Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy 2nd Birthday Hank

In true Yesteryear Acres tradition, we celebrated one of our beloved Doggie's birthday with more hullabaloo than any human in our family.
Today is Hank's 2nd birthday.  Welcome to his PAWty! 
Olive passed out the invitations and party hats 
Hickory says he loves PAWty time! 
Will there be cake???? 
Please be cake....I love PUPcakes!
Of course there will be PUPcakes! Let's get baking!
Pumpkin and Peanut Butter PUPcake with a shredded turkey filling, a beef pate icing, with turkey sprinkles and a dog biscuit topping
made from scratch of course!
Every doggie needs a piƱata! 
Let's get this PAWty started
Here comes the birthday boy
Hank, you look so handsome in your hat
A birthday PAWty for me?????

I must get the doggie treats inside! 
Success! The treats are mine!!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Hank!

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