Friday, March 27, 2020

Ernie McDoodle's Feel Good Friday: Tasty Treat Hat

It is day five of the Stay at Home Order to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and Ernie McDoodle has declared that hence forth, all Fridays shall now be known as Feel Good Friday. He has elected himself leader of all Feel Good Fridays and hopes that they bring a smile to your face. 
For his First Feel Good Friday, Ernie says....
Step One: Find a box, put your head in it and make your human laugh
Step Two: Give your best 'Can I have a bite of turkey' face
Step Three: Put on newly made Tasty Treat Hat
Step Four: Realize you are a GENIUS
Step Five: Walk around house with Tasty Treat Hat. Ask for Treats
Repeat Step Five as many times as possible
Because the humans are laughing hysterically and...
MMMMM Turkey
Step Six: Share with Friends
Hank Says, "Skip Steps 1-5 and instead..."
Open the box and pull ALL the Turkey out at once!
Nailed it!
Happy Feel Good Friday!
*An approved typist for Ernie McDoodle*

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