sweet doodle doggies. I wanted to return the love that I have for both of them and wrap them in a quilt of love!! I am happy to say that 'Bindi's Beautiful Bouquet' quilt turned out just how I imagined!!! 
I used bright vibrant colors to match the bright happy personalities of Bindi and her mama
And a fun little meander quilting to show off their silly side
One last picture and it was off to the post office!
I am very happy to say that it is Bindi Doodle Approved!!!
Thank you so much for our friendship and tail wagging devotion!

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